Why international shipment for the figurines have increased that much their price?

to Spain for $18??? I live in southern CANADA and it cost me $30. You are either lying or their shipping prices are broken.

Do I need to show my adress too for you to believe me? xD

So the shipping prices were broken then. Congratulations!

Killer Instinct Team want profiteer on players.
Shipment was 18$ and now it 100$.
I must pay for shipment 30$ item additional 100$ for shipment ?
Killer Instinct Team do you have brains ?
I urge all do boycott and not buy this figurines.

This is not their fault. It’s FedEx/UPS that’s in charge of how much shipping costs. Those 2 companies and customs.

I tried to explain this in another thread someone said customs isn’t the reason for the high price at all

What you can do is look at shipping rates for UPS and Fed Ex on their sites and it will give you all the info there

I cancel my order when I see new shipment price.
Pay 100$ for shipment 30$ item is absurd.

The price and shipping costs for the figures are set by Ultimate Source and Fed Ex/UPS, as others have stated, not the dev team. Ultimate Source has also stated they are working on lowering the shipping costs, including trying to partner with an EU retailer.

Insulting the devs on the official forums is also not a great way to interact with them, and insulting anyone on the forums is not allowed.

I certainly understand the shipping frustrations, though.

They must do shipment to Europe via other companies.
If shipment price will normal I can wait for shipment 30-60 days.
On December shipment price was 20$ and now is 100$.
This unacceptable.

I suppose their shipment system is broken. I want to buy and get shipment to Estonia and it showed me 230$! God thats much. And those who say its a regular shipment price for products from US - not true guys. I bought few times from US and last time for example it was Heroes of The Storm NECa figures (4 of them) adn shipment from US costed around 19$. So 230$ for one figure is way too much and makes me think their system is broken. Customs are never included so that is not even the part of the price. It stoped me from ordering Jago and Hisako. Hope they find partner or a way to ship to Europe.