Why this Damage?

Why does Glacius have so much damage? Isn’t he supposed to be a zoner?
Ok, lets say he is not a zoner. But how much work does he has to do to get that ammount of damage honestly?. Maybe is my character against him, I don’t know.


Definitely not just you. I have actually switched to Glacius every now and then because of his insane damage. I mean, he is the highest damaging character on a lockout alone without relying on pd. He gets what, 70% off a lockout when stocked with meter?

Granted he spends a lot of it, but a zoner that has among the best corner pressure up close seems counter-intuitive. Wulf only does 5% less, but still for the tools a zoner has up close, it seems weird to me. He definitely deserves a 25% damage reduction like Jago got in 3.6 to minimize just how much he can do on a lockout. Maybe not exactly -25%, but enough so he isn’t getting away with 70% lockout damage.


I really only have a problem with his shadow shoulder. It really shouldn’t hurt as much as it does. So many matches I’ll be winning then bam, double shadow shoulder during a lock out and oh, I’m dead.


When I used to play glacius, I’ve noticed in some occasions that I can take away an opponent’s full life bar in one combo with instinct on, either a combo breaker or counter breaker included and at least 1 shadow bar.

Yeah he still does a lot of damage I’m not mad instead its pretty interesting after all these patches like his enders heck even his openers do a lot of damage.

Just to be clear, Mira is by far and away the highest damage character in the game off lockouts.

What Glacius is particularly good at, though, is converting late lockouts with high KV into damage, because of shadow shoulder. And actually, Wulf is almost as good as him at doing this because shadow leaping slash is roughly the same damage and speed (within a small margin).

I personally like high damage, within reason, so I’m happy this has stayed, and now that he doesn’t start grounded combos off invincible DP it seems pretty reasonable to me.


He used to struggle a bit with negative moves so his damage was more justified. Now with his recent buffs, I hope he gets toned back a bit. His moves got a lot more reliable. 25% nerf is prob a bit much I would say start with 15% and maybe make his openers not hit quite as hard. Maybe even only 10%. Who knows though, I haven’t faced that many but his corner game definitely got more scary.

Dang it Infil, stop picking on me.

I yield.


I still believe his damage is a little too much. I’ll lab the cold shoulder damage compared to my main and check how much difference there is in a standard combo. I have a hunch Glay will win in damage.
Also, he is a good character, can’t say top 5, but good enough. And leaving apart very good Glacius players a not very great Glacius can get away with a lot of stuff because the character allows it (similar to Tusk, but I don’t know if I feel the same against him honestly).

In terms of lockout or counterbreaker, Glacius has an advantage.

0 Meter: HP double > heavy Shatter > HP double > light Shatter > HP double > light Shatter > Puddle Punch ender (49%)

1 Meter: HP double > medium Shatter > HP double > light Shatter > HP double > light Shatter > Shadow Cold Shoulder > Puddle Punch ender (60%)

2 Meter: HP double > light Shatter > HP double > light Shatter > MP double > Shadow Cold Shoulder > Shadow Cold Shoulder > Puddle Punch ender (70%)

vs Wulf

0 Meter: HP double > heavy Jumping Slash > HP double > heavy Jumping Slash > LP double > Eclipse ender (48%)

1 Meter: HP double > heavy Jumping Slash > HP double > heavy Jumping Slash > Shadow Jumping Slash > Eclipse ender (57%)

2 Meter: HP double > heavy Jumping Slash > HP double > heavy Jumping Slash > Shadow Jumping Slash > Shadow Eclipse ender (66%)

I could’ve sworn it was a percent less for Wulf. I can’t ever win.

I mean, I still think it is too much for a Zoner to get this much damage up close compared to a rushdown, despite not being able to start grounded combos off an invincible DP.

I’m sure you will get some data from the labs too, please post your findings, I am curious now.


Traumatic flashback ensues

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No, and Tusk says hi.

Glacius can get damage in the 60-65% range off a lockout with two bars in the real world. That combo is lab only.

