Why do some of you think RAAM is an unfinished character?

He’s a grappler… were you expecting him to have flashy linkers and ADs??? lol

So what if he borrows a few normals from other chars? Every other Fighter on the planet does the same thing.

Its ok to say you don’t like the char. But to say that a char is missing things because of your unreasonable expectations is a little childish. I repeat, HE’S A GRAPPLER!! Stop trying to play him like Jago or Wulf.


I think its more of the fact that alot of his fluidity that most KI characters have just isn’t as present with RAAM. it’s not the fact that he has few linkers and borrowed normals (even though that fact may be more present with this character). Most people I think are fine with that. It’s just there are definitely alot of rough spots with the character. Especially with some of his animations. To give an example of the fluidity I was talking about, try comparing his intro and win animations to that of say shadow jago. While shago’s looks really smooth and well done, the animation and camera work on that of RAAM’s is far worse quality. His movement in these moments are not animated quite as well, especially the face. It feels very off and the way his face moves when he speaks or blinks looks awkward. That along with the camera during those animations just feels a bit rushed, which is understandable as they wanted to have him ready by e3 and do the whole “play him right now” thing. These small aesthetic pieces can be seen throughout many parts of his character and although it may not effect the character that much in gameplay it makes him feel unfinished or rushed, which is what I think most people are talking about when they say he is unfinished. Also there are a few bugs, but that’s normal for a new character.

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Meh, looks and plays fine to me.

Actually - I totally hate how much fun I’m having with him, because I wasn’t really stoked on him being in the game (on the basis of too many guests) but after last night I’m definitely eating my words. This dude is really, really fun. And giving me a pocket crisis.


His animations seem a bit stiff…even for a grappler to me

Super fun character…less than impressive animations…Although not as bad as a Mr T.J or Maya


Whatever. I was really skeptical of RAAM from the start of the rumors. Not a Gears fan, didn’t think he’d fit Killer Instinct. Now that he’s out,

I love him. I think the armor looks weird without whatever specific filters Gears uses, but his playstyle? Move set? Kryll?



Same here. I was dreading RAAM being in KI, but I am having a blast with a hardcore grappler.

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Does he have some moves copypasted from other chars?? Which ones? due to M$ fk up i still dont have update…

Is that is true, this season content`s worth is getting fishier by every minute…

You asked why we think he’s unfinished. And then people bash when we answer. And, I still think he’s unfinished. We’ve mentioned his poor animations and we’ve been called “childish” for it. Bizarre. So, this post is pretty unproductive.

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Bash… Really? Can you point out to me where bashing occurred anywhere above your post? Or are you just being salty as usual?

[quote=“Marbledecker, post:3, topic:11368, full:true”]Actually - I totally hate how much fun I’m having with him, because I wasn’t really stoked on him being in the game (on the basis of too many guests) but after last night I’m definitely eating my words. This dude is really, really fun. And giving me a pocket crisis.

Get out of my brain.


Personally he feels so rushed.

His sword normals look so bad and that goofy st.lp is just awful.

Stiff movement - all in all he just looks and feels bad imo.

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He’s been a polarizing addition to the cast.

People seem to love or hate him.

Random reply, I’ve watched your YouTube videos and it’s helped my Sako understanding a lot more. Thanks for the content, dude.

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Awesome to hear that, thanks man. I’ll get to making more once I can replace my video editor (Windows 10 decided to install itself, and now several of my programs won’t work :frowning: )

Feel free to hit me up via PM or in the Sako forums to talk shop! :thumbsup:

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No problem, dude. Sounds good. If you ever want to catch some set, feel free to send an invite. Your Hisako seems like a blast to fight. :grin:

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Good luck getting sets with him.

@Marbledecker is too Hollywood to actually play the game. :disappointed:

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That’s hilarious!

I feel bad though @Somea2V - keep getting stuck at work - and then there was the 2 weeks where my wife commandeered the Xbox for Far Habor DLC :rage:

Let’s play soon. CEO is around the corner and I’ll be online a LOT in the next week or so.

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Haha! I’m just screwing with you bud. Real life, and real wife, always takes priority!

But I never turn down free sets. I’m doing Absolute Battle in Dallas in August and I’m nowhere near ready.


Aha too Hollywood? I don’t mind waiting. I just want some buds to help up my game. I feel as if I’ve stagnated.

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Don’t get the “hes too stiff” complaint. He’s stiff because he was stiff in Gears. All he did in that game was lumber around slowly. Heck his charging grab shows way more mobility than anything he did in Gears.