Why a Shadow Lord shouldn't do a quad ultra?

C’mon guys. Gargos is the boss of the game so why the possibiliy of him doing a triple or quad ultra was removed? It was so funny doing his long badass ultras now it’s kinda sad doing this as you know there’s no way to extend this anymore. Please lets find a solution for this. Too bad for Gargos he had the best recapture of the entire game its lost forever.

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Because Gargos’ Ultra is longer than most others and guys who feel the need to do it after every win and hold up the game for ridiculous amounts of time can’t get it for the long extended ultras they once could. He needed the nerf though. Watching him do a quad Ultra actually takes almost as long to play an actual match. There’s no need to hold up the game flow like that, get to the next match already.


It’s a bit hard to deal with after getting hit with a triple ultra from shago…


Man, I could see them getting rid of the quad, but they took triples out with it as well. Meanwhile other characters with recaptures are tripling it up all over the place.


It was pretty fun but man, if they’re going to do this they should wipe the max combo leaderboards when they change something this drastic since its basically a free ticket to stay at the top because nobody can EVER beat those records again.


I want it back purely because Eyedol can do a triple ultra. They’re gods, for God’s sake; they should be able to style on you as much as they want!

I don’t even play Gargos or do multiple Ultras on a regular basis, so before you accuse me of being a mean-spirited Gargos main…I’m not. That’s all.


Eyedol’s Ultra is also faster by comparison to Gargos. Gargos had one of the longest ultra animations in the game, and four of them in a row is just obnoxious. On top of that, there are people who would do quad ultra every time, I ran into a fair share of them myself. Even during best of 3 in ranked, they felt the need to do it EVERY time.

I believe if you want to style, that’s fine, but this one instance was becoming an epidemic and was just plain annoying to endure the constant ultra spam. It’s not like how a Jago play can stylishly combine the ultra and the ultra ender with shadows and specials to create something unique, and even Wulf players have that weird hitstun thing they do with a particular hit of his ultra, where they can actually taunt and still continue the combo there’s so much hitstun on that single hit. Gargos ultra simply made it a pain to try and get anywhere and merely “held up the line.” The people who used it knew it too.

I think Gargos players should be happy that they have a quickly loopable taunt and be glad. At least that doesn’t hold up the action. If there was a “peace out” option like what people have requested in the past, I don’t think it would be such an issue, as you could move on to the next match and the winner would get to have their fun. Granted a lot of people probably wouldn’t do it anymore if a peace out option existed anyway, because the troll players take no satisfaction in beating on a dummy who’s player checked out early.

A wise person once said “With great power, comes great responsibility”.

Early on, the playerbase proved that they could not or were simply unwilling to exercise the responsibility that came with such power, and thus their abuse of such ruined it for everyone else.


That’s fair.

It’s just a shame the game mechanics let you do that; if there was anyway for Gargos to recapture without being able to do a quad, I’d be content with even that. Like I said, I really don’t bother with multiple Ultras unless it’s in a lobby with other people I’m actively talking to or someone really ticked me off in a match. I don’t even main Gargos (yet?)

I just think it’s odd that Eyedol can and Gargos can’t; I mean, I know WHY he can, but character-wise you’d think Gargos would want to humiliate his opponent.

It’s really more of a nitpick than anything else to me. I’d like to stay out of the whole “multiple ultras are disrespectful” debate since it’s been done to death.

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Personally, I wish they just did away with all multi-ultras, at least for online.

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I had no clue Gargos could do a quad Ultra. Never had it happen to me before.

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Am I missing something here? I’ve only seen his triple ultra.

Quad got patched out with the quickness. There’s a few showboat threads around here from his early-access with some cats trying to set records with the quad.

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The developers probably don’t want people to shut the game off and throw their Xbone out

Most people can barely stand “a ultra”, let alone a quad. I like to watch stylish ultras myself but seeing it numerous times gets old.

I struggle with getting 1 ultra, much less 2 or 3 or even 4, with my Aganos - the timing is so specific along with the positioning of where the opponent lands with the shadow payload assault that dictates what you can do next.

The best I’ve done with him is 1 ultra, into a second ultra, which was then instinct-cancelled into a 3rd ultra, and then caught him again with s.PA into a stage ultra. Only once have I ever been able to do this.

I was sad at fist when they nerfed that about Gargos’ Ultra, but I can understand why they did it. I honestly don’t mind getting Ultra’d or doing them as it pretty much is in the game for a reason…that and plus you hear a sick beat while watching the character beat the crap out of the other. Not everyone feels that way though.

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What if they made it so that you couldnt activate instinct after the end of the round?

Activating instinct at the end of an ultra to start a new combo is not flashy, its just obnoxious.

If you find a cool recapture set up for AFTER the ultra, then that is FUN to look at. But instinct cancelling does NOTHING but waste time.

This change would reduce every characters “potential ultra count” by 1, and make longer ultras at least a little more interesting to watch.

