Why are Shago colors 10 & 11 so much better than 3-9?

I’ve talked about why the new colors for Shago’s full release were mostly terrible, save for one or two what with the mismatched armor colors, the weird copper everything, the lack of varied skin colors…

Now that I’ve got both colors 10 and 11 I have to say I’m EXTREMELY satisfied with what they offer and I can’t help but be further disappointed with the other colors. I wish they were all this good, I want a green skinned Shago, a dark black one or one with rich purple skin. More variety other than weird browns and coppers that don’t match each other, the UltimateToy colors are so good they make the rest look bad.

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Hey I enjoy color 7…I do see your point though. More effort is out to those it seems.

3, 4 & 5 are the worst. The armor/chains/arms don’t even match each other, they’re all random tones that don’t make sense. 6, 7 & 8 all match so they’re not nearly as bad but I really don’t think the copper/bronze pieces fit Shago at all.

I’m partial to 1, 2, 10, and 11 because they have shades of blue and colors that work well with them in ways I just like. Blue is my favorite color, and I kinda wish when/if they make an Ultimate Source Cinder figure, maybe they could make a blue Cinder variant. Longshot, but I’d buy it.

You just have to find the right match of colors to work together. And while Shadow Jago has mostly blue skin, in certain color schemes, it just doesn’t work well and more or less comes off as a pale skin color rather than an actual blue.

I figured out that his purple color is based on Skeletor. The green one feels like the grinch without green skin. Color 9 is my favorite but color 10 is godlike. I had a feeling they would make such an amazing color like that be behind a paywall. And since its limited edition, we probably won’t ever get another chance to obtain it.

Oh and by the way, color 8 looks horrific. That’s probably the least color going with the theme of the character. Super saturated orange hair with superior saturated blue.

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Color 9 and Color 11 are the go to colors in my opinion.

Try asking for a toggle :stuck_out_tongue: I actually wouldn’t mind a Cinder that could change colors.

I hate colour 10 & 11… it’s all about taste man.

Weird, they’re some of the only ones that actually match and don’t look like a random trip through the laundry basket on the way out the door.

I’m just not a fan of glow in the dark sticker Shago and un-shadow jago

I hate voodoo Jago myself. :stuck_out_tongue:

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9 and 11 > 10 imho. Shago has a pretty good selection I just wish he had more skin tones.

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I just feel like being blue is his thing, but I guess some different “shadowy colour” could work too.
They can’t make him purple tho, that colour is reserved for shadow-shadow Jago

Blue has always been his thing but I like demonic skins like Hisako’s where the skin colors change with the outfit, red Hisako is awesome. When I learned Shago was getting more colors I wanted that, a wide range of Shadow Jago skins. Not blue with a random assortment of clashing colors and copper hues.

10 is my personal favorite, I love the teal neon.

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I dunno, I’m really digging that skin tone on 11, I wish the blue in his clothes was gold or black instead but that look gives me a gouki vibe. But maybe if he had more blue tones his other colors would stand out more.

My favorite part about 11 is the red eyes.

That and the entire thing matches, all of the armor is black and the colors of this outfit look good.

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I never been a fan of neon in character palettes myself, it looks nice in a screenshot not so much in motion for me.

I love neons, I think the reason I love color 10 so much isn’t because of the neon though, it’s because its so different from anything else he has. But I really do love the teal/cyan.