Why does L and M natural disaster only hit once in most scenarios?

I’m just curious as to why and when this change was made. It makes no sense to me. These moves are punishable on HIT unless Aganos is physically touching against the other player when the move starts. No moves in any fighting game should be punishable on hit because it deters the player from even using that move to begin with.

Ive been meaning to show vids of this happening. It definitely happens and I can’t quite tell what’s the trigger.

I’m not sure if it’s what you mean, but I was watching Reek20’s latest video and something similar to what you are saying happened. It’s quite far in, 32:25 but you’ll see Jago punish his natural disaster despite connecting with the first hit. The second one doesn’t happen.

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That is exactly what I’m talking about. It’s incredibly annoying and happens all the time (to me at least). It basically gives your opponent a free throw/ opener, even if you hit them.

I wasn’t sure if this was an intentional change but I can’t imagine it is…

Cosign. Has anyone put this in the bug section yet?

I reported this in the bug thread fyi


didn’t know this was a bug, had happened lots of times to me. I get around it by holding up

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Here are a couple of videos that show Aganos’ natural disaster only hitting once (on the first hit), leaving him open to punish, even on hit!:

Happens at the 25 second mark:

Happens at the 14 second mark:

This is getting old. I played like 4 matches just now and these two incidents happened in two of them. I have no guarantee if I’m going to be able to combo off of it when I hit the opponent.

Please put this in the bug section. I definitely feel your pain and it gets fixed soon!

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I put it in there :slight_smile:

New upload of the same thing happening. I basically get punished for opening the opponent up. It happens at around the 20 second mark:

I would also like to add that this happens at least once in approximately 40% of my matches.

It’s a bug. And it mostly seems to be a distance thing. At this point it very rarely happens to me.

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I wish it was rare for me. It happens overtime I play ranked!

On counter hit the second hitbox for these moves doesn’t come out. Very unfortunate but not especially hard to play around. Try this: when you use L or M natural disaster, when you’re inputting your followup also press up. If you counter hit, you’ll still be able to get the air version of ND and you can still follow up with stuff. Just keep in mind that on all but the tallest characters doing this with the M version will side-switch you.


so i went into practisemode and accidently turned counterhit to always … so whenever i did medium or light naturaldisaster it always hit only once unless you click up only then comes the second hit out …

so is that a bug or a feature? it sure is frustrating …

bit of topic but something one of you may try to replicate is wallsetup - light playloadassault to wallsplash to immidiate payloadassualt ender as a Lv 1 … which causes the opponent to be pushed through the wall into a corner instead of a knockdown … a have reported this into the bug section but since then no responses …

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