Why force blocking then throwning is lame

Thats because Jaga gets the special
treatment for IG thats why I call herm Jaga.
They want herm to be the RYU-

Note:The real jago–
The combos here are so coooool

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No, damn guys pay attention if your going to post.
Forcing blocks and throwing instead was like
stealing your lunch money at the arcade.

IG didn’t create Jago, nor did Double Helix. Rare originally created Jago, and yes he followed the trend of cloning SF’s shoto styled characters, but then again so did everybody in those days.

He’s evolved from those roots though and is very different than what he was in his original incarnation.

I s’pose, dude.

Anyway, I don’t play KI all that much anymore, I’ll get on every now and then, but if I see you on I’ll shoot an invite. I don’t want to say I’m some sort of pro or insane Jago, but I can hold my own as a great Jago player.

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His throw range isn’t good. Dunno what to tell you.

It’s pretty terrible without pressure behind it. Unless it’s like those type of situations where its a walk up grab.

I’m actually being silly… I’m not serious one bit. :smile:

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Hold on, you know the tick throw is still escapable right? It’s not a free throw or abusing a bug, it’s just making it hard to actually avoid the throw but not impossible. Is that your issue, that you think the throw is free?

Throws can’t hit someone that is stuck blocking or being hit, so it can only hit them afterwards when theyou have an opportunity to escape. The only inescapable throws are punishes and command grabs after a wallsplat or stagger (which receive a huge damage penalty in this situation because of this).

I’m actually very curious how the OP wants throws to work.

Can you explain why the original video you posted is bad? Especially in games where you can tech throws (unlike, say, ST)?

Im not saying its bad, or good just that it
can be abusive when spammed.

If I really wanted to I could abuse this
with Riptor because she is so fast
But it would just be spamming…

So anyway
Its just a little old school history.
There are millions of people in NYC.
Growing up here Ive been to alot of
places with fighting games, and everybody
considered Force block\throw as “Cheap”.

Not really trying to make a statement.
just conversation really.

I dont know why it’s called a tech throw.
A throw is a throw is a throw…

Funny Im actually one of the few
that never do this I just straight up
throw the person…

Throws are never cheap. If a person is continuously throwing their opponent, it is the opponent that has to adjust and stop them. As a Sadira main, I get a LOT of complaints about jumping too much and that I’m totally trash for doing that, BUT if that player continuously falls for my same antics, it ain’t my fault, but theirs for not punishing me when they could.

I can play a ground game with Sadira, but why would I, if the other person is always falling for my other tricks.

Also, it’s TICK throw. It’s called that because you are tricking a person into thinking that you are going to do one attack, versus another. I do this all the time with Sadira.

General (across the cast) moves, such as throws aren’t cheap. If somebody is calling them cheap, its because they are frustrated at the fact that they keep falling for the same tricks and aren’t adapting. As they are having issues adjusting, they desire the other player to play the game their way… ergo let them win.

There was no “Tricking” in the past,
no magic shows etc.

And your jumping is not cheap,
and cant compare to a hit, where
hit does damage.



The way i’m understanding it, throws in and of themselves are not cheap, but just the act of putting your opponent into blockstun and throwing is. Fine. We can talk about the whole thing about teching, avoiding the throw, finding a pattern and all those things. But this sounds a lot like wishing a state of mind on a game. ‘Real men fight with fists, not feet’ as i recall from some childhood fight…

Im no fighting game ‘mind’ but i look at most fighting games as high speed Chess. You match wits with your opponent. Only that multiple chess pieces with multiple abilities are condensed into one ‘piece’ that you control called a character. If that makes sense. Using all the abilities of your character, as well as outmaneuvering your opponent, is how you win the game. Brawling pawn into pawn, knight into knight, fireball into fireball, sweep into sweep until only one is standing is one way to win. It’s just not a creative, resourceful, tactical or efficient way to do so.

Also, with that video from the original KI (1995), is it a fair comparison to say that where you think that’s cool, i look and get a vibe of double and triple ultras in KI (2013)?

Hmmn sounds like a challenge.
Mabey we shoud get some rounds in later.

The tactic still applies.
Im not trying to "teach anything"
Just made a thread about how it
used to be, being called names

just goes to show who the
real posers are.

You dont see infil, and storm
going back and forth about it.
[Not saying they agree with me]

I was just looking back in time.

Im sorry It got this bad, I forget
my Gonzo Journalism gets
certain people vexed-

It’s like you have to be verbatim
and consult a litigation layer before
making threads?

Spamming isn’t really a thing. If you show your opponent that you don’t know how to defend against it or otherwise can’t make them stop doing it, then there’s no reason for them to stop.

I remember watching a utube
flick of a Tournament.

The game played was Street Fighter.

One guy shoot fire balls like 300 times
for real, the other guy did not get one hit.

Guess who one the tournament?
Sorry I at this point would have done something
stupid to him, and Im not that way.

Fair is fair, he won, the whole time
though the commentators did make it
a point how he won, and that the other
guy could do nothing-

If I were a dev after the 30th fireball
its a rap, the player will have to recharge.

My point is spamming is for trolls.

Spamming is not a real thing though