Why use Jago in the current state of KI?

Curious to what makes this character so viable in s3. I personally don’t find his linear style very useful against some of the more ‘interesting’ characters on the roster; no matter how astute I am during any MU. Am I missing some “hidden” techniques that i should be exercising ? All insight is welcomed.

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Great fundamentals. Really that’s it I believe. He simply has an answer for most situations in the game. Good defense, good offense, good instinct,good combo trait, good everything (except zoning). He’s amazing at punishing enemy mistakes and his damage is pretty good. I’m not the best Jago but I can see why he is good.

Also, if it’s a fact of boring play style, personally I feel orchid is more boring. That’s just me though.


He still has double roundhouse and neck cutter as well as super strong damage overall. His fire ball charge-dash canceling helps with making his up close game a bit trickier for defenders.
If you are looking for a good jago in action, watch @UABass . He mains spinal, but has a wicked Jago. here are some high level jago matches.


Although these are great moves i feel like they are given too much power online. Roundhouse being shadow counterable and neck cutter being reactable if paying attention. The fireball cancel however is extremely strong i agree.

When you say interesting, i’m going to assume you’re leaning toward characters that extend to an extreme side of a playstyle or archtype. So i would list out characters like Eagle, ARIA, Sadira, Kan-Ra, and their like. Correct?

That’s the reason I enjoy fighting the good Jagos! =D

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His offense is good, but it’s also very predictable. Say he’s half-screen away, right? He can jump forward, walk forward, or do wind kick. His jump is also very easy to anti-air IMO, since everyone is so familiar with the character. His wind kick also got nerfed super hard in patches of the past which made m.Wind Kick -6 and h.Wind Kick -11, and his shadow wind kick doesn’t go nearly as far as it used to (not to mention it lost throw invulnerability). Jago could hide behind a fireball and approach, but so much of the cast has an answer for that, too. I think Jago is strongest in his ground and frame trap game. His overhead slash (f.HP) can lead to some very good hit confirms. The overhead hits around 3 character lengths in front of jago, and can be canceled super late into the animation, making m.Wind Kick a relatively low risk move in that situation.

In my opinion, if Jago didn’t have the overhead or his frame advantage in instinct, he would be one of the worst characters in the game (color me ignorant and prove me wrong if you’d like), as his normals are too stubby compared to footsie gods like Orchid and Kim Wu, his zoning too predictable compared to characters like Glacius who can put a plethora of projectiles and unblockables on the screen, and his jump is too floaty for pretty much everyone to react to. His offense is also way too traditional to not have something to spice it up (like f.HP). Double Roundhouse is very easily shadow counter-able along with pretty much every one of his basic offensive tactics like j.MK > c.LK > l.Laser Sword.

I am in no way saying that Jago is a terrible character. In fact I think he has always been one of the most consistently strong members of the cast. His amazing overhead, his +2 frames on every move in instinct, being able to heal himself, his ability to build shadow meter faster than any character in the game, his all devouring Big Endokuken, and his DP make for a SOLID character. I don’t really know why I decided to go off on this tangent. Maybe I just wanted to give a little insight to the frustrating aspects of playing Jago (I’ve been dedicating my last few days to playing him again.) Perhaps, it’s a part of the learning process (and I really don’t use fireball dash cancel as much as I should be). I wonder, do we have a thread where we voice our frustrations with the characters we play and also give each other tips in the same thread? I feel like that would be really nice to have.


This !!!

He’s like Ryu… pretty good. Yet has no fancy Gimmicks like R. Mika… although I must say that Parry is pretty cool.

That is unequivocally correct.

I think Jago probably has more bad matchups now than he’s ever had, not just because of the nerfs but also because a lot of the new characters really dunk him I think (Gargos, Kilgore, Eagle).

I think he’s probably outside top 10, just because he struggles to approach and he has to approach way more than he used to.

His strengths are still there, though. Great anti-air damage, lots of meter, pretty good instinct, plus frames on a special move (which is decently rare now). I think he’s probably 5-5 (and maybe better) against most characters that have to slug it out with him, but worse against zoners. Importantly, I think he does well against top tier Rash.


Jago dash cancels should cost meter just like Raam’s to make the game consitent in design. His dash cancel is too low risk high reward cuz u cant anticipate or react to the dash animations unlike Kim wu who is predictable

His fireball size and block stun should be reverted to s1 and s2 cuz its mad cheap.

Double roundhouse should cause a little pushback( just as they did to gargos crouching meduim) on block to stop the constant spamming of that move when the opponent has no meter.

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I think Developers gave Jago those Strong moves to make them the obvious go to choice… in other words… to increase his predictability.

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There are huge differences between Jago and Raam’s dash moves. Jago’s is more like an SFxT dash cancel (ie, it MUST be a fireball and you can only cancel normals), while Raam can use it to cancel special moves as well as some moves on whiff. Raam’s has kryll armor and the release is +8 on block, whereas Jago doesn’t have armor and the release is negative. That’s why Raam’s costs meter and Jago’s doesn’t.


Jago and raam are different archetypes and have different properties to their cancels. Considering raam’s comes off a move that he’s +8 on, is armored and staggers on a counter hit and adds damage over time and has the threat of a command throw with alot of range behind it itd be busted if he didn’t need meter to do it. Jago doesn’t get the same utility and his fireballs are negative. So he actually has more risk to doing them.

Far as the op goes. Jago is still just a good all around character who can handle himself in most situations.


@Lulekani @Infilament @MnTLetalis

It makes sense now, I never knew that raams shield punch was that positive on block. Strange cuz i never see raam players use it as a frame trap.
+8 is alot.

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I meaty with it often. The move can also be used to beat out reversals so that’s another edge for it.

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I have to admit that it is getting to the point where playing Jago is almost not fun. It can be a real struggle in some match-ups and the nerfs don’t help. Because of being negative on wind kick, closing is difficult without being punished and some characters have better close button moves. Jago is no longer a mid- to close-range fighter like he was. Now, to be fair, I haven’t had much time to play recently as I used to; my skills have stalled as a result; and the community is getting better overall.

I played a mirror against a very good Jago a few days ago. We played something like 22 matches. Although I only won 2 of them, most were very close with scrambles at the end. That being said, he was doing things that I just don’t do, which I need to: frame traps to open me up and resets.

I haven’t seen Thompxson play in a while in a tournament so I don’t know what he is doing, but watching the CrazySkateNate v Bass video tells me that the traditional “clean” Jago play is probably on its way out.

EDIT: Also wanted to add that although his dashes are among the fastest in the game, his stubby back dash makes getting out of pressure difficult. That’s a problem as well.


Yeah that reminds me… exactly how viable is it to Block and Walk Forward when someone’s spamming Fireballs ?

In Street Fighter it definitely doesn’t work against characters like Guile… the push back is greater than the distance that even Cammy’s walk speed can cover in between blocked Sonic Boom Intervals… luckily she has a divekick and her V-Skill is projectile invulnerable.

Also the intervals get shorter as you get closer so I feel like theres a point where you simply can’t compensate for the push back anymore.

pushback from fireballs is very minimal in this game


I feel like pushback from anything in this game is minimal and I love it… Makes punishing easier.

I can’t tell you how annoying this is in SFV when someone uses a lengthy Block String and then ends it with a normal that would normally be unsafe but pushback makes it safe… I can’t punish or walk forward so I just sit there blocking… atleast I build V-Meter while I wait… which is good for R. Mika:smiling_imp: