Why aren't the new composers interacting with us?

I understand Mick Gordon spoiled us with his passion for the game, but now it’s the polar opposite. We get no music teasers, no info, no twitter interaction, no Vines, no feedback is given… Will this change when the game is released or is this simply the style of Celldweller and Atlas when working for a game?

Will we get the full songs released on Youtube? Will the fans contribute to the songs like it happened in season 1 and 2 (PAX choir for Spinal, Christopher de Leon for Shago’s vocals, Omega Sparx with the TJ lyrics, SeamlessR for the way u move remix, the epic covers by LittleVmills…)?


I doubt it. I don’t think Atlas Plug or Cell Dweller care as much as Mick did.

It’s a shame really. They’ve had such a bad reaction to getting hired and they have had such a good opportunity to dissuade that reaction by continuing the teases, tweets, etc. But they haven’t taken it.

Shows a lack of interest to me… maybe it’s just me

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Celldweller has been promoting his album as of late.

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Then he shouldn’t have signed up to do this

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As we say this, the KI twitter posts something about getting something from the two…

Just different way of working. Mick was kind of rarity, most people don’t share and tease their work like he did.


not going to lie season 3 feels hollow in comparison to the past 2 seasons when it comes down to hyping us up. I’m still pretty hyped but it felt like with the past 2 seasons there was a lot more consistency. Sadly these new composers only further push that feeling. Mick did have a lot of charm and of course it showed how much of a fan of the series he is as well.


Not every artist is super interactive the way that Mick was. The whole of KI’s development has been a lot more “open” than is the norm to be honest. I’m still continually amazed at how much IG engages with us about, well, just about everything.

It’d be nice if the new composers teased and interacted with us more, but I’m not going to hold it against them.


Im not impressed with the new guys so far…its not bad but it isn’t great…Mick is greatness. When I post a message to him he responds, and is cool. Maybe they will show us different, but time is running out quick!


CellDweller is SUPER ACTIVE with his fans, and releases vidoes and Q&As all the time, but he hasn’t said anything about season 3 except for a little about the Rash theme.

Seems REALLY weird to me. Either they really dont care about season 3, and its just another job opportunity for them, or they are working on something BIG.

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maybe they cant say much yet…


I’d not even heard of Celldweller until someone mentioned he did a track for Crackdown, after listening to it I worried about the ost for S3.

Do these guys have passion? It’s one of those questions that you would only get answered with an interview. Mick was/is one of a kind in that he interacts with the community and releases little teasers here and there. It was one of the things that made him so endearing to the community I felt.

Every artist has their own way of interacting, I imagine they simply like to keep quiet…which is rather rubbish for us.

Hate to be “that” guy (then again aren’t I always) but I have a feeling the S3 ost will pale in comparison to 1 and 2. I just don’t feel the passion, I hear the tracks and the quality of the sound is good but damn I don’t feel the passion.


This, essentially.

They haven’t been doing stuff like that because…well, it’s not something you really DO for a game soundtrack.

Mick was just a really amazing pick in general; incredibly kind, willing to share his pieces, having other artists/singers on the theme, etc.

I think the music is fine so far, but admittedly it does have a lot less “heart” in it because of how little Celldweller/Atlus Plug actively talk about it.

But they DO talk about it. Check both of their twitters; I believe they both said something about Arbiter’s theme recently.


lol dude…They have worked with much larger projects and more important than KI. AAA games!

Ki only now is becoming something AAA in the eyes of MS. But it is far from being a Halo, Gears, Forza in marketing and investment term. Accept this! KI is not a AAA as the examples I have quoted!

IMO Mick didn’t do his greatest either. Most of his music sounds same in my ears (same with cell dweller) Why Did almost all the characters have to rock/metal sounding songs.
Kan-ra (I let this one slide though)
Hisako ( I have very strong feelings about this song and they are not the good kind)

and now
Rash (his theme is okay though)

It’s not the passion I’m worried about but I want variety damn it! Too much rock!

ON TOPIC: Do they have to? Besides for feedback maybe?


Just to be clear, when i said “working on something BIG” i didnt mean that they were busy working on something more important than KI. I meant that maybe they will soon give us a BIG announcement. Like Shadow stages with Shadow remixes of all the songs.

I was being hopeful that they will interact with us sooner. not suggesting the importance of KI.

Well this might be a start of something to change, or it could be very minor lol:

Killer Instinct ‏@KillerInstinct 13h13 hours ago (Posted March 2, 2016 on Twitter)
Just had something awesome come through the inbox from @celldweller & @Atlas_Plug. Wanna see it? We’ll show you tomorrow.

No. They retweeted one tweet from the audio director. That’s not talking about it
Face it. They don’t have the passion. I haven’t heard anything yet that’s on the same level as Micks music.

@MandrillManiac Kan-Ras theme is about the farthest from metal you can get. It’s orchestral. How does a flute sound metal? (Thunders stage) Cinders theme is practically copy-paste from the original.

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I actually got my facts completely wrong (what a surpise eh :pensive:)

It’s not the genre or whatever. It’s the over using of the guitars and Sometimes the drums.

Really? Besides the choir in the danger theme…I can’t say I agree. But I like the theme anyway.

Thunder’s is kinda rock. Not metal. But who am I to say that?

Yeah. I kinda see it being a remix.

I actually think we really got spoiled by mick. It’s surprising me that people think because they are not interacting with the fans that it means they don’t have passion.

Music is music. The level of passion u put into it doesn’t corespond to how much you talk to the people who will be listening to it. It corespond to the amount of effort, blood sweat and tears you put into creating your vision.

I remember in S1 I had talked to mick and we got into a short conversation about how and where he went to to get the human leg bone horn like instruments found in spinal’s theme. Yes it was amazing how he talked to me about that kind of stuff even when he didn’t have to but real talks even if he decided to not tell me those things it wouldn’t detract from the amount of passion and effort that went into spinal’s theme and other themes as well