KanRa needs adjustments

Also when kanra was getting nerf every patch in S2 did u ever here me cry? Never why? Because it was necessary and i agreed on them and adapted. But in S3 i wont look the other way if i feel something isn’t right then i will voice my opinion on the matter. I hope u listen if not its cool i still love yaw.


Thank you for your input.


Number signs tend to bolden things on the site, adjusted.

Please be constructive with your input.

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I’d like to apologize - I didn’t realize who I was talking to; I thought you were just some random scrub with some crazy requests again - we get a lot of those around here. :cold_sweat:

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Here are some of my thoughts I already posted in the general Ra thread;

I am pretty sure IG won’t un-do any changes.
So what could they do to help Kan-Ra instead of simply take back his changes.

Those are just MY ideas

(I have a lot more ideas to re-rework Kan-Ra but those changes listed are the most important and not too drastic IMO. I also have problems writing down all my thoughts because I am not a native speaker. And most important: no offense to anyone at IG. You created a monster that is very hard to balance. I love and hate Ra at the same time. I like his unique playstyle and I love IG for creating him)

So here we go:

Start the match with a trap under Kan-Ra

Ra is the worst character in the game at the beginning of the match.
With no defense and bad close normals he has to guess his way out of pressure. A trap would give him a reversal and a way to escape while still being risky and counter able.

Shadow whirl should be projectile invincible and have faster movement OR shadow clutch should be projectile invincible

Getting cornered by Jago, Shago, Aria, Sadira or omen is very hard to escape. Sandsplosion doesn’t work because they stand outside it’s range. Same thing with shadow counter. You just eat projectiles and long range pokes all day.
It would also help escaping fulgore’s vortex
(Shadow whirl would be better in that case and vs Sadira in general).
That change wouldn’t influence Kan-Ra’s (arguably) better matchups like Tusk or Sabrewulf.
I talked about this with @TheKeits on twitter and he replyed that this was Kan-Ra’s weakness which they won’t just take away (not his exact words). I don’t understand this. A keep-away zoner shouldn’t loose to fireballs. It’s kinda the same thing as when IG said a character like Kan-Ra shouldn’t do so much damage. So what is he supposed to do?

Better Anit-airs (startup + hitbox)

A lot of characters in KI have ridiculously good air attacks (Kan-Ra included). Kan-Ra’s option against that are way too slow IMO. Cr.HP, Cr.HK and AA clutch just take to long to come out. They also don’t work at the area directly above his head. Sandsplosion works well, but it has the obvious draw backs. A keep-away zoner should have very strong AA’s.

Shadow spike becomes a normal trap when Combo broken
Loosing your trap (escape option + reversal) when getting combo broken is just bad design, seriously. I can understand it’s gonna be a problem when you
break a combo and get punished for it by a shadow trap strike. But that’s why I just want that trap to become a normal trap when hit by a CB.

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Kan-Ra isn’t a keep away zoner.

He is a trap grappler.


You need some room to breath to set up traps and grabs

Also, now that we have pros and devs in here, let’s have a positive discussion here. I would like to hear some reasons for certain design decisions.

@TheKeits when Ra isn’t a keep away character but a grappler, than why did he loose all that damage?
Why did he loose 1 hit on the swarms when he is a trap character? It got harder to confirm swarm hits into combos

To say something positiv:
Shadow trap is an awesome move. It really fits the concept of a trap character and I love it.

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Not like he has enders for that or anything.

Is that sarcasm or something?

Kan Ra is supposed to control the screen with scarabs and traps, but nearly the entire cast has a tool to stop everything Kan Ra needs to set up to play said “trap game”. The majority of time you’re blocking for dear life or getting cornered, until you can build some meter or instinct to fight back. Air scarabs are pointless with their recovery and not being able to normal after, medium and heavy scarabs are pointless with their frames and recovery, shadow scarabs are usless outside of combos. Tel me, how exactly are you supposed to consistently play a trap game?

His buttons suck from close and far, they have terrible startup and recovery. I get it, you need to use his normals complimented by ■■■■ on the screen and traps, but read sentence above. Kan Ra is too high risk and low reward, even if you make a lot of godlike reads, chances are you won’t win due to his damage output, and lack of chip damage.

For every opening your opponent finds you need to find double or triple the amount. Basically, you need to play perfetly in some matchups without messing up once. Kan Ra was fine as he was, all they needed to do was nerf his damage, not neuter him and remove his tools.

