Why is Mira's Survival stage... Jago's stage?

Okay so I know that not all of the characters have their own stage, and they need to borrow someone else’s for survival.
What I don’t understand is why it was decided that Mira, the vampire, should default to one of the most daylight heavy stages in the game? :expressionless: It seems like a really poor choice.

Why not Sabrewulf’s stage? It’s got a theme/tone for a horror character like Mira. The music is even similar to her’s so it would be less of a jarring and noticeable that it isn’t her theme.

Or even better; maybe Sadira’s stage. @TempusChaoti hinted in another thread that Mira’s stage was planned to be an underground lair for a coven of vampires with a global influence. One would thing that the underground lair of a clan of assassins with global influence would be a good stand in.

In light of the lack of stages, I’d wager it should be paramount that the characters who are forced to go without should at least have fitting habitats (and hopefully a way to have their music play in survival…)

I don’t like being harsh on this sort of thing but I feel Tiger’s Lair is probably one of the worst choices for Mira’s stage. Could’ve at least been Shadow Tiger’s Lair, but Wulf or Sadira’s stages would’ve been far more applicable options for Mira’s character.


I have to agree, I think Wulf or Sadira’s stage would have been 100x better than Jago’s. I guess it really doesn’t matter though, just sort of a mini knit pick of mine haha


And why her amazing music does not play in survival mode?


Yep, please Get Rash and Mira’s music in survival, and put Mira on Sabre’s stage!


Some of the choices so far this season just seem weird. Only 3 stages and have the rest of the cast migrate to others. Mira is truly awesome,her only let down is a lack of a stage so we can actually hear her theme!!
Why jagos stage? That makes zero sense. Surely it should be wulf or sadira.
The hero art as well now seems bland with just the red background.
Unless at some point they’re getting a stage and then they’ll change it.
But it’s becoming infuriating


Yeah I mean if she can’t have a stage, at least put her on a stage that fits and give her her music. I really hope somehow they can rethink this stage thing and and at least give Gargos and Mira their own. If Rash doesn’t, no biggie.


Totally agree. I think Mira should fight on Sabrewulf’s stage and Rash on Riptor’s because I would put Gargos in the Forbidden Archive. Also, their respective themes should play, instead of the default ones.


Just give us our character stages back so this lame stuff would stop happening.


Listening to her music the first time, this was the right fit for me. Wulf’s stage is good too, but Sadira’s stage has the more appropriate atmosphere IMO.

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Agreed, Sabre’s stage for Mira with her music playing. Rash works in several stages.

I’d love if they had their own stages, but hey … what can one do.

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Yeah it should have been Saberwulf’s stage, hell or even Sadira or Spinals. Maybe even Maya’s for story reasons. There’s almost no reason it should be Jago’s stage.

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She looks good on Spinal’s stage too! I personally think the lack of having a stage and how close she has released to S3 launch has hurt her Hype. Something just doesn’t feel as hype is it normally does.
Too many new characteres all at once I guess.

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The characters without stages should definitely have a fitting stage and their theme playing. Mira needs Sabrewulf’s stage.

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They should at least “give them a shared stage”…like Omen and Shago. they are both tied to the same stage. there trailers are on those stages. its their stage. All new characters should be tied to a certain stage…somehow…unless there is something we just dont know about yet and has yet to be released??

This is exactly why we need to pressure MS and IG to add more stages instead of being lazy. This is just further proof.


I think Mira’s stage needs to be Wulf or Sako stage for now. But…

I think Mira deserves her own stage. Rash too (battletoad theme stage).

We will have 2 bosses in a row now (Gargos,and Eyedol). They could make a shared stage for them.

So, 3 more stages would be amazing. Of course every char with unique music.

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since she’s a vampire (i guess she really is) she shouldnt be exposed to the light. Jago stage is daytime so what tha…?

Probably didn’t get more stages because of small budget, I thought season 1 and 2 had sold well, plus all the new sales from season 3 and pc, one would think Microsoft would increase their budget but I guess not

I hope they decide to switch this in the next patch to Wulf’s stage. Theoretically it shouldn’t be more than switching no more than a couple of variables to switch the home stage and/or music of the character.

But in reality I have no idea how IG handled the coding.