Why is this game harder to play than Street Fighter?

As the title says I could play 3rd Strike just fine but cannot play this game even after many hours of trying.

Which would make it a lie that 3rd strike was too difficult for people as capcom claims?

Also why can’t I get uppercuts in this game? doubt JoytoKey is to blame since I get upper cuts fine in SF most uppercuts don’t register in this game.

I use a Qanba Q1 fightstick with Sanwa parts modded in and Joy to Key

Because this game isn’t Street Fighter and you need to play it differently. As for Dp’s,turn on inputs and check your execution.


the inputs register but there seems to be some sort of internal timing thats incredibly weird in this game.

You have to press the button after doing the Down forward in 1ms time frame which seems to be impossible most of the time. This seems like a rather childish design why make it so impossible?

Having been accustomed to doing fireballs with very modest timing delay in SF I don’t think I will be able to wire my brain for this game. I have a 99% accuracy in getting fireballs and uppercuts in SF3 and 5 but I miss it 80% of the time in this game. This leads me to believe it is a poor design choice by the KI devs

Or maybe this game just isn’t for people who played too much Street Fighter

Agreed, I’m usually just the opposite with SF…I’m pretty good at this game, yet SFV I lose constantly when I play online.

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If you’re using d-pad, check that it functions properly. You can test inputs with the analog stick. If you’re able to bust out your moves with the a analog and not the dpad, the dpad needs replaced.

Eta- the plastic that d-pad is comprised of is jenky af. I am disappoint @microsoft.

You don’t have to press it in 1ms time frame. KI isn’t meant to be an alternative to Street Fighter. It is meant to be its own game.

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SFs input buffer could have your execution pretty rusty. But insofar as I know, 3S and KI don’t have terribly different buffers so… it’s either your equipment or your ego. (That’s not an insult by the way).

EDIT: Your personal inability to correctly input a DP is not indicative of poor design on KIs part. It is however indicative the elitist mentality that comes with being a Capcom fanboy, or an character flaw that leads you to blame anything but yourself for your own shortcomings.

If you mess up DPs and fireballs in KI, you did in 3S and SF4 also. Or your controller is broken.

SFV holds your hand through motions and timing, and so is irrelevant to execution discussion.


I think you’ve answered your own question.
If you’re used to the timing of one game, it can throw you off. That happened to me trying to get into MKX after playing no other FG but Killer Instinct for the better part of 2 years.

However, having stricter timing does not make something “impossible”. I came into this game with next-to-zero prior fighting game experience and after persevering I learned the ropes. Even made it to Killer once. If you’re having trouble adjusting from Street Fighter, it sounds like you just need more practice with KI.


I’m kinda glad the timing is strict. if I dashed forward for a rush down and my input was the slightest off (double tap towards and bearly rotate to the down angle) I would be committed to a ballz deep DP and if it’s blocked guess what? when you start applying high pressure and advanced block strings I guarantee you’ll appreciate the timing.

It is best to press the button input pretty much simultaneously as the last part the motion, rather than after.

So instead of:
Down, Down+Forward, Forward, MP
Down, Down+Forward, Forward + MP

Button at the same time as last motion.

Also, make sure you are using the Dpad, not analogue stick- if you are playing on pad.

Lastly, turn on input display. The XONE pad will still give you that “click” even the input doesn’t register on a pad that is worn. So check that it’s registering that way. You should be able to press a direction VERY lightly, and still see the input register when you hear the “click” The dpad is very accurate, but frustratingly cheap and wears out about every 6 months.

I can transition easily between this game and any of the SF games. The inputs for fireball and DP are nearly indistinguishable. It’s not the game it’s either operator error (seems unlikely) or something about your joy2key setup is not working correctly with the game.

Also, look up the meaning of childish.


My stick works great its a brand new Qanba Q1 stick with brand new sanwa parts modded in.

It is either something is wrong with JoytoKey and this specific game or the timing is really bad in KI. If in the event the issue is with KI I don’t see how near inhuman reaction to do a fireball is somehow a good thing. Because lets say this is a design choice by purpose to make this game more difficult and therefore more professional well that didn’t work since SF5 is the go to number 1 Esport title.

If you’re using Joy2Key, you have an extra 2-5 frames of display lag compounding with SFVs 8f and 3f input buffer.

I play 3S and SF4 just fine without 3rd party software, so I’m pretty sure it’s actually SFV that’s got you all screwed up.

EDIT: Man, you gotta be real with yourself if you ever want to improve. You talk like your OG, but you say SF3 was ESports - it hella wasn’t. This whole ESport push is VERY NEW to the FGC, and based on how you talk, it seems like you are too. That’s OK, welcome aboard bud, glad to have you! But you won’t get far blaming games for your own shortcomings and spitting big talk backed by ignorance. Be real.

EDIT 2: I’m seriously not trying to be disrespectful or crap talk at you.

^ So its safe to say its not Joy to Key thats to blame? its just psychological? I use the Qanba Q1 PS3 stick with JoytoKey and all parts replaced with Sanwa

I’m saying ts either Joy2Key messing with your head, or pure psychology.

Man… i play it with an old Xbox 360 joystick. It works perfectly, there’s no inhuman reaction involved. It works the same for KI, SF4 and KOF XIII. Same command, same result in all 3. Why don’t you send us a video with your inputs? This may help.

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Are you playing in the dpad? I don’t know if this is just me but in my experience I can play SFV on dpad all day and do fireballs and DP’s just about every single time, while in KI (Using dpad) I can barley get any specials to come out consistently except for DP, but on analog it is the opposite. I can do every other motion 100%, but I can barley get DP’s to come out lol

I was actually trying to relearn this game using dpad all last week but I just could not get the hang of doing specials on it, so i am now back to analog.

Well Kodai the inputs are accurate I checked it in Training.

BTW I was to ask has anyone here ever tried using Joy to Key? i mean someone who is accustomed using a genuine 360 or xbox one stick?

Maybe if someone here very experienced with this game and who has a proper stick can use Joy to Key and tell me if there is any noticeable difference.

Ooh Blade4693 thanks I am glad I am not going crazy I knew something was wrong with this game. Just glad to see someone else here noticed it.

So the issue is the game itself after all I knew it.

PS I use a Fightstick Qanba Q1 with sanwa parts

The Madam used J2K for her Q2 when SFV dropped, but it felt hanky, so she uses x360ce instead. Works great.

But that SFV buffer will mess with your execution. Real talk. Well, it messes with mine, anyway.