Who should return for KI4 and who should take a break?

Well gargos fans will be sad when he doesn’t come back (because there’s a 99% he won’t be coming back. Same with Shago thank the primes though).

I honestly don’t know why but I feel this entire topic has chances of flame wars spewing up. In fact I already smell the smoke.

As for Gargos I think since this in the future which really no one can predict right now it’s really a matter of IF and I say that quite heavily: IF.

Still I have a feeling anyone reading these posts probably already has their feathers ruffled.

If they have something to say they’ll say it. My first post was on my own story point. Never really took into account gameplay purposes. Because that’s too unpredictable.

I honestly am not fond of the idea f story purposes since it can lead voids in the gameplay those characters had and the diversity as well.

Why do you think I don’t remember KI2 as fondly as KI1 : p

Well that’s obvious. Riptor died and you weren’t happy with that now were you?

It’s attachment. Understandable. I mean if you become attached to something you don’t want it to ever go away right?

Not just Riptor, Cinder to. I honestly felt they could of easily had Riptor in KI2 it wouldn’t be the exact same Riptor but still. Same with Cinder

You get my point. I think if a character like Cinder, Riptor, Fulgore etc. they can come back but as a different “individual” like Glacius did in the old games.

Those are some examples.

Hmm… sure I’ll check them out soon.

Hmm… I don’t smell it yet. Is it due to your heightened dino senses?

Perhaps. Or maybe it was because I burped a second ago?..lol

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Well thigns form ultratech can easily keep coming because they can be rebuilt/upgraded. I mean fulgore keeps back, new model and everything. Though in cinder’s case I’m not sure because he was a human before “evolving” so they would probably have to have a new “hotshot” take ben’s mantle.

Indeed. Worse case I can think of- Characters like Sadira if they die off they can still retain the gameplay of Sadira in a new assassin as well. But that I think may or may not sit well with some folks.

Such people don’t exist…

I believe that’s called “successors”. In some cases. We’ll use sadira as the example. Say she dies, then another one takes her place. I could forsee some specials being completely like blade demon being replaced, them not having a double jump etc etc.

Compare jago and shajo

Combo trait they are essentially the same.

Instinct are different

both have near identical normal’s, and basic movement options.

Shago gets the divekicks and surges and teleports.

But his slide, projectile (except shadow versions) Dp are some minor changes. Oh and the overheads different.

I’m sure they do. Just like the people who only played SC4 for Star Wars characters.

They exist I’m sure, they’re just very very very…minuscule in population.

They also said girls didn’t exist on the internet. But boy…was I wrong.

True. Unfortunately Ben Ferris has not really established as his own character, but Cinder has. So it’s likely nobody is going to care who Cinder’s real identity is as long as there’s a man on fire.

To an extent yes. But I’m sure some cinder fans love his arrogant personality. Which the next cinder might not be despite being a man on fire. It’s cinder but it’s not cinder know what I mean?

My timing coming on here must of been good this time cause there is alot of active posting.

Is there something happening in the next few minutes I don’t know abut?

As for Cinder I don’t mind too much who he’ll be next if we get a “sucessor” Cinder. So long as he’s fun to play. Though the personality could change some of the game play to. On that note: seriously invisibility is stupid.

Dunno, maybe we just like to have a leisurely chat. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well since you both happen to be on here I have to say good timing on my part.

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I thought people hated the star wars characters (the stage even more)

Guest don’t make people play it beyond a match or two they have to like the game it self to stay in it.