Will Jago ever be great again?

They’ve changed his gameplay too much.

He’s vital to the entire series.

Will they ever figure out a way to make him great again?

He’s really good now.

Could you elaborate on your point a bit so we can all follow it?


Jago is still top 8

People love drama. He is still a (huge)threat

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Did he stop being plus on everything and gaining more meter than everyone else in the game?

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He isn’t bad you just have to actually play with your brain turned on just a little more. I don’t see how he isn’t great now.


I guess it’s a big let down for Jago players who just spam fireballs from the other side of the stage. Heaven forbid someone would actually have to engage their opponent in a fighting game. Lol

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When did he stop being great? :joy::joy::joy::joy:

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Jago’s still great. Im guessing you relied too much on his L.Windkick to get in?

Thats the only thing thats really been nerfed about him. Every season hes gotten new tools from flipouts to Dash cancel fireballs. Sure his lifegain instinct got nerfed by cmon, I think everyone here can agree thatn S1 jago’s instinct was mad broken.

Or are you saying these changes good and bad should be thrown out so we get basic Jago from S1 with only his Lifegain instinct and + on block specials to lean on?

Jago is still top 5, nothing to worry about.

He is not vital to the series. In fact, story-wise he is kinda at the sidelines. And he is formidable, you just have to think.

Just as a point, the lifegain instinct showed up in season 2. In Season 1 Jago’s instinct just increased some of his startup and recovery frames which made him a frame trap/manual nightmare.

Ironically though since he and fulgore are pretty much the poster boys of the old KIs and S1.

Actually, during S1, he recoverd health during instinct as long as he was attacking. I don’t remember the exact rules, but if he was attacking/walking forward/something like that, his life recovers.

The key was end a round with instinct, because all the mid round counted to recover life, and the opponent couldn’t do anything to avoid it.

And people miss s1… poor souls

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You’re right. My bad. Sorry @FGCSlamjam, I had confused the change to fireballs recovering life with the advent of the idea and as @Dayv0 points out, that’s wrong. What can I say, it was 3.5 years ago and I’m getting old…


Yeah, you start to forget some stuff…

Like updating your bio. You are not 38 anymore, granpha!


@Dayv0 @BigBadAndy In S1 Jago recovered health while in instinct if he was attacking or dashing, which is why you would see Jago players dash around between rounds. It was way too passive of a way to recover health, which was why IG changed it to double fireballs and shadow fireballs.


Yeah, I didn’t remember the exact details, and yes, it was really dumb.

At least now you have to give up damage to recover health. Back then, even performing a damage ender gave life. And Jago had more meter at his disposal for shadow DP(damage) or shadow windkick(which was a instant fullscreen punish for everything) since he didn’t need it for health during instinct

Ahhh the nostalgia, how fast it obscures the good judgement. Thankfully, IG took the good route since they got the game

I actually preferred the S1 instinct. There was a pretty hard cap on how much life he could get back even if was wailing on you the entire time, and he couldn’t just cancel normal->fireballs and then make you hold the mixup after. S1 Jago certainly had his share of ridiculous nonsense, but his instinct life gain wasn’t one of them.


The thing is that his health gain coupled well enough with S1 mechanics.

True, s2 Jago got more health gain, but during s1, meter was even more easy to get, one chancers into shadow ender was the optimal strategy, and shadow windkick was the bane of existence

After s2, Jago favored his meter for healing, so all the other tools which required meter could’t be used more frequently.

Is not very accurate to isolate both health gain mechanics without seeing the big picture, and I prefer the new health mechanic (which makes you spend your meter for more life instead other utilities) over the old one(which was more like a “bonus” with more situational uses and less real strategy from the user)

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I would like to propose the following changes:

[-] Jago can no longer gain shadow meter or instinct meter via any means.
[-] Fireball charging and dash-cancelling is no longer possible.

[+] Medium wind kick is now -3 on block.

That is all.

I haven’t been following competitive play recently, so I don’t know how 3.7 has played out in practice. I suspect Jago has basically no midscreen game anymore and that this is a serious hole in his gameplan that should lose him a lot of games, but I don’t know. His defense and strength within stHP range might be all he needs, and maybe the best players out there are just finding themselves eating DPs and frame traps and lifegain juggles all day and not finding themselves at midscreen enough to capitalize.

That said, I have basically zero interest in playing Jago at this point, hell I haven’t booted up KI in a while now because I just feel like I’ve lost my anchor in this game. I feel like this change made the game itself less compelling, I consider powerful midscreen checks a 101 paradigm-defining property of KI and I find it disorientating that my main no longer has that tool. It’s not just about “thoughtlessly spamming wind kick” – it’s about the nuances and psychology of an approach guarded by the mere threat of a safe check, the entirety of which has been excised from the game in one dot-point of patch notes. I found Jago’s approach gameplan to be the most interesting part of the character, but IG decided that the character was so powerful in other aspects of his gameplan that the part I was most excited about had to go.

Completely denying Jago access to meter mechanics of any kind is clearly absurd, but I honestly would play that character (no, really, I would seriously play that character), whereas I’ve logged very few hours of patch 3.7 Jago. Maybe a more realistic proposal would be an instinct rework (no lifegain or double fireballs, come up with something flashy but mildly gameplay-impacting) and a rework of meter gain to starve Jago of meter relative to most other characters (say, remove meter ender, no meter gain off fireballs, reduced meter gain off other moves). I don’t know, I just hate my favourite character as he is.

Or maybe I’m sorta halfway describing Fulgore in the changes I’m proposing for Jago. Maybe I’ll finally put the work into beating my muscle memory into submission, I feel like the main things that kept me from playing the bot for all this time were superficial things like “feels clunky” and “oops, I teleported when I wanted a linker again”.