Whos back from the Season 2 Forums

Aww yeah, now we got a KI forum. Welcome back Fanatic

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Hi we are connected on xboxlive!

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I’m here! Just forgot to post here… Navigation is a little weird but I’ll get use to it!

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I’m back also from the Season 2 post

Great scott! You ARE back!!!


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Good to hear the forum is working for you now XD

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I don’t know as I really like your gamertag, English Dragon. It sounds quite cool and neat too :smile:

Thanks Frodo :smile:

SigmaAngelus reporting in!

Well I’m back, has been here all the way from the first day on the Double Helix forums.
Still same name here also :stuck_out_tongue:

I had the same problem you did but I had to create a new account. If you want to go by engdragon83 again, you may have to do the same.

I’m pretty sure the avatar itself pretty much gave it away to who I am :stuck_out_tongue:


I finally made it here, had some trouble signing in. How is everyone? EDIT: Although I might delete and recreate my account because the lack of a space between RGL and Official is driving me slowly insane. Not quite sure how that happened… EDIT, EDIT: Then I realize that there is probably nothing I can do about it. My time here is off to a great start. xD

Back from the old forums…including the old DH forums. Hope this is the last time the forums move.

I’m Cinder. Back from the old forum ashes I rise!


Back from Season 1/Day 1, can’t wait for 3 to start!

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I was a stalker, I merely posted like twice lol so I’m overall new

I remember the Pc port post haha

I’m back. with more bunnies.

Ps: do not use toxic hair dyes on pets (they lick them selves)


Im in KI forums Since 2013. Edrick296 , same gamer tag on xboxlive, Edrick29 on psn.

Im not here so often as i use to be on season 2 forums because the xbox.com site is blocked at my job, and i cant verify the account because of that . I like the new look , i like the new tools . This is a really good improvement from season 2 forums it will be easier to track the feedback an info from us , but i need to know something…

Is there a way to enter the forums without having a xboxlive account? Thanks .

I don’t like that I have to go by the Xbox name versus the one I created on here originally. I don’t have enough characters to go by Strobe_Quintarian on XBOX live, so now I get the default they gave me. :frowning: