Why would you Nerf Omen?

I REALLY want a reason for these stupid nerfs.

Omen is already the easiest member of the cast to break, Does the least amount of damage, (which also results in him being un-able to get a level 4 ender without using meter.), Has the least amount of mix-up potential, has one of the worst wake-up games in the cast, Has the worst normals, has no use for flip-out, has the quickest damage and KV scaling, and can be jabbed out of EVERY possible block-string.

This nerf regarding him having less block stun on his air normals is UNBEARABLE. Think about this:

His only 2 options to hit an overhead are to jump, or to use meter.
Both of those are VERY slow and predictable.
Both of those can be easily beaten by pressing almost any button,
and NOW missing them results in an easy punish for the opponent.
WHY would you use meter to get a PREDICTABLE, UNSAFE overhead?

Unless they are perfectly placed:
the Medium version:
Can be punished with a throw or a jab, ESPECIALLY if you want to jump again.
And the Heavy version:
Puts you roughly even, BUT the hit boxes on them are so ridiculously difficult to hit a grounded opponent with, that by the time you are low enough to the ground to hit them with it, they can easily just press a button or jump themselves!

Omen’s overhead options against good players are basically gone, and the extra push-back on the rashakukens make sneaking in a throw EVEN HARDER.


His Light Orda shield doesn’t even make a full arc over him anymore. Now his AWFUL reversal has a 0% chance of protecting you from cross-ups. That change wasn’t even listed in the re-balance notes.

Im finding it very hard to keep myself from switching characters. If i had put this much time into ANY other character, i might actually have a slight chance against anyone with a pro star.

How can someone with an invincible move from frame 1 till the end have the worst wakeup game?

He does have a use for flip out. It is called demonic despair.

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That is 3 meters. Not guaranteed. And leaves you with no meter to get the opening you need to end it.


Its 1 meter. Shadow form.

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any button hits you out of it. it has bad recovery. And the bad block stun makes it unsafe.

Um of course it has bad recovery. It is an invincible wake up after all. Bad blockstun after a grounded one where you stay on the ground and just switch sides?

Play Omen. Get a pro star.

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Why? Even if I wanted to,I can’t. I can’t use my main account anyways an I am not going to bother going there with my alt. Plus in general,I am not good enough to be there anyways. Omen or not.

You don’t know what shadow form is. How can it have hitstun if it doesn’t hit? Its also fully invincible. You can also attack immediately after it so recovery is zero. At least if you attack. And you can crossup. You know, just one of the best moves in the game.

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I think we need to have a little chat.


Dude, just stop. All the buffs Omen got more than make up for slightly less damage, less effective meter gain and a little less blockstun on aerials.

Should I go down the list?

-Shadow fireball moves don’t disappear when Omen gets hit, leading to guaranteed blockstrings/mixups
-Extra hitstun on fireballs allowing better pressure/openers
-Hitbox improvements on most of his normals, which were already amazing to begin with
-Double shadow meter lockout time
-Extra mobility on air dashes
-Invincible demonic despair, meaning it can be used to COUNTER INCOMING ATTACKS


And you’re worried about a little less blockstun on aerials? I really hate using this phrase, but…

Get good.


Still does that for me.

This thread is like complaining you got a smaller closet after moving to a room three times bigger than your previous one.


You know what. I’ll do that.

No I half agree. If seemed like omen was getting a good deal with turbulence.

Give it time man. Omen is still a beast. Just try and switch it up.

Huh. Almost every single one of these descriptors is categorically false :confused:

  • Easiest to break? Aganos says hi. Heck, even Orchid might want a word.
  • Least amount of mix-up options? Slide into shadow form, forward and backward air dashes, possibly still the most devastating corner pressure in the game? And also some of the more potent frame traps in the game with proper use of light rashokukun
  • One of the worst wakeup games in the cast? He’s got a bloody invincible meterless reversal, and shadow form if he just flat out doesn’t want to be there. Both of these options certainly have their drawbacks and limitations, but Omen is nowhere near the bottom of the list in terms of wakeup options
  • Has the worst normals? Get the heck outta here…Cinder’s are worse for footsies, and plenty of characters have weird limitations on theirs as well. Kim Wu can’t hit you with a low unless she’s point blank. Omen’s buttons might not be best-in-class, but they’re plenty serviceable, particularly for his gameplan
  • Some characters don’t even have flipout - at least Omen’s got the option. Not a great option, but an option nonetheless
  • Can be jabbed out of every block string? Then your block string isn’t tight enough. Omen still has solid frame traps in S3 if you know your spacings.

Several characters don’t have overhead options except off a jump. Omen generally gets an ambiguous left/right mix-up whenever he’s going for one, and he also has the option to back airdash back to ground to go for the throw or a low. Maya’s overhead is something ungodly on start-up and fully pokeable. Hisako’s overhead is only available within a rekka string and is both reactable and punishable on block, and can be stuffed on startup to boot. Aria’s got an overhead 1/3 of the time.

You want to talk about being punishable on stuff, my main doesn’t have a single plus-on-block pressure option to her name. EVERY time I attack with anything that’s not a jumping normal, I’m giving up frame advantage. Omen has plenty of tools to make unsafe nonsense safe, even if he does have to set up for it or spend meter.

I believe @Infilament already covered this one. Most people’s invincible reversals don’t cover cross-ups. And incidentally, Omen’s still does - tested it out this morning. Looks like it might miss super deep meaty safe jumps, but the whole purpose of such setups is to avoid reversal attempts so that’s not terribly surprising. There’s still the fully invincible shadow form if you just really want to get away.

You’re certainly well within your rights to not play a character because you feel they are weak, uninteresting, or even just because it’s Tuesday. Playing a struggle character is hard. But a lot of the complaints you’ve listed here simply aren’t true Flutter, or they’re things that plenty of other characters have to deal with as well.


I agree with everything you guys are saying…Im pretty happy with Omen right now…he is def better than he was in S2.

But what is this meter less reversal your talking about on wake up??

Light orda shield

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