Why KI is not a good game for casual gamers. MY OPINION. And if you want delete this topic

So the day I was choosed for the member of the month I decided to try Tekken 7. I said ok like KI I will suck at the beggining. No problem. I started and there was so many games mechanics I needed to learn cause there is no a real Dojo mode like KI but that wasnt a problem. There is so much stuff online that I got in pretty quickly. I reached to a point where I know what Im doin and understand whats happening.

“But where is your point Mike?” You might say. Well I played once a day a match or 2 of KI to stay active and I started to realise that there are 2 levels on this game. Beginner and GOD. Nothing in between. So with that said any begginer has the same chances to win a good player as if they both are good. I tried it. I went jumb happy on many KIllers and golds and destroyed them. I mean thats not supposed to happen. In tekken is like you know your level. I can only combare those 2 cause I played them both enough.(Tekken not so much).

So if you want to play a match or 2 a day and stay on begginer level. Then do so. But if you wanna be decent(and not lose to button mash). You need to practice day and night. Just to able to win a newcomer.

Thats it man. My 2 cents on KI. It can be a great game. But it is too button mash friendly(beginner level).

I know many of you will come and say your stuff. You can say KI is great as it is. But this button mash problem. This exists. And you need ■■■■ load of practice to not be considered noob. That exists too man.

I wont even try to answer to replys here (if I even get replys).
And feel free to delete this Topic cause its ■■■■ talk about KI and noone wants it. But i wanted to get it out of my chest.

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Alright. I can see where you are coming from but there is a flaw in your reasoning. You beat Killer and Gold players by mashing? What makes you think they are good players? Being and Gold and Killer doesn’t make them good.

Plus there is plenty inbetween. It just doesn’t seem that way but if you set exhibition match filters correctly, you’ll easily find people in your level. In every fighting game, there is this thing where the transition from beginner to decent player is tough. You aren’t fully there yet so it’s expected to lose to mashers. It happens in every fighting game, not just KI.

These “good players” aren’t as good as you say they are.


Button Mashing is awesome !!! :slight_smile:

Besides I think what you described is a good thing… perhaps the reason theres a huge gaping Hole in between Beginners and God tier players is because when you’re ready to stop button mashing there very few obstacles getting in the way of most players becoming pretty freaking good at KI… in fact all you need is somebody to spar with and you’re good to go.

Which is more than I can say for Tekken 7, even something that should be simple such as moving around the stage is strangely Complicated.

Unfortunately the FGC has this weird logic where the more accessible a game is the more it takes away the “Seriousness” of the game. LoL… so developers just throw in difficult ■■■■ and no tutorials because making a Fighting Game thats not inclusive gives it more “Street Cred” in the FGC.


Weren’t you just whining last week in multiple threads that you were getting your ■■■ handed to you?Now you’re destroying killers?lol


It’s not against the forum rules to state your opinion and provide your rationale for it, even if that opinion were to be “KI is bad”.

Glad you are enjoying Tekken 7! It has a reputation as a difficult game to get into, so I’m happy that you’ve apparently found what you’re looking for.


The phrase “don’t judge a book by its cover” fits really well with KIs online community in that ranks really don’t amount to ■■■■. Just the other day I fought a silver ranked saberwulf player who played better than most killers I’ve fought, and a killer who didn’t know how to block.

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I’ll start this out by saying i have not played a lick of T7 so i have no ‘feel’ for how it plays.

I’ll also not disagree that there might not be a great level of skill disparity to KI either. To my knowledge, KI’s way of assigning rank is wholly different from Tekken’s. I don’t believe (and i could be wrong and call me out if i am) you keep your rank if you lost a ton whereas you can in KI. I feel that’s a direct link to KI being a free to play title so that if you did put the game down for awhile, but hopped back into ranked, you would keep the same ranking from the last time you played. There was a time (well before my time, honestly) where the ranked system in KI was more dependant to wins and losses and you did rank down for losing. So if you did grind ranked, theoretically, you were closer to what your rank was as opposed to currently where there can be big differences between good and beginner Golds and good and beginner Killers.

