Why not a new collectors book with details😍

Who would like a new updated book featuring the cast from TJ Combo to Tusk with concept art, interviews and exclusive access to the new ki soundtrack?

the first ultra book wAs awesome so it feels odd not to have a second one when there are figures and other merchandise around.

I knew that ‘pin collector’ thing would not last from jump but we deserve some book like tHe prima games manuals or something?

would love to see the concepts and icon s and bg we obtain with the in game design of the wonderful stages and digital 3d models of thecharacters andeven scrapped ideas for series


Totally agree…they need to go ahead and make this now so it has S2 and 3 all in one. If not make one at least share it with us here on the forum!

Stick all 3 seasons in it. I know there’s the 1st season book. (Got it and love it). But 1 with everything from beginning to end would be awesome.
Tho leave it to the end of the season so we know who all is coming and what their design process was like.
Did anyone get the street fighter one? I’m curious to see if it’s worth the money.

Season 2 artbook with all the concepts for characters and stages, a chapter describing the new lightning, and concepts of the retros by Kev Bayliss. Also, a chapter describing the creation of the Ultimate toys.

Audio CD with unused tunes by Mick, Atlas and Celldweller.


If you play SF5 it is definitely worth it. I have it and its the best book i have seen when it comes to showing you data and tech for playing the game. the KI book didnt do that, and that’s ok. But if you want to know the real deal about the SF book its def worth it and there are 25 pages of tech for each character!

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A resounding YES and AYE for me here :smile: :grin:


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