Why aren't the new composers interacting with us?

They’re not obligated to…

EDIT-- Aaaand just like that: http://www.ultra-combo.com/creating-the-music-for-rash/

Atlas Plug and Celldweller are just as comical as their names, I first thought of “Statler and Waldorf” from muppets when I first heard of them. Their music is so noisy and the instruments bleed through all the parts. Mick is so genuine as a person and composer, he’d answer every question I sent him on Twitter and his website, as for Statler and Waldorf I mean Atlas Plug and Celldweller, I asked them if they were working on a theme for Kim Wu or Rash or at the same time back in late '15, all he said was “Kim Wu and Rash are both Season 3 characters”. It seems like they’d rather be doing something else and don’t seem enthusiatic about Season 3 as you pointed out

A new music trailer with atlus and celdweller is on the front page. Am guessing instead of making Vines MS wants to use the music as real marketing for the game by making actual behind the scenes of making the music which is kind of what the vines were but in a smaller scale. There will be another one next week apparently.


#Because we have been so spoilt for news so far since S2 ended! Lolz

… well untill like a few weeks ago. Does anyone rember the drought? No? Lol

It’s not just C & A its the whole train started too late lol now we are rushing off.

I think Mick WANTED us to have the music he couldn’t wait for us to hear it.

These guys are just creating it. I’m sure they are passionate but they don’t seem very excited!

I’ve met celldweller a few times, he is a very passionate musician and a fantastic person. I’m sure he will deliver some solid stuff. I’m not familiar with atlas plug but I’m keeping the faith it’ll be good.


Celldweller has posted videos on his youtube page, facebook, and twitter about KI. I’ve got responses almost every time I’ve mentioned their twitter handles. They seem to be very enthusiastic about working on KI and the music is great imo, Arbiter theme immediately became my ringtone!

Also, it sounds like you guys think they can just release any info they want just because the community wants it now.


THIS is true! Bit Mick used to release stuff anyway he was a bad boy lol

I have an opinion on this: I want to wait until I get actual audio tracks of the new songs before pretending to know enough of what I’m talking about to form an opinion.


I guess that description works for Mick haha. Either way, Mick + Celldweller + Atlas Plug are greater than all!

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To throw a huge bomb at all of Ya…


Robins KI 1 and 2 sound track is still the best by FAR lol.

Bring Robin back.


Robin is better than Atlas Plug and Celdweller but honestly, I feel Mick went Infinity and beyond in terms of composing in comparison to him. I know the music isn’t the most important aspect of the game but, I like to have enjoyable tunes while I am playing and Atlas Plug and Celdweller are no where near Mick’s level of composing and ingenuity.

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I really wasn’t impressed with the general consistency of Mick in season 2…
All of season 1 was amazing and at least (in my world) on par with Robin.
Season 2 had some super great tracks (and a few of my favorites), but it also had super uninspired ones…
Maya wasn’t anything special, and was almost just a cover of the original

Cinder is AWESOME, but again he kinda just made a cover

Riptor is good movie music, but not for KI

And all of season 2’s “retro-parts”, except for Combo was just the KI theme on a different instrument.

Maybe it was due to time constraint and not lack of inspiration (we all know it wasn’t lack of passion), but nonetheless, I was disappointed about some of the music in season 2.

I for one am happy it got passed on after season 2, and from what I’ve heard from season 3 for now, I’m still content with Celldweller and Atlas Plug.
Rash’s trailer music gets better every time I hear it


the problem is that season 3 music may get under the radar due to the fact that it does not come associated with a stage. You will hear the new themes much less.

Because we all have cooties. Every last one of us.

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I don’t. My crab louses ate them.

Maya’s track was godlike - easily the best of S2. And the game for that matter.

I bite my thumb at thee, sir! :triumph:

Heh… I’m sorry…
I made it sound worse than it is…
I love all the music. I just think Mick ended up lacking inspiration, which is why I personally felt we needed new blood…
They announced it the right way though, EVERYONE would have been crazy if we hadn’t heard Rash’s theme before it was told… Like they did with Mick. Because of nostalgia, noone would have accepted him if they hadn’t heard his amazing KI Theme BLASTING out at the E3 conference

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So…do you think the reason that Rash’s theme is only ~3 or 4 minutes is because he has no dedicated stage? In my mind that would make sense (Though I like longer themes) seeing as they don’t have to mix and match different rhythms and such to compliment game play.

The dynamic music is one of the biggest things KI has to offer. If they change that, they’ll have to change the ads for the game. Dynamic music is listed in the game description

Well, I thought Maya’s theme was great and I really like the way Riptor’s theme sounds in-game. But the thing to keep in mind about the latter is that Mick’s original track was rejected (so I’d heard) and he basically had 2 days to make the approved version and, even still, talked about redoing it later - but don’t quote me on that.
I’m given the impression that tight, borderline-unreasonable scheduling demands were a reoccurring theme with Mick’s contributions to S2.

I generally agree, there are some godlike tracks in S2, which elevates my opinion well-over the awesome S1 music. But I would be lying if I said the creative effort didn’t feel a bit phoned in at more times with the overuse of remixes and…ARIA’s theme version 1.