Why were ppl crying about Kan Ra

So it appears kan ra is literally the worst in the game, I believe he destroyed caduals(scrubs) who couldn’t adapt to the style of play he had. When u knocked him down ur goal was to keep mixing him up he had no wake up weak normals etc. this is what makes ppl leave communities because u listen to the lower level casual scrubs who can’t lab match ups and get better then listen to top level players who actually do it. Starting to think this is some kind of dive kick like community now just dumb down the game for the casuals

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Why were ppl crying about him?

If you’re looking to have an honest discussion and hear different points of view then maybe this thread in the Kan Ra character subforum can help you find an answer. Cheers.

This is talking about re works the hell

Some characters just couldn’t deal with how obnoxious his zoning could be, for a trap based character, his zoning was much better then Glacius. For a character like Aganos, who loses all his armor chunks to one scarab, and only one good approach for that, its a toxic match up. Kan Ra had good things about him, but he also had bad things that HAD to be changed

Anyone remember the cash out damage for shadow command grab? Now that was just silly. “Is this gonna kill? Nah… wtf???”

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I think there are fair nerfs like his one Chance breaks. However he doesn’t have solid trap tools. How is kan ra a grappler but his command grab not throw invulnerable? Why is his command grab so slow?

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And why does it do no damage?
I miss the old shadow clutch damage.
And I miss the bugged shadow trap clutch damage from early season 3. That thing hurt like a truck. It was so satisfying to land it. BOOOOM! Scooped!


He was nerfed because for a zoner to be + 10 in rushdown is a problem. His zoning game didn’t change much but no one played him that way so no one really knew what would happen. He will get some tweaks in the future if he truly is bad but peeps gotta learn his spacing game and long range footsies. People relied too much on his ambiguous cross ups and momentum shifting scarabs which are now gone. His damage shouldn’t be super high since he can confirm into combo from anywhere on the screen. He had too much control up close and far away all while able to stay safer than even a Sabrewulf toe to toe. That is mostly why he was changed.


He is NOT a zoner. He is a trap-grappler.

Like someone who would put others in frame TRAPS and do some damage with GRAPS. So basically a trap grappler is someone like he was in season 2.


His goal is to control space, and play keep away, his command grab is ranged, he is a zoner. Keits referenced him as a zoner in Raams stream. Traps and grapples are what he has for tools but his spacing says zoner. Orchid must be an arial character since she has an air throw then right?

Oh, don’t get me wrong! I share your opnion regarding Kan-Ra’s role. He is keep away zoner that can lock out his opponent quite well in certain match ups with swarms and shadow spike. His tools are nearly useless in other match ups or against certain play styles.

Are you sure Keits said that he is a zoner? because:

It’s kinda obvious now, that the devs don’t really know what he is themselves. I don’t even blame them because they created a character that is very hard to balance. Right now his playstyle is quite different than his S2 version. You can’t just go in and “trap” your opponent into frame traps anymore. You have to use your keep away tools to frustrade your opponent into doing mistakes. But that playstyle doesn’t really work when you are at a big disadvantage at the beginning of a match and when half the cast doesn’t care about your zoning and you have to react to stupid things like everybody else.

The grappling part doesn’t work that well neither at this moment. Risk/reward is just bad on ground cluch. And clutch is very reactable. The bugged clutch damage at the beginning of S3 was awesome. I miss it…

I hope that they gonna play around with his moves and balance after EVO. But as I said, they have to be very careful with his balance because the Raam match up is already 8-2 IMO.

Offtopic: This topic is basically a copy of Sleeps thread. Can a mod please put them together??

Rash is like Kan ra’s krptonite

I’d say it’s Rash, Fulgore and a smart Spinal and Mira

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No stop bro he was nerfed cus sleep no one knew about all the crazy tech until sleep showed up at offlines

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So what you’re saying is, you aren’t actually interested in having a discussion about Kan Ra, you just started this as a troll thread in the hope that people would agree with you and pile on. Right?

I would ask the @moderators to go ahead and close the thread since there are already better and more productive threads talking about Kan Ra and how to play him.


Traps don’t mean frame traps. Traps are bugs preventing jumpins, sand below them preventing long startup moves, people mistake trap for frame trap rather than what it is. Land mines in war are traps. Scarabs are like that.


They are Land mines in certain match ups and a pile of dog s**** in others.

This thread needs to be closed

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Here’s the downside of it:

A pro (let’s say Sleep) picks Kan-Ra against you.
Let’s say you’re good with playing with Sabrewulf.

Let’s briefly examine Kan-Ra:
Kan-Ra is a grappler/zoning character.
Kan-Ra can set up multiple traps.
Kan-Ra has multiple grappling attacks.
Kan-Ra can produce potential damage easily with a command grab.
Kan-Ra is hated by many people, why? Well, we’ll find out.

Now let’s examine Sabrewulf:
He’s a rushdown style character.
He’s pretty easy to play.

Grappling Zoner VS Rushdown.

Guess how that turns out.

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No character in ki is linear. kan can zone but thats a minor part of his strat due to poor trades. he is leaning more towards “trappler.” problem is, his grabs are too slow, so he uses curses and traps to get you to sit the eff down, or slow you down, to grab you with his unreliable "grapples/command grabs. He is a ranged fighter, so I suppose a us census type profiling would put him in “zoner”.

If I had the chance to re work him, I’d speed up the anti air grabs just enough to make them reactionary, but, I’d make their whiff recovery drunk punishable. Why? Curses and traps are not reliable enough to deter 23’s thus making air control more guess based, thus reducing trapping effectiveness.

I’d also have sh sand spike leave regular sand pile behind on hit and cb, since it costs ra a possible comeback…ahem…sh meter

none of this will happen because i’m no combat developer, just a fan :sunglasses: