Why do they make broken heroes like General RAAM?

As the title says he keeps hitting you while you are on the ground and you cannot defend or counter./ Then he grabs you. It does not matter if I block top or bottom he still gets me I am being forced to allow these RAAM players to win.

First off, “heroes?” What is this, Overwatch?

Secondly, have you ever heard of combo breakers? Or jumping?


Its not a combo he is doing he just keeps stomping me when I am on the ground.

Yes it is, you can break the stomps lol.


Thats a combo? never would have suspected that.

The flipout stomps are light, the ground bounce stomps are mediums.

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Lol you do see the huge combo counter that appears on the screen, though… right? >_>’’


lol good point apparently its a combo lol

Yep, if he bounces you on the ground break it with medium, if he flips you out break it with light. If he keeps grabbing you after doing it then just hold up to dodge the grab and hit him on the way down.

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Thanks this seems to be working.

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Next time, please look into what a move can/can’t do before you make a thread about “broken heroes”.


Mk to stomp
Lk to cause the flipout.

It’s kinda ridiculous that he can combo while you’re laying on the ground though lol

Advice for @KingHadu on how to title topics like this in the future:

“Is there a way to stop General RAAM from hitting me on the ground?”
“What is the best way to combat General RAAM?”
“General RAAM seems strong, am I missing something?”

If you are fairly new to the game, I’d advise against calling it broken, especially when your first sentence indicates that you are missing some important knowledge. We are happy to help provide that knowledge, but you have to be willing to ask for it.


RAAM is mind gaming you hard. That’s what he does at the highest levels–gets into your head and then does the thing that shuts down your thing. Otherwise, he’s a poodle with a butter knife.

While you’re on the ground, he’s wondering how you tend to break. Depending on your tendencies, he’ll either flip you out with light, keep the OTG going with medium, or bait a break attempt so he can counter break (and then probably win the match if he has instinct and two bars of shadow).

Once he flips you out, he’s wondering if you’ll stay on the ground or not. If so (i.e. you block or try to attack him), he’ll command grab you. If not, then his response is a function of your preference for jumping, back dashing or trying to wakeup shadow move. If you like to jump, he’ll respond with Emergence. If you like to back dash, he’ll either do nothing or he’ll cHK you back to the ground, again. If you like to wakeup shadow move, he’ll block and then put you on the ground, again.

Personally, when I’m playing RAAM, I do nothing after the first flipout just to see what you do. I then file that away under “your preference after flipout.” Then, it’s a matter of guessing when you’ll try to trick me by breaking the pattern. I’ve also learned that Maya, Jago and Fulgore love to wakeup shadow DP more than anything in the world when you flip them out. So I rely mostly on blocking after flipout against them when they have meter. Then they waste their meter and they’re back on the floor, again.

If the RAAM player can feel your playstyle, he has the tools to make you feel smothered. Every time RAAM guesses incorrectly, though, you can smack him around and then put that sweet distance between the two of you, again. If I guess “jump” and throw Emergence into a block, I know I’m about to hurt a lot.


You are evil, man. Bring more of it.

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General raam sucks when I fight him, he’s too slow to keep up with me

Why emergence someone jumping out of flip out when you have normals that will catch them standing, lead to a combo, and be safe on block if you were wrong in thinking they’d jump?


Fun :slight_smile: But in all seriousness, the only normal fast enough to be reliable after a flipout is sMP (5 frame startup). The only way to go after that is light Decimation. That’s a super easy break for anyone who knows RAAM. Emergence can’t be broken, applies poison and puts them back on the ground whether they like it or not. I should note that heavy Emergence is the one you use, so you get the hard knockdown, again.

Using a normal into a combo can lead to insane RAAM-style damage, as you say. It just doesn’t always work, if your opponent knows to break light right after it. Low risk (safe on block), low reward (will likely end in a break) :slight_smile:

EDIT: Although now I’m looking at cLK (4 frame startup, -1 on block). That might be an interesting followup. In a corner, the short range might not even matter. Will have to try it out to see if it combos into anything (and if it combos into more than just light Decimation).

It’s not breakable, normal into special is just an opener.