But i do disagree to where i “think” you’re saying with this…

…That ‘X Silver rank player can beat Y Killer rank player’ based purely off of their rank. I mean, that sounds like i’m defeating the point i just made above, but hear me out.

I played a set in exhibition last night (I’m currently a Gold due to the ranked system on console being weird, but have been Killer) with another Gold. After i won the first 5 games, my strategy changed. I no longer sought to really ‘win’ as much as say to myself ‘Alright, he/she shows that they prefer to jump in to start their offense. Let me deny that through AA’s, air-to-airs or dashes.’ Or ‘He/She’s cornered me. I’m not going to reversal or parry; fight out of the corner with blocking, checking minus buttons/moves, etc.’ I think the set went 9-4 after that culminated with them scoring a perfect and ultimate on me, then leaving.

Point being, the issue you have is that not-so-high-level tactics beat high ranked players frequently. I, as a ‘high ranked player’ spent more time in that set working to beat not-so-high-level tactics than with winning and still won 3x more games than my opponent.

Whether or not it’s a good game for a casual gamer is really dependant on the gamer themselves, in my opinion. I don’t play KI with a casual mentality, so i can’t really offer much there.

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I really don’t understand why people say things like this. We don’t delete threads.

“noone wants it” - yeah, that’s a funny one. But alas, do you.

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You need practice to dedication to be good at something.


I don’t think there are just levels like Beginner and God in KI. While mashing works to some degree due to combo assist and KI being a more offensive fighter than Street Fighter or Tekken, mashing only works because of that mild degree. Here are the tiers of players I would consider. I crawled through them myself.

Beginner: Played the dojo and can shoot fireballs
Beginner 2: Learned to play without combo assist
Beginner 3: Learned Manuals
Advanced: Learned mixups/resets
Advanced 2: Learned a character that isn’t Jago
Advanced 3: Memorized all of your characters moves/inputs
Expert 1: Learned how to block/tech throws
Expert 2: Learning spacing for normals to play effective footsies
Expert 3: Learning Frame Data and Pressure loops
Master 1: Learning and applying Hardcore Matchup experience
Master 2: Becoming a character tech pioneer/character specialist
Master 3: Able to preform advanced custom/technical combo’s under pressure
Tourney/Top 32 Star Player: All of the above executed at a level of extreme dedication

In order to sit at one level of the chart, you have to be able to function and do all of the ones above it effectively. A Button Masher scrapes by on luck, but they are still a beginner. Someone who sits high in the advanced bracket either with lucky blocks or in the early expert bracket will always come out on top of a button masher. Doing specifically advanced 1, resets and mixups, if you rely solely on that you will beat or overcome eventually everyone in beginner. Same with effective blocking from expert, that will beat everyone in advanced, and having excessive matchup experience will overcome most everything else. Playing 1 ranked match against someone doesn’t conclude much. We’ve played before, I’m not a top killer player, I get destroyed by them, but you had a hard time getting in on me and dealing damage. You got some decent tech and strats but, I have the ability to change my playstyle if one isn’t working and make you guess how I’m playing rather than just push through with a straightforward style. KI can be frustrating to get into, when I first picked it up there weren’t helpful people. I had to learn on my own. The forums weren’t around nor as popular as they are now. Tekken is a more structured fighting game based heavily on neutral and footsies compared to KI which has crazy teleporting robots demons and skeletons. The offense potential in KI is incredible in comparison to other fighting games. Just look how Akuma was at the start of Tekken, absolute monster and destroyed everyone. If any KI character was put into Tekken and unchanged, they would be SSSSS Tier unbeatable. It took me a long time to get good at KI, and me being good, is good on a casual level, I suck at high level even still.

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I disagree with you so much on this… there is NOT 2 levels in KI. That’s is just words of a spiteful person that is getting wrecked. Maybe you ARE NOT READY FOR ONLINE PLAY? Maybe you should stick to SHadow lab and the AI on a setting where you can win? But until then you shouldn’t be playing Ranked.
Sounds to me after reading again that “you got wrecked by some low level Combo assists players and you are mad about it?”

