Why people are so sensitive over nerfs and buffs?

I see on various types of games forums, when there is patch notes thread and people complain really hard about their character got nerfed. Many of them are so mad they are about to drop their main or quit game entirely.

I dont quite understand why is this so big deal? I mean its not like character X gets his special moves taken out or something, nerfs mostly modify frame data but is it really that hurtful? My main Tusk got nerfed with two patches in a row and I dont have problem with it personally.

I am fairly fresh into online competition, so I may not see bigger picture though.

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People need to learn to adapt I mean hell Snake_Eyez still hasnt dropped Gief in SFV and hes awful but he sticks with it because good players can win even with a bottom tier character


Why Gief is awful?

Lack of Greenhand, 8 frames lag really hurt him to name a few. To be fair, Snake did pick up Alex and his is a hell of a player.

People get uptight about changes because it effects their ability to win. (Win = having fun). Some player adapt (or pick new characters) others would rather complain and call the game garbage.

Because with every change to their character and/or other characters, players are forced to relearn their playstyles to accommodate said changes. Especially when it comes to nerfs, it makes players “realize” that they can’t win as easily now and instead of adapting they threaten to drop the character because “you’re only having fun if you win”.

I somehow cannot believe nerfs can be so gamechanging… Of course some cases are extreme, like Gargos tele punches active for too long, but I can win as him without this bug, so idk.

Nerfs in particular have always been a touchy subject. For the mindset alot of people, nerfs are only good if it affects the character you dislike. And due to people having different opinions, someone is going to be salty. Pretty much the only times where a nerf widely accepted is when they are aware it’s a bug that’s going to be patched.

I don’t know about other people but if I were to play for thousands of dollars and make the fgc my career, I would like to have the least amount of changes to my character so that I can perform the best way I can without having to adapt my style in tournament season. So if I were to win or place well at many tournaments with let’s say jago, I would be a little upset to see him getting nerf patch after patch because even if it is to balance the game it affects my season and career as a pro player. But as a casual player, I like to see changes to characters because it gives me an opportunity to relearn a character that I love to play and I feel it makes me a better player overall.


It varies. For some it means they have to change their play style. For others it means their favorite character seems pretty weak.

I can understand how some folks feel seeing as Fulgore got nerfed like crazy in season 2. But I adapted and in season3 the new laser he got made up for those nerfs in season2.

It’s really just because people have to change how they play or that the character they love would become “useless” though that isn’t always the case here.

See Combo, TJ, and Ra, Kan. Nerfs can take a character from viable at a high level in a tournament to an afterthought (or vice-versa, in the case of Aganos). Moreover, people become emotionally attached to their characters – some enjoy the reputation of winning with nontraditional ones (i.e. Rico with Abel, or Fiyah Liger with Riptor), and others (usually not tournament players, who are often pragmatic) are sensitive to claims that they can’t win without an OP one.

A whole wack of reasons I find. Alot of people identify with and put a lot of time into specific characters they play.

  • you get used to a certain playstyle.
  • you like your character winning and want that to continue and it may be more difficult now that other characters are buffed or yours is nerfed.
  • you put alot of effort into learning specific combos and manuals and frame data, and it may feel like a waste if your fighter is nerfed/buffed afterwards (ie: why did I spend so much time analyzing frame data when I have to now re-learn it?)
  • people identify with the character they play most and nerfs/buffs may make them feel their character is either less important or being hated on and vicariously through that character they feel they are seen as a less important player, or being hated on… which is true. I HATE YA’LL FER NERF-N’ M’ MAIN!! RAGE RAGE RABBLE RABBLE! … sorry sorry had a moment there… (Shatter pets a fuzzy bunny. Feels less rage filled)

I’m not gonna say it’s wrong or right to feel angry about nerfs/buffs. Personally they don’t bother me much… but I understand why others may feel differently about the subject.

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Haha. Someone thinks TJ isn’t viable at high level play anymore… :joy:


Well, as funny as it sounds it’s relatively true. Since the release of Season 3 their has been less activity with TJ despite having nasty flip out potential. More so, the face of TH, Robello dropped him all together.

I’m not competitive player but I’ve seen first hand what a well skilled TJ can do and it is scary. Nonetheless, we haven’t seen him much at higher levels of competitive play.

“Haven’t seen at high level play” doesn’t mean “not viable in high level play.” If Nicky didn’t play Fulgore, then we wouldn’t have seen a Fulgore main in tournament since Alex Valle. That would not mean that Fulgore is not a viable tournament-level character.

I don’t care if the whole world drops TJ - the character has very good tools, pressure, mixups, alongside passable defense. That means a lot more to me than whether or not a TJ main who was playing him suboptimally to begin with thinks TJ is now bad because he can no longer constantly roll to freedom.

I’ll go on record and say TJ is a better character now than he was at the end of S2, and he nearly won the KI World Cup in that form. He just has to play defense like a normal human being now - which is aided by the fact that he actually has a true invincible reversal now, and can’t just be OS’d to death.


No need for the arguing, I never denied that he was viable just stating he isn’t as popular is all. I already know how crazy he can be, my frustration stems with people not giving him a chance. Moreover with Robello whom I saw as the face of TJ just drop him completely.

Haha. Apologies if I sounded argumentative - that wasn’t my intention. I’m just tired of hearing “character X isn’t viable” from people who, again, weren’t really playing the character optimally to begin with. I’ll listen to it a bit for a Kan-Ra, whose gameplan isn’t immediately obvious and takes a lot work, but I’ve little patience for the complaint as it relates to TJ. He has so many self-evidently good qualities, and it’s just insane to me how little people seem to realize what he has.


“Playing the character suboptimally”

That kind of explains Wulf, TJ and Kan-Ra by itself. People got away with very simple tactics with these characters in S2. And now they have to actually try, and that’s not fun for some.

Preach it, brother!

Which is why I’m so confused why Robello let him go… With his skills, he would’ve certainly been top 8 but yeah I don’t know.

I’ll wreck all of you m***** f**** with The Champ!!! =)