He has great damage but he also doesn’t have much in the way of dirty lockout tricks. Most of his dirt involves shatter combos that are low damage. He’s a great character but he earns his damage.

Edit: and he could never start a combo from an invincible DP. Lots of things could stuff his m.puddle punch - people just didn’t bother to learn.

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@oTigerSpirit I disagree especially if you consider:

Wulf is a rushdown character, his speed is enough to get him close, I find it’s reasonable that he doesn’t do as much damage as the slower Glacius. Mira may be a rushdown but her attacks go at the cost of her health, so that’s understandable. Riptor is also a rushdown but without proper meter she can’t fight off enemies on defense when the enemy is right on top of her (outside of clever girl range)

Overall you can still beat Glacius as Wulf easily:

If you can establish your space early before the match starts and stump anyway wake up or defensive parts (by simply waiting when you have him down and punish accordingly) You can easily beat Glacius.

Compared to Cinder v Glacius, Wulf v Glacius is a more even match up. It’s a matter of who can close into their advantage space first.

While I don’t win as much as Cinder v Glacius, I still consider Glacius the easiest opponent to fight against, simply because stopping him in his tracks is simple. It’s harder for Cinder because you have to do more than simply approach the angry snowman differently.

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O_o don’t wanna go too off topic, but glacius is by far one of wulf’s worst matchups, IMO. Don’t see how you can think wulf beats glacius easily =S

Anyway, glacius does have very high damage, but mostly only capitalizing on a lockout. I’d advise against guess breaking him, just like I advise against guess breaking Mira or tusk. Against any very high damaging character I believe you’re better off letting your opponent run with 80% of his combos, or until he picks up that you’re not even trying to break, unless against a player who likes to go for obvious breakable combos to try and bait the counter breaker (scenario in which I still believe you should let them hang themselves on a whiffed counter breaker before you actually commit to reaction breaking.).

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I ask myself same thing.

I can agree with not guess breaking those characters if they have meter. Riptor hits pretty hard on lockouts too.


I would assume Tusk has the highest normal and hit confirm damage but getting beefy damage usually only comes from lockouts or combo breakers.

I suppose I can see your argument as I typically catch people on shatter. When they get the setup I go into hail and cold shoulder where I punish any button and get an early lockout.

But you’re right my meter is usually a quarter filled because the hail confirm.

@JEFFRON27 Bruh, you play Riptor of course it’s an easy match. No I’m half-kidding though. Depends who you play, use Jago and that matchup quickly becomes difficult.

Personally i only get high amounts of damage on lockouts, and also when you face people who hardly break at all its to going for hard hitting combos, somtimes it better not to break… but what do i know :slight_smile:

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Pre-Season 3, light Puddle Punch was a fully invulnerable wakeup that would combo on hit. I believe medium and heavy had vulnerable frames on the startup, but those weren’t really used often, much like heavy is the only one you’ll see now because it’s the one that’s currently invulnerable.

Something that’s happening to me against Glacius is…He isn’t that easy to break as I thought. Not that he is impossible of course, but I believed he was pretty easy and now I don’t think that anymore. I get a lot of time lockouts, so I’m getting too long to react to his autodoubles. And yes, I may fall for that “heavy autodoubles” counterbreak bait form time to time (I try to break linkers just now). Or even the shadow cold shoulder bait. However I used Glacius the other day and a guy wouldn’t try to break a long combo and he just ate the whole damage. That was it, sometimes you just HAVE to break.

Maybe is not the damage itself that is bothering me. But people comparing Wulf damage to Glacius…It’s hard to get into multiple hail, shatter, cold shoulder, lance,floaty jump lance in multiple directions, invencible dp etc etc ect and once I really got him if I don’t get away that combo the damage would be enough to finish me off (because of my offense he would have full instinct, full shadow bars).
But ok, that’s the way it goes. I honestly don’t know how to deal with this mu anymore against good Glacius or lagged Glacius.