I too tried out Tekken 7 and I hated it. Felt it was too button mashy and had no flow or creativity like KI.

But what do I know? I only played it for a week and traded it in. It just wasnt fun…but I didnt go around constantly knocking the game. It just wasn’t for me. Maybe KI isnt for you? Maybe you dont have the discipline to become a part of this 2nd level/ god level you have created in your mind.

My point is what good can come out of this thread? Are you looking for someone to show you the way…change your mind? If so, there is a much better way of doing so and that is going to the GGs thread and asking for help and sets. If you are looking for an argument or a reason to flee… then you are on the right track.

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I said I wont reply. Cause I just stated my opinion and your opinion is understandable too.
But I said casual right? Playing for fun? Just for fun? So some of you are saying if you are not super good dont go online.
Thats boring. There are many points that I disangree. I wont get into detail and I wont argue with you guys. This has been discussed many times here before.

The players you think are “gods” probably aren’t, they’re average mid level players. KI probably lacks a decent casual playerbase what with being niche and 4 years old and whatnot, and as such you get paired more with mid level players, but to a newer player these mid level players feel like they’re untouchable.

The OP didn’t want to open a discussion so not sure why I’m replying, but:

This is actually pretty common in more or less every game (that beginners will have a relatively easy strategy at first to overcome other beginners). In fact I’d also say it’s pretty prevalent in Tekken, where intense knowledge about frame data is needed to stop people who just do stuff, and there are lots of examples of Tekken players trying to stumble through this and not having fun. You are enjoying Tekken, which is great, but I don’t think it’s a counter-example to your point. You may just enjoy Tekken for other reasons that help you get over this faster.

It just comes down to the fact that FGs are incredibly difficult, no matter the game, and all of them have one or two very strong, but easy to implement strategies that kind of dominate the very low level game. Learning to beat that strategy can require a much greater amount of practice and study than the strategy itself. It’s kind of just how the genre works, and I would agree it’s true of KI, where jumping is pretty strong and fast-paced difficult to block offense (like, say, Shago) can overwhelm a player who is looking to “play the real way” while the beginner is just mashing random buttons.


Well, posting on an official forum says otherwise…

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OP is right on one thing - there is like 95% of trash players and rest 5% play like they studied the blade whole life.

I disagree on KI being difficult execution-wise. Execution is simplest in KI. Commands are simplified to maximum and are very responsive. Only remotely tricky things are juggles, manuals and breaking combos (requires experience).

Yes dont play online if you are going to complain that you cant win without years of practice. You can play online with friends that wont wreck you or you could use the search filter in Exhibition and only fight players in your tier. that simple. Please try any of the suggestions I have given you and stick around… you might enjoy KI much more that way.

Way back when I wasnt good enough to handle online and KIller tiers I just didnt play online…period…I played shadow lab adn the AI unitl eventually I was good enough to at least win 50% of my matches. Now I never play the AI or shadow lab. Yes I still get wrecked ,A LOT… but I had to put in the work. thats what fighting games are about online anyway… putting in the work to hold your own against the best in the world.

Good luck…hope it works our for you. Ask for some friendly sets in the GG thread.

I’m good with Tekken 7 and KI. I can’t say the same for others though.

I always wanted a command training mode for KI but sadly, we’ll have to wait.

Invincible reversals, meaties, and shadow counters wreck chronic mashers really hard. You can also usually roll over their health bars quickly with lots of high-damage heavy attacks in combos, since they tend not to expect those or have the experience to react to them.

You don’t need to be an expert to deal with mashing, just have a few specific, fairly easy to acquire skills.

Things like “feel free to delete or lock if you think I’m wrong” happen because not every forum is equal… on some sites you get banned or suspended for tiny disagreements.

I hear event hubs has a reputation for doing this type of thing.