: Whos your main and has it changed?

Hey guys its the middle of the summer who are you MOST having fun with at this present moment?

Did it change? If so who is stealing that top spot and why?


I play Cinder, I used to main Glacius. With Cinder he’s so much fun to play. (pun intended) I also intend to be the #1 Cinder player around, so watch out! :wink:

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I dont really have a main. I just play with everyone and try to get them to Lvl 50. Though I have the most expertise with Spinal, so I use him the most.

Jago in KI1, Tusk in KI2.

Jago in KI 2013, waiting for Tusk in S3, may switch if I like the gameplay and looks.

Wanted to switch to Aganos because I’m a fan of Juggernaut but in the end Aganos gameplay didn’t click with me

Well, let’s see…

When I 1st picked up KI, I mained Orchid, because she was my favorite character from the original games.

Back then, however, I didn’t really know how to use the game’s combo system properly.

I then decided to give Thunder a try, since he appeared to be quite the underdog at the time (and in a lot of ways, still is). Once I did that I quickly learned about how much damage he could do - with him I could pull off 86% damage combos on a regular basis.

It was at about this time I really started to figure out how the combo system worked.

After playing Thunder for a very long time, I decided to play Glacius, after someone from these very forums dared me to only play him for an entire week. Let me tell you, that week paid off! I learned more about Glacius than I ever thought I could and became more than proficient with him. I was actually good! Which, IMO, was surprising because he was so hard to figure out before-hand.

It was at about this time that S2 was going through some changes. The way TJ’s auto-barrage worked got changed. Because of this, I decided to try him out to see if he was still competent - to my surprise, despite what many were saying, he was still very much competent. This was very exciting for me as it was also at about this time that I learned how to properly do his auto-barrage and various juggle combos and mixups to great affect.

I then started to see how effective and simple Riptor really was. Her mixups astounded me and I wanted a piece of that action. Even today, I’m still amazed at how easy and effective she is to play. She was a no-brainer. Well, maybe a little (walnut-sized).

Again, like Thunder, I decided to try Maya due to under-representation. With her I learned that you could very quickly interrupt many things that your opponent would try to do with her daggers, since in many cases (but not all), they were largely unbreakable. I then learned about all of the ways you could effectively use her daggers to start combos, interrupt theirs, or to add damage, prevent counters, cause block-stun, etc.

Then I tried Kan-Ra. You can thank Sleepy for this. I watched him on stream and my jaw hit the floor. He was doing things I had no idea were even possible with the character, and that meant that I had to step up to the plate and give him a try.

After that, came Aganos. This massive golem was and still is, my favorite character of all. He’s simply so much fun to play. He may be slow, but his normals, reach, armor, and ability to scare opponents is simply awesome. Add to that the fact that he’s a good, gentle, and ancient soul helps to really add to the flavor of the character. The flower during his winning pose is priceless - and for the record, I do believe it’s an orchid. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Ah, the dead girl. Not 1 to be outdone by the living, she was the next to capture my attention when I would quickly lose to her because I couldn’t counter her effectively due to not being used to her rekka - I would try to counter it thinking an AD should be there when it never was. To counter this, I learned how her rekkas worked as well as what her ADs looked like so I could coutner them. In the process, I learned about just how effective she could be with her counters and command grabs and decided to see if I could instill fear into my opponents for a while with those tools - it worked.

Then came the enigmatic CEO of Ultratech - I wanted to see how her bodily mechanics worked. With assistance, it turns out that she’s a well-oiled machine. It took me a while to get her figured out, especially since it’s so much easier for her to get knocked out - for a machine, she is rather fragile. However, once I started to learn how to counter and read her moves, everything just sort of shifted into place.

As of right now, I’m currently in the process of learning how to use Cinder. When he 1st released, I did’t like him because of how diffcult it was to get in on opponents, as well as his reduced damage output, and how matches with and against him always seemed to just well, drag on… Despite all of this, I knew he would be a fun character to play, so in the heat of the moment, I decided to give him a try. As of about a week ago, I’ve finally mastered his juggling game, which is key to the character. Because of this, I’ve been able to dish out a lot more damage in my combos, at 1 point even getting a 59-hit, 55% damage combo with him. :smiley:

And that, finally, brings us to the present. Thanks for reading! :heart_eyes:

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I used to main orchid at start, now I main

When Kim Wu comes, she will be the main of mains

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Ever since Cinder came out,Cinder :blush:

I started out with Jago because of the Dojo then switched to Sadira. I like characters with good mobility. Then season 2 came along and I played a lot of Maya before I eventually switched back to Sadira.

I feel just as comfortable with Fulgore, Jago and Hisako. Those are my 3 level 50 characters. I really want to get better with Glacius though. Big fan watching high level players use him. Watching Cinder at EVO was great too so that peaked my interest but at the moment i just rotate those 3.
Can’t wait to see more of Kim-Wu.

I’ve been using Orchid as my main since S1 and I use Hisako as my secondary.

I’m thinking of picking up Kim Wu when she drops.

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I initially picked up KI because of Spinal.

I got used to playing Thunder a lot quicker than I was picking up Spinal, and I’ve mained him since. Still have several other characters that I want to learn, including Spinal.

In season 1 my favorite character was the random button, but since season 2 I’ve loved Sabrewulf. If i had to pick a secondary I’d say Hisako, but I’m still waiting for another great rushdown character like Wulf.

My main before Fulgore was Thunder. Thunder changed from having fast manuals, to having a lightning strike, to now a lightning dash.

Everyone knows the dramatic Fulgore changes from the charge being removed, to the charge returning, to the damage nerf, to eye beam nerf, to the serious vortex.

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Since she’s out, I’m playing mainly Hisako. Before that I was a Sabrewulf main. I’m still using him when matched against gold players (or lower ranked).

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I decided to give her a try for at least half a year.

Hasn’t really changed, but I didn’t continuously play KI after her release anymore.

I’ve played Cinder since Day 1. I’ve been waiting for him since Day 1. I knew he was going to be my main since Day 0.


Originally it was Spinal, but it’s currently Riptor. Just love that lil’ rascally goofball

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When I was like 5 I started playing KI on my mom’s SNES. Since I loved Jurassic Park, I played Riptor a lot and continued to play her even after KI2 came out. I stuck with her until Soul Calibur 3 caught my attention.

After that I only played KI once in a while as a way to pray that they released a sequel. Then, once I got my hands on a Xbone, I immediately gravitated toward Orchid. I stuck with her up until the release of Riptor. Now, (in the past 3-4 months), I’ve picked up Hisako and put Riptor ad my 2nd.

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Love this story!

I started playing KI in the arcades when i was about 14 i think.

At first orchid was my main like MAIN FOR EVER. I rember she was the first female in a game to be the best in the game.

No matter the argument Orchid was the most used in the arcades she had the biggedt combos and she was amazing.

When KI2 come out i swaped to Kim Wu. I just loved how her title was undefeated titan slayer and she was going neck to neck with orchid who was the original KI champion.

Now days i dont main at all. I play as everyone but id day maya and kan ra possibly aria are at the moments my main

How are tou finding the bew cinder? Hes definitely very different from the rest of the cast