Who's still playing KI in December 2021?!

Hey what’s up guys Brendan here but I go by Winston Mars on my Xbox tag-I got into ki super late a few months ago actually and I’m loving it. I remember really liking the arcade game when I was a little kid.

Question for you guys - combo assist… what do you guys actually use settings-wise?

I started using combo assist before I even knew I could turn it off and I want to turn it off but there’s definitely a learning curve for me now.

With most characters I think I like
opener assist on
Liquor assist off
Ender assist off (sometimes I use it)
Ultra assist on

I’ve read over the ki.infill combo portion a million times I’m still unclear about something
-if you have combo assist completely off is there any different functionality versus if you have combo assist " enabled " or “custom”?

For example I noticed that with CA enabled custom or off holding down either a medium or a light during a linker will still kick off a hard linker (versus simply tapping the light or medium after your directional pad input to do a light or medium linker).

I hope it doesn’t sound like I’m too much in the weeds with this but I’m just getting to the point where I’m starting to dive into the minutia of the game in terms of manuals etc…

Thanks guys!

And then ultra on


Hey welcome! Glad you’re getting in to this game, it’s honestly an all-time favorite of mine.

I would say this as far as combo assist is concerned, I tend to not use it at all. It’s not because I’m great at fighting games or any other reason whatsoever, but I think the game opens up a little more options-wise when you don’t use it.

That said, have you gone through the dojo mode yet? This, to me, was crucial in learning how to do combos, and that came out long before the combo assist option was ever added. It starts off very basic, explaining things to players in a really helpful way, but it also does a good job with helping players learn the timing of combos and how opener, auto, linker, auto, ender should feel. It takes some practice for sure, but once you get the timing, it’s second nature.

Granted, the further you go in dojo mode (I want to say there’s 36 lessons?) the more complicated it gets. It’ll go from telling you how to dash and telling you how to do manuals and how to create a combo to MUCH more in depth combos. The last dojo lesson in particular is INSANELY difficult, so do not feel like you’re struggling or whatever if you can’t beat it. Took me a few days, tbh.

But still, this is the perfect place to start (if you haven’t already) and yeah, Infil’s guide is AMAZING. To me, it’s perfect to help players get a sort of feel for what kind of character they’d like to use, their strengths and weaknesses, but also the purpose behind each move they have and what some moves do, which isn’t always 100% obvious, though the in-game movelist does a great job in helping explain things as well.

I hope this helps! I was much more active with the game from 2013 through the game’s dev cycle that ended in early 2017, but I still dust off my Sadira every so often and holy crap am I not as good as I used to be, and I wasn’t that good to begin with lol.

Good luck!

PS: I know this doesn’t really help answer your question about combo assist in terms of how you should use it and what enabled / custom means. I learned the game before combo assist was added, so I never had much reason to turn it on or try it that much, so hopefully someone else can answer this for you. :slight_smile: