Why I think that this "anoying personality" of Kim Wu is good for the story (Warning: A long post too!)

(Sorry everyone for my bad english :sweat_smile:)

I was writing a message to this topic:

But the message was so long that I decide to make a topic! :smile:
Sorry If I made some mistakes while I explain what I think :sweat_smile:

I actually happy that Kim Wu have that “somehow anoying personality” in Killer Instinct Season 3! :slightly_smiling:

My reasons for saying this:

  • It shows that Kim Wu is not a perfect human:
    I mean, I see many times people saying things like:
    "Kim Wu is “The Chosen One”, Kim Wu is beautiful, strong, cute, powerful, perfect, badass, etc, etc…"
    Well, that’s fine for me, It shows that people love her as a character! That’s great!
    But, remember that she still a character in Killer Instinct! She can’t be a overpower character like "Perfect, Extreme Powerful, Final Hope of the Whole Galaxy, The Only Light of the Universe, Reincarnation of a Goddess, etc…"
    Calm down, guys! :smile:
    If Kim Wu was so overpower that can defeat Gargos with only one single punch in the story, then there will not be any story left to tell! What about Jago? TJ Combo? Orchid? They making a plan for defeat both Gargos and UltraTech, remember? They also are part of the story! They also will help defeat Gargos somehow!
    Even with her story saying that she is “The Chosen One”, she still another great character in the cast of KI just like Jago, Orchid, TJ Combo or Maya!
    Also, people start saying that Kim Wu is more powerful than Jago or anyone in the game for no reason:
    "Kim Wu don’t need do train because she is "The Chosen One"
    "Jago training Kim Wu? No! Is Kim Wu that should train Jago because she is more powerful!"
    "Jago is a trash compared to Kim Wu because she is the “The Chosen One” while he is nothing!
    "Kim Wu possessed by Omen? No! Kim Wu is so perfect and beautiful that Omen cannot even possess her!"
    Etc, etc…
    Why saying things like that? (I don’t know if was those exactle words, but it was something like that)
    Jago have trained his whole life, his whole life! And just because he is is not “The Chosen One”, Kim Wu is more powerful than him and he is just a trash? Because that what looks like saying things like that!
    Kim Wu is also a Designer Student, so Jago most probably have much training than her. In my opinion, Jago is even more powerful than Kim Wu. I know that she is “The Chosen One” while Jago, well… Also thought he was a “Chosen One” in the Killer Instinct Tournament, but was just tricked by Gargos… But there is not need for saying that Jago is a trash just to make Kim Wu look more powerful! In fact, with her personality, if she was corrupted by Omen and transformed into a “Shadow Kim Wu”, I doubt if she will be able to “free” herself without anyone help…
    So, now that we know her personality, we also know that Kim Wu is not “perfect”, she is a “human” like everyone else in the cast! (Yeah, I know not everyone in the game is “human”, but I saying this in the way of “everyone make mistakes sometimes in the life” :stuck_out_tongue:)
    She is not a Overpower Character! If she was, then the story will have the same problem as KI2:
    In KI2, if we consider the story, Kim Wu was very powerful and her fate was: Protect her village and destroy Gargos
    Gargos came back, so defeating him was "Kim Wu’s Ultimate Mission"
    So, she, with all her courage and brave, go in a adventure to save the world.
    She defeat many fighters and show powerful techniques.
    And in the final batlle, in her Ultimate Mission to finally destroy Gargos, like her ancestors many years ago… She simply kill Spinal and get back to her village.
    You know why this happen? Its simples!
    Her mission was THE SAME as half of the cast: Destroy Gargos
    Jago: He want to destroy Gargos for revenge
    Orchid: She want to destroy Gargos to go back to her time and also destroy UltraTech
    TJ Combo: He want to destroy Gargos to go back to his time
    Glacius: He want to destroy Gargos to go back to his time and his planet
    Tusk: His people was killed by the war of Eyedol and Gargos. Want to destroy Gargos for revenge
    Maya: Her people help defeat Eyedol and Gargos in the past. Want to destroy Gargos to save the world
    Kim Wi: Descedent of the heroes that defeated Eyedol and Gargos in the past. Want to destroy Gargos because that was her ultimate mission
    So, EVERYONE wanted Gargos dead!
    KI2 introduce us Kim Wu as the ancestor of the heroes of the past. So, if there is someone that should defeat Gargos, is Kim Wu herself.
    But then there is a problem: What about Jago and Orchid? They are the protagonists of KI that destroy both Fulgore and Eyedol in KI1. And we also have Tusk, and Maya!
    “Oh-Oh! What we do now?”
    “Forget about this “The Chosen One to defeat Gargos” and make everyone want to destroy Gargos, and then we make some whatever reason for them”
    Yes, It looks like that they wanted to make Kim Wu the protagonist of KI2, but they forget that Jago and Orchid was still in the game! Then, they realised too late this little detail and try to fix that by making all the characters at least “do something” in the story
    Jago: Destroy Fulgore and with the help of Orchid, defeat Gargos
    Orchid: Defeat Gargos with the help of Jago
    Maya: Tusk defeat her. Later, they married
    Tusk: Defeat Maya. Later, is defeated by TJ Combo
    Kim Wu: Destroy Spinal and get back to her village
    So, what I want to say is: If Kim Wu is “perfect, powerful, goddess, etc, etc”, the story could probably end with Kim Wu defeating some other random character while Jago and Orchid (Which are the protagonists of the story) defeat Gargos. Then will make look like that this “Overpowered powerful power that allow Kim Wu to defeat anyone with one hit” was a lie or simply useless!
    Now, back to the topic:

