Why Aren't Bugs Getting Fixed?

I’ve been fretting having to make this post because I fear most would take it the wrong way and mostly because I already know nothing will change until after world cup; however I just can’t take it anymore and the rage is boiling up inside me. I am sick and tired of bugs ruining my game experience, especially bugs that directly impact the way the game and my character have to play and quite frankly it’s unacceptable.

The biggest Killer Instinct event in the world the KI World Cup is coming up yet there are still bugs that are detrimental to certain characters and could possibly make players lose games at an event that people are paying hundreds if not thousands to attend. The philosophy that players should have ample time to train up and prepare for the tournament without the hassle of balance patches is understandable however how does leaving bugs in a game that ruin a players ability to play the character okay?

You want us to report bugs in the bug forum yet there are bugs that were reported over a year ago several times that have still not been fixed. There are bugs that were removed but are now back into the game…like how does that even happen? Prime example being the input store that happens during Shadow Projectiles. You get auto locked out without even hitting a button, how is something like this not a top priority to fix?

Orchid - Still can’t hit confirm from max distance
Gargos - Still can’t explode half the time
Arbiter - Counter breakers still whiffing in the corner
Spinal - Skulls disappearing
RAAM - Flipout buffer
All Characters - Some shadow enders not cashing out in certain scenarios
… I would list more but you get the point

These are all huge problems for these characters, problems that can definitely decide the outcome of matches. We all know that bugs in video games are unavoidable and are just a byproduct of game development and they just happen and that’s fine; what isn’t fine is not fixing them in a timely manner. I’m sorry if I’m sounding like a jerk but when my fun is being sucked out of the game because I’m constantly having to play worse or play around bugs then enough is enough.

Again I apologize if I’m jumping the gun because for all I know these and other bugs could be fixed already in the patch that’s coming after KI Cup. I’m not upset at MS or IG in anyway, I’m just trying to have fun.


None of those seem game breaking to me. Most likely super low on the priority list of things to do because they happen so rarely or are extremely hard to replicate. Orchid not whiff punishing correctly? You need to explain that better cause it sounds like you’re just not whiff punishing correctly.


That needs to be better defined, because I can just say “sorry you can’t punish Gargos from full screen”.


I’m not sure I quite understand how Gargos not being able to explode bug is not high priority? He can’t block in instinct LOL so he relies on being able to burst. There are tons of situations where Gargos needs to be able to cancel instinct early and if you’re not able to do that then you’re screwed. I just lost a set the other day trying to burst during a HDK and I was getting jabs instead :’(

Orchid is unable to play footsies or hit confirm from max distance normals :’(


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This is the most ridiculous mindset I’ve ever seen.
Sorry for trying to enjoy the game.

I’m also not a fan of people nit picking a thread when there are plenty of valid points being made.


Larry, I think that the problem here isn’t that you’re not being constructive. Because while many may not agree with you, you’re at least saying it decently.

It’s that you’re infamous for beating dead horses, whether it’s this or any other complaints you have with the game.

The devs have heard you. We have heard you. Yet you keep saying the same thing over and over again thinking that whatever ails you will be resolved more quickly. It won’t, so either be patient or keep posting the same complaint and watch the animosity grow.

If you are really frustrated and just can’t wait for these problems to be solved…then just stop playing and enjoy something else for a while. Nothing’s stopping you from doing so.


As I understand it, some normals you gotta cancel or input a little later due to longer ranges. Happens in a bunch of other games I play. Is there footage of her at max range being able to cancel from that far? Id cover all bases first before screaming “bug”. As for the garbos thing, don’t mash explode. Inputs sometimes don’t register correctly if they are being mashed, that’s in every game. Those could all very well be bugs and if that’s the case then start playing around it, you’ll be a better player for it. At least your character didn’t give meter instead of take it away for a couple weeks :slight_smile:

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How am I beating a dead horse? I have never once come here to complain about bugs…Sure I’ve posted bugs in the bug report thread but I have never complained about them to this degree. How is it hard to understand that when you report a bugs that have been the game for over a year and they don’t get fixed, that a competitive player can get frustrated?

I seem to be getting persecuted for bringing up valid points. Perhaps you’re right maybe I should just stop playing and not go to world cup and waste money losing to bugs. How can you take something seriously and then be put down for trying to do your best?


Outside of gargos explosion I can’t remember many of these happening frequently.

Hey, if you can’t see what I’ve been seeing, then there’s nothing to discuss.

I know what you “think” you’ve been seeing.

I sympathize with both parties.

On the one hand, KI is more buggy than other fighting games. I think it comes down to the team being on a stressful schedule, while also trying to build complicated rule-breaking characters with a codebase that wasn’t originally built to handle this type of thing. Fighting games in general are notorious for bugs, some of them more extreme than others (but several of them game-breaking)… KI seems to have its fair share as well. I can sympathize being frustrated, and I wish the team could update the game more regularly just with bug fixes. I have been pretty irritated in the past when some severe bugs have made it through and we had to play through them for a month or more.

On the other hand, some bugs are very hard to track down. The team has come out and said they don’t know what is causing the Gargos explosion glitch… if you want to try and help them find the cause, I’m sure they would be delighted. And I’m frankly not convinced that many of the bugs you list there are truly game-breaking. Arbiter whiffing a counter breaker in some weird cases in the corner only is extremely unlikely to cost someone a KIWC match. Raam flipout buffer could be called a feature just as much as a bug and fixing it is a big balance change.

Let me give you an example from another game I play a lot, Rocket League. This is a “simple” game whose rules have not changed much since it launched 18 months ago; you would think random bugs creeping in to updates wouldn’t be a thing. It’s also one of the biggest games in the world right now, so you’d think any bugs that DO creep in would be super high priority to fix.

