Why do they make broken heroes like General RAAM?

Normal doesn’t count as the opener, in that case?

Normals are never openers. Only jumping normals are.

(gasp) I’m learning. Then I suppose Emergence works mostly as a cool tech play:

  1. Knocks him back down
  2. Counter breakers are relatively easy during the OTG game
  3. Counter breaker makes it really easy for RAAM to get level 4 ender

If you feel your opponent breaks OTG predictably, then the hard knockdown of heavy Emergence can ultimately score you even more certain damage.

@TheWeebSkeeb if you want to learn more about the small details of the KI combo system, check my guide out: http://ki.infil.net/combo.html

Here you’ll learn what is and isn’t breakable, what is and isn’t an opener, and how to best use the combo system to do damage.

As an aside, if you predict they’re going to jump after a LK stomp flipout, doing Emergence is a pretty bad idea. You can just meaty them with a heavy normal and cancel into safe on block medium Decimation, which combos on hit and doesn’t leave you unsafe like an uppercut does.

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Thanks for the tip :slight_smile: I’m already a regular reader of your guide. It’s really great.

Incidentally, do you know the frame breakdown between the connection of flipout and the opponent’s active jump frames (opponent flipout frames + jump startup frames)? I know RAAM sHP has 8 frames of startup, and sLK has 7 frames of recovery. That means he needs at least 15 frames to connect with the sHP after he connects with the sLK flipout.

No I don’t know how long they’re in the air during flipout… I’m pretty sure it’s move-dependent. Some flipouts send the character a lot higher, and I’d imagine those moves are ones with higher recovery because they want people to have advantage there.

It’s an easy thing to test on a move-specific basis, you just use frame step and count frames and see the number.

Here, I’ll do it for you for this move: Raam is +6 after LK flipout. If he presses an 8f move, he will counterhit any button and hit any jump grounded in pre-jump frames.


dont tell too much please, let me enjoy my stomps. lol lol