Why? (Retro shorts complaint thread)

Why does Kim Wu’s retro have shorts and knee pads? If Sadira can show her thighs then why can’t Kim Wu?


Because of the age difference.

KI2 takes place 2000 years in the past. Makes sense her attire would change, similar to how Tusk changed.

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That’s why I said retro. Have you seen Tusk retro? He’s wearing the same ■■■■ he wore in KI2


Because KI is for women and people who don’t want to have to embarrassedly laugh off the sexual gratuity of every character when they play in front of their family and friends, too?

I don’t know. I don’t want to outright shame you for wanting sex in your games. But also, I think, e.g. the way SFV presents almost every one of its women is a bit much for me, and probably extremely offputting for many women, and I wouldn’t want to be associated with it. If you wanted Kim Wu specifically to be the sexed-up girl who shows a lot of ■■■ and thigh then sorry, but I’m glad MS and IG are making characters for other demographics, too.


maaan I’m with you I was pretty bummed they didn’t preserve the raw unfiltered fishnets.

But… where there’s a pc, there’s always a mod. Always. a. mod.

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Yea thats BS, meanwhile Rash gets a thong… SMH


ftr, I’m cool with PC modders going to town on KI. Make a female redskin Thunder with feather mohawk, buckskin thong and no top for all I care.

But Microsoft is selling a mainstream fighting game, and I think it’s great that they’re generally trying to use the female character designs to normalize representations of women that women themselves can get into, because I want more people to get into KI. On the other hand, I’m not too happy to see some niche softcore ■■■■ fighter fetish piggyback itself on SFV’s mainstream game budget.


oh I’m with you 100% on the SFV shaming. I got a wife and little girls in the house there’s no way i’m buying/playing that game vanilla. I’ll wait till it sinks to $20 or so and then hope someone made some cover-it-up mods.

My inner 90s teenage boy just wants Kim’s unfiltered fishnets back. I mean if chun and sadira’s bare legs are generally accepted then there’s no good reason why they couldn’t give Kim a proper retro.

but fr I’m just petty nitpicking, I’m gonna have fun pouring hours into both her costumes.

And I can’t wait until someone figures out moveswaps. That’s always the best part of modding fighting games for me.

Really, are you guys Amish or something? My wife doesn’t mind the attires in SFV… she just thinks it’s odd that Chun Li’s ■■■■■ only bounce when she’s player 2.


It’d be okay if SFV was intended to be a softcore erotic game aimed at dudes. That’s more-or-less DOA’s image now, which is why nobody gives a ■■■■ about DOA Xtreme and various fetish costumes and whatnot anymore. (Er, except for competitive DOA players who want to be taken seriously. Sucks to be them.)

But SFV is a mainstream fighter [pretending to be] aimed at people of all ages and genders, including women.


I still find Kim Wu extremely attractive, those wonderful shorts really show off dat booty she got.

I do find it weird they didn’t preserve the classic outfit the way it was. Oh well.

Wtf :scream: is it to do with the age difference ? The retro must bes as closest possible from her retro and it was without short and knee pads. Pleassse wake up man. :unamused::unamused::unamused:

And we gonna do it self anyway. Lol😤

In this case don’t propose retro cause they aren’t!

Shame me for wanting sex in my video games? Lol… I just want a proper retro. I guess I should be ashamed every time I play as Sadira too? According to your logic. What happened to the world? Everybody is offended by everything these days. I miss the 90s…


I’m not sure how you turned “I don’t want to shame you” into me shaming you. My entire point was that wanting sexual content isn’t inherently wrong, but your interests are competing with those of other people.

What gave you the impression that this is about offense?

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Double Helix made Sadira & her retro, IG chose not to alter it.