Why force blocking then throwning is lame

Also great way to get beat up at the arcade–

Sadly this practice is now totally acceptable by
the new schools. Especially Jaga Conspirator’s.

Since when was performing intermediate level techniques in fighting games a bad thing?


So when you were a dumb kid you broke the law and actually physically attacked someone cos they beat you at a video game, and now that you’re a grown man you’re lamenting that this isn’t common practice anymore?

What’s wrong with you?

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No silly My area had some rough
kids, that’s all, its just a game.

Im not like that, but back then at
least where Im from it was was
very offensive.

I knew Id get some heat over this, its
just the way it was…

I guess the arcade was a place
where people were dumping quarters
into the game like crazy, and this must
have had an impact.

It not that it was poor either it just
pissed people off.

No don’t try and spin it round now, you’ve posted a basic tech video and said this stuff, sadly, doesn’t get people into trouble. You’re implying it SHOULD still get people into trouble. So yeah you’re catching heat for the suggestion, you probably knew you would cos in the back of your head you know how dumb it is to say.


Sorry if I have offended you.
The title is true, if you go to
one of these guys homes
They will get mad over this…

Some of them where real
knuckle heads.

Also the tactic is ok if
done appropriately if spammed
or done when the round was about
to end then there would be salt.

Your going to tell me people dont get
salty when this is done to them?

I beat they do, every time.
especially if spammed…

They might, but I can’t stress this enough: no mattwr how salty you get violence is never justified. If you get so angry that you resort to violence from playing a competitive video game you shouldn’t be playing.

I’m not sure you understand fighting game mechanics all that well if you have this misconceived notion that the evolution of mechanics used in a means that requires non-linear defense is somehow disrespectful. Albeit, it may very well be annoying, but tech throwing exists… so yeah, practice patterns from players and all that jazz.

No, im dont study frame data etc.
I just dont have the time, so Im not
as informed as some of you guys.

But dont worry my stats speak
for itself, every no and then I get
my #@$%%# handed to me
But I say that I win at least
85 or 90 percent of all my fights.
That my friend is all that matters
at the end of the day.

I just read there style
and start throwing with
Riptora, wich I do very well
and without forcing blocks.

another thing, notice when
both players go to throw each
other at the same time instead
of KI deciding who gets the worst

of it the KI GODS decided to not allow
it and just fight on!


PPS, I have nothing against throwing,
I do it about 2 3 time a fight, and
sometime alot when Riptora is feeling
salty, I just dont force it, there is
a reason why throwing never takes alot of
energy, it can lead to abuse, hence my point----

Eh, not really. Wins mean little because several factors go into what helps someone win. Someone could easily just play lower ranked people, or even play someone incredibly well and immediately leave after a lucky win or so.

Can’t benchmark a win ratio on skill level, it honestly means little unless someone is egotistical (no disrespect, I actually was in the same situation when I started KI).

Riptor has a great grab distance, especially when combined with her run. Same can’t be said with grounded characters who have slow and short ranged grabs.


Throwing is a signal to people who decide that they want to spend a majority of the match holding back and back down. Despite general beliefs, not everyone can simply open someone up. Hence, where throws come in. Sit there and block, I will grab you. Until you decide you will not just block the whole game, I will grab you whether tick thrown or simply thrown. Not to mention I can get a nice setup afterward. Throwing can be incredibly annoying with some characters that abuse it like I said, it is incredibly irritating but that doesn’t mean it isn’t skillful.

I think Glacius is by far my most disliked throw because I have to get back in with Jago’s terrible chase down game.

Regardless, it takes effort, you commit to an animation that can be fully punished if whiffed. You have to guess whether the opponent will back dash, tech, jump or even dp, which requires a good read, the list goes on.

Yeah Riptora has nice range
when she grabs, I jump alot
so alot of times im wide open
because I wont strike, just land
in front and drive people crazy,
When I throw instead, sometimes
if the opponent is not too big
I jump over, them while there
recovering [Halfway point]
and throw, If they start jumping
Ill just let them jump over me and throw
as you can imagine this will piss people
of. But that what she has so much
biting and throwing, she likes it

But again NEVER forcing the block.
The thing is Throwing never takes
real damage no matter who you use,
and that for a reason.
I consider this kinda cheap too,
but its so much fun, and leads to
me losing alot, so I pay for it.

I want you to meet Riptora sometime.
When ever you like. Just be careful
She is Extremely possessive of me.

Ohh, and yeah winning is everything,
to me anyway-
Ill fight anybody, if there a noob
and they see Im level 51 and still want some
Ill be more then happy to lay the smack down.

most of the time when they cant get
there moves off and its clear there
new, Riptora will train them, by moving
around and hitting very little because
She is such a nice Raptor.

I have also laid waste to many “Double Star”
“Killers” this means nothing, and I stay
ranked very low, because that type of
play takes to long.

@JouksNetlander correct me if i am wrong, but the point you’re trying to get across is something along the forms of etiquette? here is an example. im at a bar with my friends. everyone is carrying on ho ho ho heee hee hee. myself and a friend are playing pool. another person comes up to the pool table, and puts a quarter down signaling that whoever loses, will give their spot up so he can play the winner.

ok, lets say we finish our game but my friend in his stupidity decides to rack em up again and continue. the other guy comes up and goes WTF, its my turn i let you know. friend says naw idgaf if you put your little quarter down, take it and shove it. then a fist fight ensues outside in the parking lot (or on the spot). now instead of that, you have guys doing tick grabs after making the opponent block. is that what you’re tryin to say?

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add gambling, which is what
the arcade essentially was,
and poof.

And remember back in those
days 1 dollar got you:
1-25 cent "Quarter Water drink"
2-Penny for 1 Tootsie roll, 5 cents for jolly rancher etc.]
3-and 2 bags of chips.

I hate Throwjagos… Those long arms seem to be able to grab me out of anything from anywhere on the screen. :stuck_out_tongue:

…Jago’s throw range is terrible, though.

How is this a topic that’s actually happening right now? :expressionless:


Wich one?

Jaga being a serial thrower,
or throw spamming being

Or all a buck will get you today
is 1 bag of chips?

I dunno… He’s seems to be able to grab me no matter where I am. Then again… that really sounds… O.O


So what I’m getting from this thread is throws are cheap, tick throws are cheaper? Ok, have fun with that.

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