  • Diferents personalities
    As some people here already said, Maya and Orchid (And maybe even Hisako? ARIA?) are already “serious and badass”, so if Kim Wu was also a serious and badass character, almost all female characters in KI will have the same personality

  • Kim Wu: Better character developing?
    Think about: In her trailer, she talks like she fell superior and powerful than anyone just because “she have a freakin dragon” and is "The Chosen One"
    “Six months ago, if you told me fate decreed I’d be saving the world, I’d have laughed in your face and given fate the middle finger."
    That most probably means that in the past, Kim Wu see this whole thing of “Save the world from a Demon” as a stupid thing
    What I think about this: In the past, she doesn’t care about anything, "S-crew the world, the world don’t make anything for me, why should I save it now?"
    "But here I am: martial artist, design student, and now, demon a-ss-kicker."
    But now she seems to accepted her fate and decide to save the world, but she still keep that selfish personality, feeling superior to the others as we see in the trailer…
    "That dragon? It’s mine. It choose ME."
    Lol, she seem to say like: "Oh, you want to be like me, right? But you never will because I was chosen, not you! Hahaha!"
    I think that her own personality will cause problems to her, and then, she will realise than just because she is “The Chosen One”, this doens’t mean that she is perfect, superior to everyone and can do everything alone
    I think that in the story of Season 3, she will meet Jago and saying something like:
    "I will destroy that… What’s the name anyway? Oh yes, Gargos. I will destroy him alone because I am “The Choose One”, only I can defeat him, I don’t need anyone help, I am most powerful than all of you, you all should go home, this is only for professionals like me"
    And then she almost get killed by Gargos, but she is saved by Jago, then she apologise from what she says before and realized how she was wrong: She is not perfect, she need people to help her defeat Gargos. THEN after that, she transform into a complete diferent character in the story, maybe even knowing the “Power of Friendship” (Or even maybe the “Power of Love” with Jago… :kissing_closed_eyes: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)

  • New Character: Shadow Kim Wu?
    I thinking that Kim Wu will change her personality after “something” happens…
    What if somehow her own selfish personality make her transform into a Shadow Kim Wu, then she is saved by Jago? (After all, he was possessed in the past)
    -Kim Wu alone decide to go after Gargos alone do defeat him
    -Jago and the other try to tell her that she cannot defeat him alone
    -Kim Wu tell Jago and the other that she can because she is “The Chosen One” and superior to anyone
    -Jago fell a little sad for her, while the other fell insulted for what she says
    -Kim Wu finds Gargos
    -Jago decide to go after Kim Wu
    -Kim Wu try to defeat Gargos alone
    -Kim Wu is defeated by Gargos
    -Omen possess Kim Wu
    -Kim Wu attack Jago and the others
    -Kim Wu defeat almost everyone
    -Jago successfully manages to make Kim Wu expel Omen of her soul by talking to her
    -Omen flies again back to Gargos
    -Kim Wu realize that she was being selfish and need the help of the others
    -Kim Wu apologize from everything and decide do join the group
    -Kim Wu now have a mature personality
    So… “Shadow Kim Wu” could exist and Jago could somehow save her, and then, Kim Wu transform into a complete another person…
    "Origins are just where characters start… not end"
    Her origin (A Imature Personality) is where she start as a fighter, but she change later during the story, and in the end, she is a complete diferente person? That’s what I think!