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I’m here to tell you that’s wrong. I haven’t been lurking for awhile but I noticed they patched in the game for some reason that Gargos is unable to recapture anymore. Annoyed me quite so. So I took to the forums and FINALLY found a post talking about it. Gargos’ Ultra is not one of the longest. Infact it’s nowhere close. Took time out of my day to stopwatch every single ultra’s length before recapture capabilities, and this is what I got.

  1. Omen - 5.57 Seconds - No Recapture
  2. Sadira - 6 Seconds - No Recapture
  3. Orchid - 6 Seconds - No Recapture
  4. Glacius - 6.36 Seconds - No Recapture
  5. Spinal - 6.50 Seconds - No Recapture
  6. Jago - 7 Seconds - No Recapture
  7. Sabrewulf - 7.03 Seconds - Recapture-able
  8. Fulgore - 7.85 Seconds - No Recapture
  9. Thunder - 8 Seconds - No Recapture
  10. Eyedol - 8.39 Seconds - Recapture-able
  11. ARIA - 8.50 Seconds - No Recapture
  12. Mira - 8.69 Seconds - Recapture-able
  13. Rash - 8.73 Seconds - Recapture-able
  14. Tusk - 9.23 Seconds - No Recapture
  15. Kan Ra - 9.29 Seconds - Recapture-able
  16. Gargos - 9.34 Seconds - Recapture-able
  17. Aganos - 9.43 Seconds - Recapture-able
  18. Riptor - 9.61 Seconds - Recapture-able
  19. Arbiter - 9.83 Seconds - Recapture-able
  20. Cinder - 9.85 Seconds - Recapture-able
  21. General RAAM - 10 Seconds - No Recapture
  22. TJ Combo - 10.44 Seconds - Recapture-able
  23. Hisako - 10.54 Seconds - Recapture-able
  24. Shago - 10.87 Seconds - Recapture-able
  25. Kim Wu - 12 Seconds - No Recapture
  26. Maya - 12.42 Seconds - Recapture-able

Gargos not only isn’t one of the longest out of the 26 character roster, but he places 11th in that category. It might even be less, because I included the time it takes for him to fall to the ground in order to recapture as well, just to add to the time count. And what place does he rank when paired up with characters who are only able to recapture?

  1. Sabrewulf - 7.03 Seconds - Recapture-able
  2. Eyedol - 8.39 Seconds - Recapture-able
  3. Mira - 8.69 Seconds - Recapture-able
  4. Rash - 8.73 Seconds - Recapture-able
  5. Kan Ra - 9.29 Seconds - Recapture-able
  6. Gargos - 9.34 Seconds - Recapture-able
  7. Aganos - 9.43 Seconds - Recapture-able
  8. Riptor - 9.61 Seconds - Recapture-able
  9. Arbiter - 9.83 Seconds - Recapture-able
  10. Cinder - 9.85 Seconds - Recapture-able
  11. TJ Combo - 10.44 Seconds - Recapture-able
  12. Hisako - 10.54 Seconds - Recapture-able
  13. Shago - 10.87 Seconds - Recapture-able
  14. Maya - 12.42 Seconds - Recapture-able

That’s right, 9th place. Out of all recapture-able characters Gargos places 9th in length for his ultra animation, Aganos narrowly taking 8th from him. Which means if he got his recapture taken away, what’s stopping the other 8 from getting theirs taken away? Nothing, cause it was a pointless nerf and undeserving, considering characters with longer ultras are capable of griefing as well.

tl;dr Nerf justification is a farce, #BringBackGargosQuad

What you’re forgetting is that 9.34 second ultra is combined with a number of shadow moves from meter gain during ultra, KV reset from instinct activation, and long animations on his shadow moves as well as his in between ultra attempts where he re-enters the traditional combo system, and that KV penalty doesn’t seem to apply to his recapture attempts either, insuring that the second recapture was practically guaranteed, whereas many of the characters listed with recapture-able have certain KV limit rules placed on their recaptures, causing blowout of their combos. If Cinder’s KV is too high, his crossfire recap will cause blowout instead of a recap. Gargos however breaks this rule, and when he had it during ultra, he could use it and be in high excess of the KV meter rules and still land it. Gargos is also one of few characters that could reliably hit quad ultra everytime and ruin game flow.

Few characters can hit quad ultra (or higher) reliably, and most of them have conditions on which they can use their recapture moves, and it impacts the time and the skill level needed to use them.

You combine everything of Gargos into one big long post game celebration, and yes, he has the potential for the most unnecessarily long ultra combo finishes ever. Add to that everyone who used him abused this, even in best of 3 matches where ultra combos in the first win of 2, so it was apparently necessary to do this twice in a single best of 3 contest, then yes, it was an epidemic that needed to be stopped. And if you still feel differently, I would suggest watching someone use Hisako’s ultra infinite and remind yourself, “would I like someone to hold up my match for THAT long if they got me in that? Or would I just like to keep on playing?”

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