Why? (Retro shorts complaint thread)

So despite it being an awesome looking retro, we’re writing it off for an extremely minute adjustment involving knee guards and booty shorts.

You guys are unreal, honestly.


People are acting like this is fan art of something? This is the original Kim Wu. And this is what I expected a Kim Wu retro to look like.


Oh, you mean “check out mah taint” Kim Wu.



Not really surprised they wanted to start from scratch. There’s being sexy, and then there’s creepy fetish territory. KI2 Wu was kinda the latter.

Sadira is sexy. KI2 Kim Wu is creepy. Her KI3 redesign is awesome.


It is Definitely fetish territory. You see how clearly she exudes sexual accessibility? Lmao

I wouldnt call it creepy though, thats harsh and judgemental AF.


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rash is a frog, big difference from a female

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seriously, the knee pads and shorts does nothing to deter the look of the outfit, actually looks better imo, how long are we gonna go on about such trivial things… if you want skin so badly download gifs of the ladies of SFV and enjoy yourself


Either its age difference or MS and IG catering to the social justice radicals (aka social justice warriors aka SJWs), Anita sarkessian-wannabes and the PC Principals of the gaming community that have become a cancer to the gaming industry. It’s because of them we can’t get orchids ki2 retro in KI.

Or they just don’t want to be over sexual if they don’t need too, honestly, I think the over exposure is kind of tacky, like this KI is a revamped version of the originals, they also brought and reimagined the characters with a bit of this century perspective… not much you can do with most of the non-human characters, but I think for the females, what they have done accurately represents ho we would envision such characters in these times… Although they integrated “retros”, they still should fit in with the overall aesthetics of the entire game, and the orchird & kim wu originals would really stand out against the rest of the characters, no one has a problem with sadira’s jasmine pants or jeans etc but its a riot when we put knee pads over fishnets for Kim Wu? doesn’t add up to me… Now I understand voicing your opinion on something you (not you personally KRX8) dislike, but we are in double digits with posts like these and it seems one pops up every other day

For real, if they’re not going to preserve the look of the retro characters. Then they need to stop calling them retros and start calling them alternates…

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The new costume designs don’t need to mimic the old costumes down to every finite detail to be considered retro. Just the fact that the designs are largely similar to those of the past satisfies the retro requirement.


Because the devs felt it looked better that way.


thank you very much

Would you guys prefer Kim Wu like that? :hushed:

I think that Kim Wu’s Retro Costume is much better than the original one. Yeah, I know that is not “100% accurate”, but still… Just look at the pictures… :no_mouth:


While I do agree with the TC, I think making the shorts at least a little shorter would be a happy medium. Right now, her shorts on her retro and default costume are identical. I stopped expecting perfection with Retros about a year ago, and I know nothing will change here. I’m happy with her overall look so once we have access to her and start customizing, I will probably think about it less often.

Also, they used to call them ‘Classic’ costumes but people bitched about them not being identical, so the term ‘Retro’ started being used instead, to allude to a passed time period, more so than the specific original costume.

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That’s What I’m saying. She’s wearing the exact same shorts. Looks more like an accessory set then a retro character. Now don’t get me wrong. I like the new Kim. I just wanted her retro to look more like the old Kim. Not the new Kim wearing the old Kim’s shirt. And wtf did those knee pads come from?


Ever considered that people not wanting the shorts, isn’t driven by sexuality. It’s entirely possible to dislike Kim’s shorts and not have a sexual agenda attached to it.


Because they are inconsistent

Some costumes are accurate and look good (cinder)
Some look bad (wulf, fulgore)
Some are inaccurate (T.J, Maya, Kim)

PICK 1 (except bad)…Either have them faithful to the original or just looking cool for every character…you cant make T.J look like another character while Jago looks like his KI1 self its annoying

Its a costume and they worry about it being revealing or inappropriate…(thunder is the only one understandable…to an extent)…some say classic, some say retro

Charlie Nash has the best classic costume…and its for street fighter V

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DUDE YES! 80’s child here! Movies too! Lol!

I had no clue “original” KI Orchid and KW were selling me sex. Now aparrently Saira is doing the same. I don’t think retro needs to be exact like some here have a hard time adjusting too. It doesn’t make or break the character in the “new” KI. But selling sex wow.

I thought I read it all when people were saying KI is too "violent " and “scary” for their young kids. Smh.


what don’t most people understand what a retro costume is? They could gives u retro jago with a costume I’m sure u gonna accept it too. Retro do just has to be the same