Why am I in Qualifiers?

Well, today I logged into KI to see that I am in qualifiers? Uh, what happened to my killer with 1600 points? Has anyone seen this before, or do I just have to battle my way back up to killer?

Also, my wifi was lagging a little before I got on, if that helps any.

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Yeah this happened to me as well, but really, most people in Killer aren’t really killer. Without being able to be demoted, it’s hard to accurately tell who’s an expert and who isn’t.


Same here! What happened!? I have to restart now! :sob:

Just don’t play, go back to home and restart the game

Whaaaat!!! I hope it’s not true…

Guys, restart the game! You will have your stuff back. It happened to me in other games and just in case don’t play so it won’t save (I didn’t want to risk it).

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Forget what I said and Listen to this Gal:[quote=“MaruMDQ, post:7, topic:5183, full:true”]
Guys, restart the game! You will have your stuff back. It happened to me in other games and just in case don’t play so it won’t save (I didn’t want to risk it).

She is probably right

Yesterday while XBL was having its issues, I kept getting booted out of KI. Just logged in and somehow I was at the top of Qualifiers. Won a match and went into Gold tier at “Ultra” rank needing -37 points to advance. I lost a match on purpose and now I’m back in Killer.


Lol…well that would’ve been good to know an hour ago :smirk:

I’m a “she”, but it’s ok it happens often LOL XD

Yesterday xbox wasn’t working properly and there may be other difficulties

Fixed. My bad.

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I can’t. I’m streaming. Lol Help! XD

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Well I’ve restarted the game and am still in qualifiers… Guess this is a learning experience for me is all I can say :sweat_smile:

No prob! but thanks anyway =)

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Lol. I had gone through the qualifier climb and was steadily smashing my way back into killer from gold. Then I read this thread and went “huh, I wonder if it saved that progress or if it’ll reboot me back to killer?” So I restarted my KI.

I am now a qualifier again :laughing: Well played, MS. Well played. :+1:


Making the grind now actually. Lol Oh well. Now I can really see if I belong in Killers.

Welp…I guess we are wrong… :confused:

What happened?

Even if you have to make it back up to killers again your stats and everything should still be there waiting for. Unless this new bug is different than the previous one.

Same thing happened to me and unsigned up just to come here and post in this thread that the same tho happened to me.

This obviously is related to the outages his week. One thing I noticed is that when I first start the game, in the menus it says I’m killer rank. But as soon as I go into multiplayer and I get the message “syncing ladder info” the next time my icon/banner shows it is now back to qualifier. At this point I can still look at the killer leaderboards and I am still in there with something like a 97-92 record which I believe is correct.

So my recommendation would be not to restart and just leave it until they can restore the lost data fr backup (iron galaxy does back up this stuff right guys? Guys??)

Yep same here. I was Unstoppable Gold Rank just 30 minutes ago, turned the game and console off to do something, came back, fired up the game and now I am Qualifier again. I have quit game and reset the console twice and when I first start the game its back to gold, but when I go to multiplayer it says (syncing ladder) and then when its finished it knocks me down to qualifiers.

Should I leave it alone alone for now or what? I am not trying to start over if I don’t have to lol