Who wants more Stage Ultra's?

One thing that has been covered already is this. What i would absolutely love to see in KI is maybe more stage ultras like as its been covered before i can totally picture some. The Assassins Cave. Maybe they get eaten by the giant spider with the announcer saying something like paralyzed or something. Or maybe The tigers lair like ultra combo them down the path and uppercut them into the air and after they fall to the ground the big shrine falls and collapses on them. And the announcer says Crushed or Flattened. And i can picture more but it would take up to much space on here. And i’m sure other huge KI fans like myself would love to see it as well.


Please if i’m not the only one who agrees with this. Post any ideas for stage ultras i’m sure the creators of KI would love this. Help this topic grow and maybe we can get what we stage ultra fans have dreamt about. :grin: And this is a little off topic but my friend Emily suggested maybe bringing Humiliation’s Back that’s an amazing idea to in my opinion.

I like stage ultras, the one on aganos stage is pretty cool. I would definitely like for there to be more. I’m hoping the astral plane has one.

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I hope so too and hopefully it’s amazing

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It doesn’t. You can play the stage if you fight Gargos in survival mode. I tried both sides and nothing happened.

Maybe it hasn’t been implemented? Who knows, I wouldn’t say for sure that it doesn’t have one

I did wonder if it is turned off somehow. It is a nice stage though. I am just sick of people trying to select it during matches, like this time it will unlock.

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They had said a long time ago in season 2 that they had ideas for going back and doing season one stage ultras but it is one of the many features that wound up on the back burner.

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Well maybe now if more fans talk about and discuss it or Complain about it lol that works too. They may change their minds. That’s why i started this topic. In hopes of that happening. You know what they say “Never Say Never.” :grin: It’s always good to have hope even if it’s false hope.

It’s a waste of resources in my opinion. It does very little to make the game better as it doesn’t affect gameplay, is restrictive and is something you’ll only see for a very very small amount of matches. Looking at the effort included to have it work under various circumstances for each character sounds like way more trouble than it’s worth.

I would much rather they spend time and effort on things people actually see very often, like fixing character models or adding more costumes.

Don’t forget spinals stage could have a sweet stage ultra using the sleeping kraken on the left side of the stage.

I’d prefer ultimates over stage ultras at this point. The ones we have are hit and miss and vary drastically in quality. None quite look as good as Shagos ultimate imo.

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As they’ve mentioned stage alterations take a huge amount of resources, I think a second or third ultra ender would be amazing

Yep, they had said two of the obvious one would be Sadira’s spider and Spinals Kraken.

I have a video on Xbox live right now that is Shago doing 2 ultras into a 3rd Stage ultra “Banished”…it has over 200 likes and 20 shares int eh last 3 days!

Im getting sick of the notifications popping up every 2 mins! lol

I recorded it 70 days ago…but it just took off the other day… not sure how but it is going to non stop!

Id like to have more stage Ultras… ithink they are a much needed break from regular Ultras and add a sense of style to a double ultra.

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I’m a fan of stage ultras and would love more. The Spider in Sadira’s stage is just too sick of a feature. It’s been waiting for a stage ultra for three years…


Since the game isn’t allowed any gore, we can’t even have Hisako’s weapon poking out of someone’s back… I’d suggest the spider webs them up with its legs and leaves them hanging from the ceiling like the other bodies in the room. Though that would be more intricate than any other stage ultra and is probably beyond the amount of effort they’d be willing to put forth…


You guys realize Maya had a stage ultra before season 2 launched
It’s shown in the one of the ign reveal vids

Now you’ve got me curious.

Not curious enough to look for it though. :stuck_out_tongue:

It was just listed it’s SOMEWHERE I swear

Think about it why would they skip Maya after combo stage for Kan ra and Aganos and Hisako and Aria??? Something happened!

She’s the only season 2without one!

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