Why people hate Eyedol again? -.-

I mean seriously, he is staple of series at least for me.

IG made such a bland nobody like Kim Wu a decent char, and even got her major role in plot, so why Eyedol cannot be redeemed?


Idk. Some people say it was because he was cheap in KI1, as if that is something about him that is unchangeable and is out of IG’s control lol

Some people say he is goofy/looks silly…which I respond with: So did 90% of the characters in the first 2 KI games. I agree with you, if characters like Tusk and Kim-Wu can be re imagined into this game so can Eyedol.


Because KI is a game about classic concepts…

And the classic concepts for centaurs and Cyclops-es Is that they are nasty, brainless, lumbering, barbarians with no style at all.

So when you put TWO of those together, you get a nastier, dumber, lumbering-er barbarian that is not fun to look at, hear, or be in the presence of.

Eyedol correctly represented the image the developers were going for, but only because that “image” ONLY works as a boss character. The fact that he had few moves, was huge, and ugly, all HELPED him fit in as the “boss” character, but it would NOT work as a playable character today.

Playable characters need style, personality, complexity, and they need to be fun to watch and play, and Eyedol is NONE of these things. LEAVE HIM OUT OF KI!

(If a concise answer like this doesnt satisfy you, then nothing will. Your mind is made up, and the least you could do is stop making REPEAT threads about Eyedol.)


Eyedol doesn’t have to be nasty and dumb or whatever…he can be made into a bad ■■■ Warlord Demon ala Doom, Dark Souls, mad Max, ect… He can be re imagined just as cool as the other characters have been imagined.


… Reimagined?..

…So that we can deal with 1000 threads saying “Eyedol is not the same!” ?

No thank you.

Amongst the group of people who are asking for eyedol (In a fandom ALREADY full of people who are never satisfied), a re imagining would ruin the character for about 90% of them.

Why would you be worried about a bunch of innane threads that could potentially be created, especailly when you already know that not everyone could be satisfied? If anything, more threads on the subject should be the least of your worries. In any case, if he did release either largely the same or completely different, I think the community outcry won’t be as big as you think - in fact, I think it’ll be about the same as any other character thus far.


He doesnt fit in the game. Its that simple.

The only reason he would be in the game is because people are asking for him…
…BUT for him to be put in the game, he would have to be re imagined in a way that would make most of those people mad.

Its a LOSE / LOSE situation. Just end it already.

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eyedol is the part of KI history,he is the gargos’s rival. Eyedol can be redesign with a new skin and the original skin as for cinder. Eyedol is cheap because he have few move? Its very funny. Because sometime player are happy about general Raam also That he is very cheap and no nice to play.eyedol can be fun to play.he can have new move. Him recovery move can be him personnal instinct move.IG Need to think about .hate or not eyedol Need to be back as ultimate,no mercy.

So leave out an entire character who has a fan base full of people that want the character in the game because there might be a few threads on the internet complaining about how he looks?

I am sorry, but that is dumb to me. Who cares if there is a thread b******* about how he looks? If video game devs based all their creative decisions based on if a couple people on the internet will get upset or not we would never see another video game made again lol

Eyedol can be made interesting and he can be fun to play and watch. IG has the talent to make him awesome. Tusk was none of those things in KI2, yet they somehow thought he was good enough to bring back, and he turned out pretty good considering what they had to work with.


The only real b****ing i see is people NOT wanting eyedol in. He’s the OG boss, the classic. My only gripe with the game/Microsoft/double helix/iron galaxy is him not being in the roster. At least for now

Did you think That capcom have not use the fan base for roster of street fighter V. Killer instinct is back because fans base want it . Also its natural to want be listen. And in same Time,IG says in past That ALL ORIGINAL ROSTER Will be back with season 3. Promise is a promise .

eh? u think aganos has personality? i like aganos and all but he does not have personality…


Re-imagined the same way the other characters have been re-imagined… you know what Im trying to say, stop trying to revert it to your opinion. We dont have to agree, that’s fine…but there is no reason Eyedol shouldn’t be included with the rest of the cast. Gargos was no better looking, designed, move set, cheapness, ect…than Eyedol. they were both basic monster designs based off tropes like all the rest of the characters.

Eyedol and Gargos are NO DIFFERENT. If Gargos can work…Eyedol can work. There is no room to argue this point when Gargos is in the game.

Eyedol would be a hell of a lot better than Shark-man… SMH


You think that a gentle giant laying a beautiful orchid on his opponent’s grave does NOT have personality!? What!? Just because he’s a rock doesn’t mean he acts like one! :rage:


Aganos has tons of personality.

-His age and the crap he has been through is shown in his visuals and movement.
-His backstory and origin is shown in his stage.
-His dedication / servitude is shown in his story by describing how he crossed countries and oceans to fulfill his work.
-And to top it all off, His victory pose shows humor, compassion, and kind of hints that maybe he isn’t actually just a golem. It leaves you thinking that maybe he has a human-like soul, or maybe a piece of the story that is missing.

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Mostly b/c Eyedol was a cheap and crappy boss whose primary purpose was to steal your quarters one at a time. I hated the character, and haven’t much missed him in the new KI.

That said, I do think it should be doable to reimagine him into a character for the current KI. Gargos was a crappier version of Eyedol mostly, and they did wonders for him. I don’t think Eyedol should be shoehorned into S3 though. He’s a warlord on par with Gargos according to the original lore, so he deserves his own story arc IMO. I’d personally like to see him for a hypothetical S4. If S4 isn’t in the cards, then oh well…I’d say save him for the next go-around.


oh i see, that makes sense, pretty neat… so wat would be hard to do that with eyedol? i mean he could not be compassionate and u know, kill them at then end of the round, like shadow jago. so his personality would be an ■■■■■■■. he could be a ruthless demon ■■■■■■■, cant get more personality then that

I wouldn’t say it’s a matter of people all of a sudden “hating eyedol again” as much as it is another time to bring up the discussion of him as a character. As far as I’ve seen, there is just as much positivity on the forums for him to come back as there is for him to not return. People are just voicing their opinions and some people are louder than others.

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Maybe you should stop being such a jerk and ignore the thread


some people talk good about eyedol, some people talk bad about eyedol.and its not important because the most important , its to talk about eyedol. In same Time , the fact That player talk about him , its mean That he desserve to be in this KI version.

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