Who will be the first set of characters to get Ultimates?

From my understanding not all if the characters will get Ultimates at the same time. That being said who do you guys think will be in the first group to get the Ultimates other than Jago?

I am thinking around 5-10 will get them this time, and he is my list

Fulgore, Spinal, Aria, Orchid, Wulf, TJ, Gargos, and Arbiter "MS must show constant live for Halo. I am hoping Riptor makes it, but I don’t see it happening.

Either by season or they’ll go from Left to right on the CSS

I think it will be the same groups or close to the same as the Gold skins.

Logically it would make sense to go by seasons. That’s why it won’t be that way. :slight_smile:


I’m think Maya will be one of them. As Adam Isgreen says it’s his favorite ultimate. So that one is probably done. So I’m going to say everyone in Gold Pack 1&2 and Terror Pack are getting there’s first

I could see Jago, Wulf and Glacius being the first group. Or maybe they go by season. Or maybe it’s one character per season? So like Jago, TJ and Kim? That’s possible.

Man… Tough to say!

I bet they’re going by season whic means Fulgore time heck yeah. Or they’ll likely just release them all at once? no idea. But I’m HYPPPPEEEED!

Well since BOTH Jago and Shadow Jago received their Ultimates first, I’m now going to say that the REST of the Season 1 roster/characters are going to be the first ones to get their Ultimates :slight_smile: :wink:


A reasonable prediction : D


I wouldn’t mind it if they released it 3 at a time, with each of the 3 being from a different season. So, for the 1st release, you’d get Jago, TJ, and Kim Wu - since they were the 1st 3 characters of each season.

Most likely chance imo is that that go by seasons (usually by order of release)

All are reaosnable and interesting predictions.

i really hope that you are wrong and that ALL characters get their ultimate in 1 patch.
Developers said ultimates are coming in februari, so i expect all characters get their ultimate this month. I expect they do what they said!


Just saying, i’m waiting over 3 years now to get ultimates, and then you guys tell that there’s a chance we get them in parts?
Every one has a diff favorite character, so its best to get the ultimates for every character at the same time.

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im gona go with the season 1 cast 1st

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I am not trying to be a jerk about it. I just thought I remember them saying that not all of them would be released together.

I just hope they redo the lines for the “classic” announcer. almost all the voice work for the original stand in is horrible! not in keeping with KI tradition at all. I need that announcer to sound like he’s talking through a spinning fan. lol. not that bad but a slight vibrato would be perfect.

So I know shago can do his ultimate as a normal combo instead of a finisher if he’s in instinct. So what happens if two people do ultimates at the same time?

Are you asking what would happen if 2 Shago’s used annihilation on each other?

Ya would it cancel out or what