Why KI is not a good game for casual gamers. MY OPINION. And if you want delete this topic

I agree. Having a gold or killer rank doesn’t make someone good. It’s like what I told some people. you have a pretty high rank, but can you back it up with performance?

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The opinion of the OP is fine. He can think or feel whatever he likes. But his stated rational for that opinion is simply not true. And demonstrably not true.

Button mashing will get you much further in Tekken than in KI. Tekken has always been a button mashing game and frankly EVERYTHING you say about KI is MUCH MORE TRUE about Tekken. In fact, I just had a tweet in my twitter feed from a Tekken pro saying if he had anything to say to all his friends getting into Tekken 7 it would be “study your fundamentals, work on your execution and think about high level play - then be prepared to be wrecked by noobs hitting random buttons. (Someone her must remember who that was - @Infilament, @STORM179, @ItzTymeToDul you uguys are looped in to the FGC - did you see that tweet?) You can’t even block in Tekken unless you memorize the dial a combo block strings for all 700 characters (yes that’s hyperbole - I’m too disinterested to count the current Tekken 7 Roster).

What it sounds to me like you really mean to say is “I am enjoying playing Tekken 7 more than playing KI.” Which is GREAT. Play Tekken. Have fun. Go chat with people on the Tekken message boards.

I don’t understand, though, why every salty player who is getting owned in KI ranked has to gin up some pseudo analysis to try to prove to everyone else that the REASON they don’t like KI is because the game is HORRIBLY FLAWED. KI is an amazing game for casual players. It’s easy to get into. It’s easy to do cool stuff and it’s easy to see that the game has additional depth for you to unlock if you want to. I can’t think of better criteria to judge a game’s appeal for casuals.

All fighting games are humbling for guys who think the are better than they really are. If you expect to beat everyone because you’ve memorized an optimal combo and then people are beating you doing stuff that you think is easier than what you can do, it makes guys salty. But the truth is you just aren’t that good. It’s not the game.


The player you’re talking about is Speedkicks (a strong US Tekken player) who was discussing a point that a Youtuber brought up, who thought low-level Tekken was fundamentally broken. The Youtuber thought that learning to beat button mashing the right way took an incredible amount of practice and energy, and Speedkicks agreed but kind of took my stance on it that it’s common in lots of games and it doesn’t detract from the enjoyment of playing.


I believe the exact quote you’re referring to came from Circa Joey Fury. I thought about posting the link here in my initial response, but since the TC seemed disinclined to discussion decided against it. He seemed happy playing Tekken, so why rain on his parade?

Tweet you referenced included below:


That’s the one!

Tekken is awesome. I hope the OP goes and has a great time with it. I certainly wouldn’t use this logic to run down Tekken. Hell, I think all fighting games are awesome - even the ones I, personally, don’t enjoy a whole lot. But I can acknowledge that a game is awesome even when I don’t really want to play it. I don’t understand why so many people insist a game must be fundamentally broken if they can’t enjoy it or have success with it.