Why is this game harder to play than Street Fighter?

Well in SF5 I can safely say fireballs and uppercuts are incredibly easy to pull off and I can say 100% its way more wonky in KI.

Not sure if J2K is making it easy to do in SF5 but hard in KI but I can tell you it needs way stricter timing in Ki than SFV

I wonder if x360ce would make a difference in KI?

You blame the game a lot. Even when it isn’t its fault. And given your post history, i’m inclined to not say anything more than “practice your motions” lest I get banned.


Well I wouldn’t say there is anything wrong with the game, it might just be that we are not used to the timing or something. I was actually starting to think something was wrong with my XB1 controller’s dpad with out inconsistent it was, but it just might be something that takes a while to get used to. I can do everything perfect on the analog stick tho.


In 4 days the update w stick support is supposed to drop.

Dozen people say it’s not the game, one guy says something about the game not registering his Dpad. You conclude it’s the games fault?
This games special move input timing does not feel any different than third strike or sfv to me and i hop between those games all the time. If anything KI is much much more lenient with its inputs since you have a bunch of input shortcuts and in combo you have giant buffer windows.


For the second time - the inputs in KI are fine. It has the lowest execution barrier of any fighting game other than the recently defunct Rising Thunder. There’s no challenging timing.

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Harder then SF? Well of course, in SF there’s no combo breakers, no AD’s, screen freeze inputs are near the end of the freeze, a majority of the game is based on links.

There’s way more harder stuff to do in KI then there is in SF. Street fighter doesn’t have the craziness like KI does. The neutral game is also not nearly as straight forward either.

I play SFV on an X1 pad, and played KI on pad for a year (both using the dpad). There is no noticeable difference to me between the two - there were no inputs I could get on one that I could not also consistently get on the other. I’m pretty sure it’s not the game. :confused:


You could always try combo-assist mode. :wink:

Why would you put that on someone? That’s bad sportsmanship.

Bad sportsmanship? It’s a legitimate (and serious) suggestion - if he’s having input issues, he can use it to avoid the issue for now in order to have fun, while still having the ability to practice the input at his own pace (or while in the neutral).

It was kinda a joke.

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Combo assist doesn’t have anything to do with doing DPs in neutral.

Sometimes when playing this game, I’ll get accidental forward or backward dash when trying to do a DP (often after just trying to walk a bit). I don’t tend to get that in other games.

But if I’m standing still and asked to do 100 DPs in a row on my stick, I’ll do 100 DPs in a row without any problem. If you can do DPs in 3rd Strike, the same motion with the same timing will trigger a DP in this game.


I play both KI and SFV… im also been a sf player since the early days so i know how a dragon punch feels. I use multiple sticks and controllers for both games with no problems or input delay. But I can say that none of my ways of control use any third party program to map my buttons to work. If there is any kind of delay for you or awkward timing, I would bet its coming from Joytokey. Its definitely not the game.

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There’s nothing “wrong” with the game. I’m using a Qanba Q4 RAF stick with joy2key and have actually noticed more issues with pulling off certain inputs consistently in SFV, but all it is is the psychological aspect of switching games within the same genre.

I’ve been playing KI fairly solidly since the PC release and my execution is slowly but surely getting a lot better than it was, then yesterday someone invited me to play SFV again, and, input issues ahoy!

Again I slowly but surely got a bit more “back on my game” in SF, they I decided to play KI again after and guess what? Struggled to get back in the required head space, got way too frustrated playing in Exhibition, but I knew fully well it was me who was at fault and a few games later I started winning again!

If anything, I would suggest maybe try a change of your sticks’ gate? I ordered both a octagonal and a circle gate today, just to see if it does make my inputs any more consistent, for instance I can pull of a shoryu and sometimes consistently, but the psychology of doing so on a stick still doesn’t stick 100% with me, sometimes it happens, sometimes it doesn’t and it almost never happens at the end of a combo. Saying this I’ve only been using my stick since KI’s PC release and I already feel I’ve come a long way in that time.

There’s an expression “a bad workman always blames his tools” don’t be that guy, instead work to see if you can overcome it. :wink:


From my perosnal experience, I found Street fighter too be harder to play than KI.


Works fine for me.

Does Octagonal gate work better for quarter circle characters? I only have a square gate compatible with my Sanwa JLF

The octoganal gate I have is only for my Qanba Q1 lever which is in reality a knock off sanwa jlf but it does use omron switches but the pivot is terribad.

I would prefer stick to my square gate. I will chalk this up as psychological. Maybe more practice can solve this if I stand still I can do DF fine. But when I am in battle is where the real problem is but not in SF5 offcourse which is weird.

Is there a difference between J2K and X360 in a scientific sense?

Because the square gates are standard with Japanese sticks almost everyone uses them at this point. That’s what I use. It’s not harder to do QCF motions and DP motions are actually a bit easier.

This happens to me too.

Sounds like your excutions ■■■ coming from a knock off stick id say its that

Onlyway i enjoy my sanwa is 2lb spring and 2.0 acutator from paradise arcade