Recently, however, RL has been plagued with some pretty serious bugs; one of them broke the physics when the ball hit the goalpost or top of the net in certain ways. Balls that were very clearly going in rebounded off thin air (the game thought it hit the post). The bug was super severe, costing many teams tournament matches, and it stayed in the game for like 4 or 5 months. The team was very apologetic on reddit, constantly saying they were trying to track down the bug, but every time they think they fixed it, the game broke in other ways. With the massive RL Season 2 finals in Amsterdam coming up, they didn’t want to risk it.

And so… the playerbase was forced to just play around it. We had to laugh off obvious goals that didn’t count and post “Psyonix pls” gifs to reddit every day. Teams learned to try and shoot slightly inside the post a bit more often. You learned that for every goal you were denied, your opponents might also be denied later, and it tends to kind of work itself out in the wash a bit. Was it frustrating? Extremely. But we loved the game enough to play around it and do the best we can with a tough situation. I guarantee some people quit playing RL because of this bug, as well.

The bug eventually got fixed over several patches (very recently, actually), some of which thought they fixed it but it didn’t actually cover all the cases. Every time they submitted a patch, they had to go through Sony and MS certification and it took an extra month delay on top of the development and internal testing time.

I don’t know the moral of the story, except to say it sucks when there are bugs, I wish just as much as you that the team could fix all the serious ones promptly and quickly. But I dunno, it’s just … not how things work, for whatever reason. I think staying mad at it, instead of trying to play around the problems as best you can, is not healthy.


As someone who had to actually play through multiple match costing bugs with his character…and currently dealing with one now. I couldn’t agree more.

Geez we just got a thread closed for this same reason. WA WA WA the game has bugs and developers don’t care. Bla bla bla, its been said here already. If it annoys you that bad then stop playing and stop posting, no one is forcing you to stay. But the bottom line is, fixing corrupted code is not a simple snap of the fingers. To start a player needs to find the problem, report it here, the code needs to be found, and the corrected code needs to be implemented, and that takes time. If it is the belief that it is so easy to fix these problems then go get yourself some credentials, go apply to work for IG, and fix the problem yourself. But if your not gunna put your money where your mouth is, then your just gunna have to have a little faith in IG that the job will be done and the fixes would be made, it’s just not going to be right this minute.

I agree with everything you just said in this post.

The general assumption is that players don’t understand what goes on behind the scenes with how fixing bugs works but I certainly do. Like you mentioned even when bugs are fixed promptly it takes time for certification process and update time etc and even though those bugs that were fixed internally 2 months ago we won’t see them for a while. However that doesn’t explain ones that have been there for a long time some going on over a year unless they just simply don’t know how to fix them and quite frankly I don’t blame them if they didn’t. KI’s code has to be a mess given the developer switch and the constant changing of mechanics.

I guess the reasoning for this thread is that it’s finally got to me because it’s so frustrating something you said you do sympathize with. You have to look at it from both sides not just the developers. Playing around them is probably the best option instead of getting angry over something I have no direct control over but at the same time having to theoretically make my play worse for the sake of avoiding a bug seems silly; but it is what it is.

Remember when Thrash heavy lost his match at Absolute Battle because of the TJ instinct bug? I wouldn’t have wanted to be in his shoes when that happened.


Thing is, I think you are overestimating the impact of most bugs. The only really super brutal one you listed is the Gargos instinct bug (which I’m sure the team would fix if they knew what was causing it). The rest can either be seen as features/balance choices, or things you can actively avoid doing.

I do sympathize with people who encounter bugs, but I also value people who can understand which bugs are serious and which are annoyances but not that big of a deal. I’ve come into your stream in the past and tried to encourage you to look for solutions to supposed problems you see (for example, Kim’s lack of anti-airs in some situations)… I would encourage you to do the same here. If you know what is causing a bug, report it to the devs and then try to avoid that situation occurring in your play, or shrug it off as best you can if you have 0 control over it (like the Gargos thing). But I think for 95% of bugs, you can have some control over it, and you don’t have to play “intentionally worse” to avoid it.

I do remember the Thrash Heavy thing. But again… Thrash plays enough TJ to know that the bug could have happened. He probably even knew the cause (the death hit caused during armor), so he could have avoided using armored moves in that one instance. I understand that in a perfect world it shouldn’t have to be his responsibility to do such a thing, but at the same time, we don’t live in a perfect world and he knew the version of the game he was playing on. To give yourself the best chance to win, you will need to take things like this into account as best you can.


These are legit complaints you pointed here. Personally I havent experienced them much, but lets hope IG will address it. This stuff may take time.

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Wait, this game has :bug:s? I hadn’t noticed - I was too busy having fun and :trophy:ing.


He’s not saying you’re “beating a dead horse” with this bugs issue, he’s saying that in the past you’re known for posting about the same issue ad nauseam until you drill your point across. Nothing personal but once you get on a kick about something, you go ham on it until you’re sure that everyone knows how you feel. Such as the half a dozen or so topics you’ve made about what you think is wrong with Kim-Wu over the last year or the ceaseless posts about Joanna Dark. lol

That being said, you and I aren’t developers. Have you stopped to think maybe some of those outstanding bugs are still in the game because they’re difficult to identify and address? I doubt the folks at IG are sitting around making skins and ultimates while they purposefully ignore what you call game breaking bugs. If the bugs keep coming back, then clearly they’re persistent ones that they are having trouble squashing, I highly doubt that any of them are being left on purpose.

Granted there have been quite a few bugs I’ve reported in the bug thread that have been seemingly ignored for months upon months but I’m sure they have a backlog of stuff that needs fixing and with the small team they have they’re probably doing the best they can. As is, the game is more than playable and I highly doubt having a few obscure bugs left to ferment is going to ruin any major KI events or turn off any potential new players.

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