  • Jago S2 Kim Wu? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
    So, as I say in the example, I think that her personality will cause problems, and if she is possessed by Omen, I think that Jago will be able to help her… Perhaps this will make them work together and then in the ending… :kissing_closed_eyes::kissing_closed_eyes:

Well, about what I think about Kim Wu:
I like her because I think that her personality somehow will make the story more rich and detailed than something like:

"Hello, this is the story of Season 3: There is a Demon named something like Gar-gos that is destroying the world. My name is Kim Wu, I’m “The Chosen One”, I’m powerful and perfect, there its a corpotation called UltraTech that is afraid of this Gargos, there is a sorcerer that also afraid of him, and there is also a group of heroes that is making a plan to both defeat him and destroy that UltraTech. I’m “The Chosen One”,so I have can defeat him while I texting in my facebook right now, wait a second… smash!… Done, he is dead, that sorcerer is dead and all this UltraTech exploded. That group of heroes was useless… I alone have more power than all of them combined. End of story, good night for everyone! #IAmTheChooseOne"

Character that are Extremely Overpowers (In the stories) and never fails never work so great, they need to have limits in order to have some “drama” in the story , they need to have some weakness. I think that this is why Kim Wu was created like this… She thinking that she is more powerful than everyone, and this thinking will cause problems to her in the future.

That what I wanted to say!
C’mon friends! Kim Wu being like this it’s no the worst thing ever!
I have complete faith that IG/MS will be able to make a great story for Kim Wu after seeing those amazing backstories of the characters!
(Seriously, those backstories are making me fell the character so “alive”. Now, everytime I listen to their OST, I keep thinking of their stories and imagining everything… :smiley:)

Good bye for everyone and (Again) sorry for my bad english! :sweat_smile:


Ya know…

What ya said there about Kim Wu (in a way) does make a lot of sense. :hushed:

I was actually ok with her personality since I knew she would be more of the outspoken, passionate, in your face type of person who takes rash decisions whereas Jago is more reserved,quiet, emotionless, patient, withdrawn from others (minor examples of them btw). I know that their personalities would clash when they come head to head. Could start off bad at first but eventually turns to good as they learn a lot from each other overtime imo)

However, I do see Kim Wu (in a way) saving the day from Jago fighting Gargos alone since Kim might get underestimated due to how she’s young along with how big her personality can be at the start. Maybe Jago fears that her life would severely be at risk if she tags along fighting Gargos (or some new demon beast) with him. Or worse her fighting the demon alone.

That right there can show a lot of connection between each other :slightly_smiling:

LOL I still believe! :cry::sob: I really don’t know what IG will do with her profile so lets have faith. Already got gunshot wounds from my past false predictions. looooooool. (An opinion for heads up) I honestly still don’t see them as this Big brother / little sister to be completely honest…


Now I notitice: We still need to know Kim Wu’s exactly age. She is 18 years old?
Jago is 30 Years old, so…
Most probably Jago and Kim Wu could have this “Big Brother/Little Sister Relationship” instead of this “Romantic Relationship”? :frowning:
But we still don’t know about… :confused:


Yeah… Thattttt’s pretty much the thing :sob: Whats worse is that it was a hot topic about them at the old S2 forum with debates, opinions and what not. But all of that might go out the window too if disapproved…

So far some are saying she’s the same age due to her “personality” but who knows? I sort of remember Adam saying from the S2 forum that Kim is going to be older than Hisako (she is 19)

Only one way to find out when her profile is out… (I still have some faith left since i’m about 70-80% incorrect with her prediction)


"I sort of remember Adam saying from the S2 forum that Kim is going to be older than Hisako (she is 19)"
Really? Then there still hope that Jago and Kim Wu could have a “Romantic Relashionship”! :slightly_smiling:

