Why is this game harder to play than Street Fighter?

If i were you id buy a 360 stick from the shoryuken forums and just get a legit better stick with a better pcb or pay someone to mod it for xb1 or360

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I find quarter circle movements fine on a square gate, both of my mains use a lot of quarter circle forward movements, but I do struggle somewhat with DP motions, I’m getting slightly more consistent than I was, however. I’ll have to report back after I’ve found out if different gates actually do make any difference, I was just throwing it out there as a suggestion.

I can dp fine on the player ro side

You try forward do a fireball i stop with downforward once i feel the xorner

It must be my XB1’s dpad then. There should be no reason why I can fireball and dp every single time on the DS4 pad and not the XB1 dpad if they function similarly. I know it sounds like I am trying to put the blame on something other than myself here but let’s be honest, there is really nothing execution heavy about a fireball motion. I can DP on the xb1 pad no problem, but when I need to do down forward or down back for certain specials I just can’t seem to get it to work consistently for w.e reason.

had no idea that Sanwa JLF from focusattack is knock offs, thanks for the heads up. I will return it. Had I known this earlier I would have ordered from paradise arcade. I was tricked into buying from focusattack from a friend.

Not thr sanway jlf but the stick you had in before

The jlf you got from focus is legit focus attack is the most popular website although arcade shock and paradise arcade are the same

But that stock stick in your q1s probably different feel then your sanwa the sanwas probably looser

I like smooth motions; the 1 and only time I ever owned a stick (the limited edition SF4 stick) had a square gate. Never again! The only way you get me to buy another stick is if it has a circle gate…

I play both, its definitely you :confused: *git gud

I play with a madcatz te2 , square gate, and actually i feel the execution is exactly the same as sf3 and 4. Maybe even a little easier

Sfv is alot harder excution wise then ki

Just buy a circle gate

If you think this KI is hard, try old school ones.

You can buy and swap out those parts. It’s like a $3.00 part. I wouldn’t let it ruin your enjoyment of a $200 joystick.

I already have Sanwa parts

Also I am still not getting the fireballs or uppercuts. Getting in SF5 but not KI, something is certainly wrong with this game.

Ok, pay attention KingHadu…

Thousands of others dont have that problem, so its not the games fault, maybe its you, maybe its your controller, maybe a switch thing between games you have trouble with…maybe its the joy2key or some setting thats getting in your way. You cant however go around saying theres something wrong with this game if for the past three! years no one else has noticed…it will make people not take you seriously anymore…


while doing other moves it won’t work immediately after I did the other move. But it works if u think about it before doing it

We need videos of stick and game. You sure you dont got combo assist on lol

King hadu what state do you live in any chance you can get a 360 stick and try li with that

I find Street fighter a lot more difficult than KI, KI is a really easy fighter (not that its a bad thing)