Why international shipment for the figurines have increased that much their price?

I did buy in it’s launch the limited Shadow Jago and shiped to Spain for 18$. A price that i can afford. But when i was about to purchase my Fulgore… Damn! 74$ for the most economic? I don’t want a private plane for my figurine, i just want to have for a decent price! 100$ each one is TOO MUCH.

Someone have this problem too? It’s going to get a really normal price for international shipping?

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Same here, its just too much unfortunately, itherwise I would have gotten Hisako and Fulgore.

Unfortunately it is because they have to ship INTERNATIONALLY. It costs money to put a package through customs, on a plane, sort it in America, sort it in the 1st destination country, then again in the final destination country. All going through several customs and being handled several times.

You guys have to remember you are buying an american made product. I wouldn’t expect anything different if I purchased a Australian made product. Its a long journey for the package and its not cheap.

Ultimate source is not making money off the shipping, they have a UPS program and scale. They weigh the package and type in your info into that UPS or Fed Ex program… it gives them a price…they pass that price onto the buyer.

Its that simple.

If you guys wan’t to complain to someone…you need to contact UPS or Fed Ex.

I know this becasue i have been in the shipping industry for 18 years…I run a UPS and Fed Ex program daily.

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Then, how do you explain that the Shadow Jago was 18$?


That might have been a mistake in there set up, and most likely they ate that cost until it was corrected. They cant adjust the charges after your card has been processed…so they just paid the difference. Happens all the time.

You could ask them yourself…but I recommend being polite if you want a reasonable answer. they are really nice people and have excellent customer service.

I had two figures in my basket and went to complete the purchase until i saw that shipping cost $72 for the cheapest option to the UK. It’s way to expensive for what it is. My Shadow Jago cost a third of that to ship. I’m really keen for them but i’ll be waiting for a cheaper postage option.

I’ve asked them twice about this on Twitter but no respone as yet :frowning:

Yeah, they are, but i just wanted to know if it was something with some reasoning behind. I will wait a few months. If they don’t put some normal price… It’s not the first time i buy internationally, i have been buying from all around the world and i never found such price shipments from anywhere. I can wait months, but i can’t pay that much for just one.

Well. Then… Goodbye to all the figurines for me. 100$ each is too much.

I tried to ship one of my CD packages to a fan in Australia…$115 UPS!!! Insane!!! I didnt ship it, gave him his money back.

So… the best option here is too make a shipment of 200 figurines and resend them through europe. If i was rich i could make it, but, surprise! I am not, xD

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there’s power when people come together. open a paypal and have people chip in their share. I’d suggest a thread here or on Twitter cause I can tell you right now. no ones gonna help you but you and the people who throw in cash in the PayPal

having said that I could care less about the figurines I’m in it for color 10. lol

maybe I can steal the code and return the figurine lol. dang! that’s shayddee! win by any means necessary, Ami right?

Now we know in who we don’t have to trust to receive all the figurines for Europe, lol

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lol, I think that was more showmanship of honesty than most people. lol

besides, people pre-order garbage to get DLC codes all the time, oh and beta’s too.
If their job is to get the most money they can out of me, then I can return the favor. lol

I was just joking :wink:

But man, if there’s enough demand, we could try to make something all the europeans around here. Make like an “Ultimate source Europe” philial. It will be the best option for all of us.

I contacted ultimatesource.toys about the shipping rates yesterday. This was their response:

“Yes sorry about that…the shipping rates have gone up and we are trying hard to bring them back down. We are also looking into EU retail support.”

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So, they are looking for some partner here in europe for the shipment?

Actually the line I quoted was the entire answer I got from them in reply to my e-mail.
I do get the feeling that they are planning to have a European partner who will take care of distribution of their merchandise in Europe.

Maybe an Amazon.uk can help or something…

Im telling you man, US is a really nice group of people. they have superb customer service and I guarantee they are going to make it right for everyone with Color 11 and shipping cost to the best of their ability. Just be patient and polite to them and they will come through.