(The couples are made!)
(Jago :heart: Kim Wu)
(TJ Combo :heart: Orchid)
(Tusk :heart: Maya)
(Fulgore :heart: ARIA)
(:kissing_closed_eyes: :kissing_closed_eyes:)
(:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)

Anyway… Yeah, we will have to wait to see her profile… Let’s have faith! :slight_smile:

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xD Well, I don’t think their type of relationship is “romance-romance” (meaning like the usual super cheesy stuff)

As long it makes sense in the end then anything’s possible. :+1:


I think it works. Like you said all the other human females in the cast have a very serious personality, so her being different from that is a good thing IMO.


I’m happy with it! I dreamed of it before I knew her decided design and voice overs!

Again, I StreSS you MUST VIEW Maximilian’s video of Keits showing her off to the KI cup room. In the training stage you can hear her talking all kinds of trash while she performs her moves!

I don’t know how to post the clip but there is a YouTube excerpt about 5 mins that shows Keits showing her move sets and goes into the 3 matches with jago ending in her ultra.

The IGN Kim WU reveal video has the IG guy perform a Kim WU DOUBLE ULTRA!


yeah the breakdown of the vid was pretty awesome. Can’t wait to try her someday.

Might be cockiness instead of arrogance xD. Though I don’t really know since I didn’t hear most of her words clearly. Only hear stuff like “predictable” , “denied” “trade ya” etc.


She looks really fun, but too much fun. To the point that Tourney players are going to main her. I’m going to have to fight for my spot for One of the best Kim’s in the world. I might not make it :sob:

But yeah, She talks with cockiness. It’s great! It makes it fun, like if you do Kim’s parry, She’s like “Denied!”

Then going into a combo after “Denying” someone makes it so cool. And she is really an Offensive Burst Character, so one bad move could cost you half a health bar, if not more.

I like her cockiness. Makes me feel cool playing her. I don’t need to talk trash, Kim does it for me. LOL XD


I actually really like Kim’s personality. Fits a nice trope of the “young, brash character who discovers humility and respect for their elders/ancestors through martial arts” as well as a sort of Buffy type character.
Plus she’s so darn smug. I find that amusing.

Semi-Related Note:

#Jago confirmed to be Kim Wu’s Kung Fu Sugar Daddy

So. Nice post. :slight_smile:


Jago’s a warrior monk… Girls don’t exist to him… :grin:


Jago could forget everything about this “Religion about the Tiger Spirt” and fall in love with seeing Kim Wu after seeing her the first time :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Love… It makes people change :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

fine by me. It makes me even more driven to get good with her. I won’t let the pros stop me.Thats

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@SigmaAngelus I love your attitude. You have just inspired me to play her even harder, and not worry about the pros. It’s not the pros that are going to make me good with her, It’s me that is going to make me good with her. Who cares, if they are playing her? It means I need to strive harder, and those who believe, succeed.

Thank you so much! :grin:

I REALLY hope we can get some Kim sets in so we can work on tech and stuff.


Dear god no.

I’m pretty sure she isn’t going to be 18 THAT I am sure since Adam once said that she will be older then Hisako. and she is 19 years old.

From the old forum, it did say that Kim is 21, so it is (in a way) legal to be with someone older :V Who knows she might dig older guys knowing she has a rebellious type personality :slight_smile:


LOL But isn’t Jago a Monk? So he’d be Celibate or something right? And we can’t forget my joke from S2 forums…

Enters Self-Exile

We will see. All we can do is wait…


Well yeah,

but lets not forget other Monk characters like Miroku, Aang for instance.

Heck, if that isn’t enough lets take a RL person like Jet Li for instance :slight_smile:
Interesting fact: He is actually practitioner of Tibetan Buddhism … who is MARRIED but his bad@$$ personality remains the same too

Now i’m not saying that we must see them get cheesy, be marry,


insert pelvic thrust dance here for a few seconds

…and pops out kids years after :V :joy:TOOOOOTTALLY NOT what i’m trying to say here ROFL :joy:

But yeah nothing wrong with some lil hints here and there as long they’re in character. Wonder if IG are gonna make Maya and Tusk still together or something.

(Big apologizes for the offopic, LOL)


Ok. You win. :joy: XD