Why Is She Unpopular?

A lot of people who know me know that I’m not the kind of guy to ask for character changes when I have struggles in the game. So that’s not what this topic is about.

Recently I’ve started to notice that there really doesn’t seem to be any Kim Wu players, even after the week where she was available for free. I understand that Kim is a hard character to use, but I see other characters a lot more often than her that are the same or more difficult IMO (Mira, Raam, Aganos, Hisako). And I’m really curious as to why this is.

I don’t want to attribute it to a statement like “Kim Wu is a terrible character” because I honestly feel that she has a great arsenal of tools that many people underestimate/underplay. But I’m starting to wonder if there’s a different problem with her gameplay design that I can’t seem to put my finger on that causes people to avoid the character.

I know this isn’t very constructive since I’m failing to give any suggestions, but what do you guys think of this?


Could be the character in general. Looks, personality, movesets. Those can play a part. There’s also “why play this character when this character does everything that character can do but better/more?”


I can’t speak for everyone, but personally I haven’t touched her pretty much because of the overload involved in her release. I mean we got her, Tusk, Arby, and Rash all at the same time while I was still working on season 1 & 2 characters. And while I was trying out the new guys, between the 4 she was my last ranked in desire to play. Then we had hype buildup for Mira, Gargos, Raam, and Eyedol…so yeah. I eventually plan to give her a fair shake, but for now I’m still working out other kinks.

From what I’ve experienced, she’s not the best character to use for starters and beginners. She actually takes a good amount of lab work. My main issue with her is that her neutral buttons aren’t all that good.

The reason I stay away from Kim, despite loving her character and design, is that the amount of work it takes to learn how to effectively use her doesn’t feel like it pays off when compared to playing Aganos, Kan-ra, RAAM, or both movesets of Eyedol.

Each of the above mentioned have a clear gameplan that they want to use, while Kim seems to be reliant on a lot of countering to keep getting dragons. As someone that plays heavily as Aganos, the relying on countering to get resources really drives me away from playing her seriously.

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I don’t know why my personal reason is she is boring compared to the other season 3 characters.


Character variety is epic in KI and really unmatched by any other FG. However in Kim’s case I strongly feel like I’m playing against a character that belongs in a different fighting game. I get away with so much with Aria, while Kim has to be always right with her reads. This doesn’t work well if attacks can literally come from all directions or stuff stays on screen. In my mind Kim ( and Tusk) play a different, one dimensional game while others can choose to play or adapt more to non-footsie gameplay.


Hisako since S3 shes OP u cant punish her because of her counter a sample example when u try to shadow counter her she can punish u with a counter because u tried to punish her! thats nope logic,
also she do too much damage for this kind of gameplay.

Aganos S3 is OP too he move much faster than s2 IMO for a tank thats nope normal hes faster than RAAM and most characters a sample this gollem can charge chunks and place a wall and directly can throw it as a projectile et do have enought time to be on block against opponent meanwhile glacius take 3 years to finish his shatter move and to make hails also he do have unbreakable with HK in wal splat then he roll u on without u can do anything .

MIRA is really interesting to play but better nope in ranked cause killing urself by doing special moves lomfao but ok :grin: i think if shadow jago has the same system we should see less shago on ranked cause its risky and u must be carefull.

RAAM MY BAE he took my S2 sadira place in s3 KI, hes nope easy to deal but when u open the opponent at the right way , i think there is enought cash out to give lol :heart_eyes: hes the MEANING of KILLER INSTINCT. tho there is much adjustment to do before this character become fine.
a sample( he cannot follow his proper combo after open the opponent cause he’s too limited in distance and too slow to follow in linker when the opponent is on a HP distance look at his lights ?

BUT KIM WU ??? :grin: shes really good and do much damages but sorry nope my kind of character

I love Kim Wu’s design and personality a lot, so I don’t know why I never even give her a chance. I think my issue is that I love the other characters too much, especially when S3 gave us so many great characters to choose from. Arbiter, Rash, RAAM stood higher on my priority list. (funnily enough characters from three franchises I love and not actually from KI)

Being unpopular does give her an advantage, though. Not one that will always work, but still. People don’t know how to counterplay her because no one picks her. Aganos has this advantage in a way. You have to know what he is capable of and how to play against it to be effective. I have been stomped flat by Kim Wu before because I never knew how to combat her.

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I dunno if others feel the way I do, but I never really cared for her. As far as design/concept goes, she’s pretty boring compared to the others in S3 (but I think she’s more interesting than Mira simply because I think Mira is a meh vampire design). We have a giant, immortal He-Man looking guy, a bipedal frog dude, a super advanced alien army dude, a gargoyle-like demon, a subterranean lizard general, and a zombie orc looking god that all stand out more than a young fighter. Kim Wu’s thing is the “chosen one who needs to learn how to use their power” character, and that sort of quality in a hero is in all sorts of games/movies/etc. It could just be that it’s less interesting than other backgrounds.

I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with her, and if you like her, then that’s good for you. There’s nothing wrong with her, but I feel her concept and background aren’t as interesting as those of the other characters.

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@CrazyLCD always proves in his streams that her parries are inconsistent. Because of that they are flat out garbage. There is too much evidence to come to any other conclusion.

Or he just makes bad reads.

All of the things you’re complaining about she could do in S2 as well… :neutral_face:


How is getting a successful parry and bad read? LUL

I admit sometimes he does, but sometimes the parries are spot on and they don’t blow the opponent back like they should. It happens like half the time.

Do you know why that happens?

He never said anything about landing them.

I would like to know. Gimme that info!

The counter hitbox isn’t hitting any vulnerable hurtbox. So some attacks can strike outside the counter range and be fine.

Well don’t you think they should fix that?