Why do some people hate RASH♥?

I’m probably far to be one of the best Rash players out there but I’m a decent one lol, but as I posted a long ago, almost every hate mail I received is when I play as Rash

Some people can’t seem to let go of the notion that KI is supposed to be all super-serious or something.

Rash shatters that fragile illusion for them, and it makes them uncomfortable.


He is just to goofy for me.


I’m not a Rash fan myself but I don’t hate him.


I think a lot of it has to do with the way he handles…he applies a lot of pressure and makes it rather hard to find an opening to counter his shenanigans…and top that with his snarky taunting personality and it’s a formula for loads of salt.


I realize he’s a guest character, but he’s still so out of place in KI.

He’s also annoying to fight with his interrupts and screen-crossing armored wrecking ball at whatever height he chooses.

I’m annoyed by any character that gets an armored special that crosses the screen outside of instinct and doesn’t require meter.

The hitbox on his boot is f’ing ridiculous as well.

All that said, I’ve never sent someone a message about using him.

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How so??

Aesthetic, animation, interaction with the player, multiple taunts (apparently for the hell of it), personality and tone

None of it matches KI; he’s very out of place.


I deeply agree with you my friend. I actually love Rash’s animations in term of quality and comunication of his personality… But all of it feels awkwardly out of place.

I almost feel like he fits better in the old games, they had much more goofy stuff (boob flashing, burping, farting etc) going on. KI 2013 is not serious by all means but I think it has a different tone, and Rash just doesnt blend in well imo.

I like Rash as far as gameplay/visual design and animation. I’ll admit I’m starting to feel he feels a little out there compared to the other characters, but that’s not a bad thing in my book.

The big problem with Rash is the way people play him. Since most people don’t know how to block, AA or punish, people can run all over their opponents with him. This leads to many people spamming his jumping attacks and wrecking ball online, and that can easily incite rage.

TBH I think Rash is a nominee for weakest character in the game, but that’s just me.

For the modern KI, asthetic, tone, etc is being made up as they go…we don’t know what’s coming next exactly, and there may be several more characters later down the line that make Rash rather tame in comparison.

Plus…asthetic? We’re talking about the game that has a mummy in a top hat, a clown gargoyle, a pro-wresstler/barbarian, a ninja with Voltron gloves/boots, and a vampire jester…I hardly find him out of place asthetically.

I feel the real reason why you perhaps don’t feel he fits is because you find him irritating to play against and therefore have come up with plenty of justification as to why you feel he doesn’t belong.

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I absolutely cant stand Rash! But thats my opinion and Im sticking with it…nothing wrong with that and nothing wrong if you like him…I just dont. And he kicks my ■■■… so that doesnt help lol

Agreed…I really don’t like his wrecking ball—>medium jump kick corner stuffing combo…it is so frustrating to get around.

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His vocals are crazy adderall overdosed teenager WHHHHEEEEWWWWW!!! At least Kim backs up her cynicism

His overall look is odd it feels like the person in the theme park suit trying to join the party

I agree with all those who say NO.

Now his moveset would be awesome on a new character design with new vocals such as Eagle or a member of the Disavowed or one of the undead Vikings / Pirates.

Can’t like them all I guess. It’s the player’s choice

I do love when he’s killed. The way his head looks it’s awesome to just go sit on it I wish it were like SCV you could just hit it over and over again until the game starts another fight

Yep thats the set up that gets me every time! And when they put the throw in …oh man …super salty! Im surprised there arent more pros playing with Rash! I want to see some pro Rash games and see how the pros handle a good Rash.

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Nope, as a Glacius player, I find several in the cast irritating to fight: Fulgore, Spinal, TJ, Cinder, Sadira, Maya, Rash.

The difference is I don’t feel like the others don’t fit. I also don’t have any delusions about my skill and take my frustrations and losses well. I honestly don’t see how someone can’t see that he doesn’t fit. Aesthetically, his proportions are out of place in reference to the red of the cast. His animation is strictly different AND his physical limbs morph. He’s the only character that breaks the fourth wall. He just doesn’t fit, and that’s apart from my frustrations fighting him, which I already outlined.

People don’t know how to deal with his wrecking ball and hate his goofy smile (or are they jealous?).

People hate him cause they ain’t him!

But seriously it’s mostly cause of two reasons. There’s the group that doesn’t think he fits despite him not even being the goofiest thing in the game. Plus he’s non-canon so who cares if he fits. And then there’s people can’t deal with wrecking ball and think he’s op.


I think Rash is great for Killer Instinct. Giant mutant Toad from another dimension fits KI’s crazy cast. He isn’t supposed to be like the others, he’s a guest from another game. There is a level of “out of place” and “fits great” with Rash in my opinion. Killer Instinct needed some more craziness and flavor. I love Battletoads and KI.


He is so 90’s XD he remind me of those cartoons I used to watch as a kid. I find playing agaisnt him annoying but it could be worst. The grab is what gets me, the other things I kinda figured them out (specially after the fix on the ball attack). Playing against a good Rash is different, and since I’m a Wulf player a character that makes a match back and forth is more enjoyable than people trying to zone me. The air part is a bit of a problem but eclipse and c.HK plus overpower help.

and PS: Why a toad has scales on their mouths??? minor details

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