Kan Ra has devolved into playing a lame game and lots of timeouts due to everything being a super high risk. The character needs some serious re-working or reverting, otherwise I don’t see anyone picking him up at all.


Doesn’t his Scarab Ender set up a potential set up? Spike ender? I don’t play Ra so I can shut up now.

1 - taking into account that he loses air actions after using air scarabs, and that their damage is so much lower now, and with all the nerfs to shadow scarabs I’d be ok with a bit of a buff in hitbox size.

2 - Maybe a bit more than he builds, but nothing too much, IMO. He can’t have Jago kinds of meter with access to shadow clutch and shadow sandpit.

3 - Don’t get why it should be removed. Don’t use it, if you don’t like it :stuck_out_tongue:

4 - Being -2 doesn’t mean you can’t check me. It’s still a 4 frame normal and it’s not terribly negative, so you most definitely can check me. You just can’t be positive on block using a move as quick as 4 frames, that’s all. Don’t think this should change, Kan Ra isn’t supposed to be good up close without set play.

5 - I’d agree with this, sure, but even more importantly, I think that when Kan Ra gets combo broken this should happen, instead of the whole thing disappearing.

Definitely agree with this especially since you have to spend Shadow Meter for the Shadow Sandtrap.

Kan Ra is fine, he is just one of the HARDEST characters to master but once a player masters him he becomes one of the most annoying characters to fight against. His normals suck, anti air and defense sucks as well. His specials are great and obviously his bread and butter. 3scarabs can be on the field simultaneously, sand spikes have many tools, he has a command grab, he literally
can force his opponents into ridiculous trap strains, curses and his instinct can turn him into a offensive pressure monster.

Kan Ra is fine as he is he just takes a lot more time to master then any other character, that does not make him bad it just means most do not have the patients to actually fine tune there skills when playing “The Kan”.

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While I agree with this sentiment, I’d remind you that Sleep played Kan for the majority of S2, competitively at that and obtaining amazing results. He most definitely knows the character in and out, in his S2 iteration.

I do believe there need to be some major adjustments to playstyle now in S3 with Kan Ra, but I wouldn’t say some of these buffs he’s askin’ for aren’t warranted. Kan and TJ took by far the biggest hit, in terms of nerfs, from S2 to S3, out of the whole cast. And while they also gained some really awesome tools, it isn’t unusual that they’d need some rebalancing now, when their tools changed so much, and especially tools that directly affect their game plans.

PS: @GalacticGeek so, you read the OP and decided the points mentioned were so meaningless, it wasn’t even worth justifying your opinion on the subject. But then you notice the user who posted is a very known player and you apologize? Jesus, man, at least stand up for your opinion. You were an @$$hole about it in your post, now stand up for it and instead of apologizing because you feel you don’t wanna look bad, state the reasons why you disagree with all of the points mentioned!


I 100% agree that Kan-Ra needs 20% boost in meter gain on Normals which tie into my next buff:

Kan-Ra needs a trap reversal. If his Shadow Scarab remained on screen for 10 seconds again and travelled 25% faster it would get him out of pressure if set up correctly. Unlike other reversals he sacrifices meter for a future situation that might occur within 10secs. The damage and start-up of the move were nerfed but a good trade for that would be a return of its duration and an increase in speed. Its no get out jail free card but its a situational reversal. I like this ideaf for Shadow Scarab. Way way better than cutting it out the game.

P.S. I also 100% agree that Shadow Basun should revert to a regular sand trap if hit. So atleast he gets a sanplosion option if your shadow move was countered.

And also I dont think Shadow Whirl should be projectile invulnerable but rather it destroys basic hitbox projectiles. I think projectiles like Riptors (except Mortars), Kan-Ra, Tusk, and Orchid’s Shadow Ichi should completely ignore Shadow Whirl but things like Jago, Shago, Spinal, and Fulgore (Except Devastation Beam) projectiles should be destroyed against a Shadow Whirl. I mean the tornado already does it, so does the kick normals, and the Ant-Lion/Stinger. However they cant beat Shadow projectiles which I think Shadow Whirl should do.

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You made a very great point!

Kanra is a trap grappler that can’t probably trap you in Season 3 simply because summoning Swarms takes 20+ frames on wuff to form on the screen gives the opponent well enough time to punish you for summoning your only trapping mechanism with no meter which can be easily destroyed but any special/normal moves. Also meter gain could go up a pinch