Who should return for KI4 and who should take a break?

If there was a KI4 after season 3, which characters do you think should stay and which ones should take a break?

Here’s my opinion:

Shadow Jago, Maya, Riptor, Aganos, Hisako, Aria and Kim Wu should not return in KI4.
Everyone else can stay.

Well from a logical story standpoint.

I doubt gargos will. That also means shadow jago too (thank the primes). Hisako because well… a spirit like her (and her backstory) doesn’t sound very…“returny”. Mira’s got some issues with maya so there’s a chance she won’t return. TJ doesn’t sound very returny either. Oh yeah kan-ra too. As well as sadira sadly. Almost forgot spinal. If he qcquires the mask of the ancients in SL’s mode then I can’t see coming back.

My bets are on whose staying is maya, orchid, jago (I suspect mostly for beginner friendly character), glacius, wulf (same as jago probably), and cinder.

Fulgore will always return as long as ultratech is around so he just keeps getting upgraded. Riptor’s in the same boat. Thunder will be on that ever rescue mission.

After kan-ra bites the dust aganos will want his revenge against ultratech for the mind control on him.

Kim probably does her schoolgirl thing. And Tusk settles down in teh modern life. Omen probably lives and plots to become the new gargos.

That leaves ARIA. Now from the rebel standpoint the only way to get rid of her permanently would be to somehow I guess crash the internet (doing so would probably throw humanity back to the dark ages thus they would probably become villains then). Otherwise she would just come back and beat you down.

That’s my guess anyway.


Here’s my choices on who should return next game…

Season 1:

  • Jago
  • Sabrewulf
  • Glacius
  • Thunder
  • Sadira
  • Orchid
  • Fulgore

Season 2:

  • TJ Combo
  • Maya
  • Riptor
  • Omen (this time he’ll evolve as KI’s Akuma/Gouki)
  • Cinder
  • ARIA

Season 3:

  • Kim Wu
  • Tusk
  • Mira
  • Gargos (if he survives, he’ll hide in our Earth where he’ll reside at the castle of Notre Dame)

I already don’t like this topic, not because I wouldn’t want another KI but because MKX already left a bad taste and I enjoy the seasonal model as opposed to starting over and axing characters.

That being said, I doubt anyone related to Gargos would return though the rest are up in the air except maybe Hisako.


As long as jago stays, I’m happy.

Might as well get this out of the way: The guest characters are most likely not coming back (unless there is a HUGE demand for them to return)

Note all of this is opinionated
As for the ones I know will return: Jago, Orchid, Fulgore, TJ Combo, Sabrewulf, Glacius, Spinal

Who have a high chance of returning: Tusk, Kim Wu, Maya, Cinder, Riptor, Thunder, Hisako, Sadira

Those I’m unsure of: Kan-ra, Aganos, Omen and Shago, ARIA, Mira (it’s between high and unsure for her)

Those not likely to return: Gargos,

Despite that, personally I think that no characters should cut since all characters have its fans. But if it can’t be helped then it can’t be helped.

In KI4 If it happens. Everyone from this current game should cme back.

Except the guests. Replace the guests with native KI characters that are new.

Everyone plus the characters hinted at in the bios?

Oh you KNOW he’s staying for good.


We got the general, nobleman and king from kanra’s bio, the vampire leader from mira’s bio, among others, are potential new characters for KI4.

They don’t count. BUT those characters hinted at in the bios can replace the guests. I admit though if Mira’s coming back, probably leave him out. He may just be a male version of Mira anyhow.

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Absolutely, he’s pretty much the poster boy of KI, him and fulgore.


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Not to brag but I got some sick jago matches at my channel. Uploading them soon.

Well technically fulgore is the poster boy and orchid is/was the poster girl. I mean everytime you mention KI “FULGORE??? WHERE!!!” Jago’s popularity compared to fulgore’s is pretty…non existent.

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I still prety much every character in KI should comeback excluding the guests.

That’s to be expected. But if the roster becomes too bloated then something or someone needs to give eventually. At the end of the day someone is going to be disappointed one way or the other.

The jago army disagrees lol. I see what you mean though, fulgore appears in like every KI’s box art.

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I’d rather the people who only played KI for the guests to be dissapointed rather than the people who played the guests but grew to love the native roster as a consequence.

A small sacrifice compared to removing one of the original KI characters or even the new ones people grew to love.

Just to fulgore alone. It’s like saying “hey you know what SF is?” “You mean with that ryu and blonde hair guy? Sure!”

In a sense their popularity is like that.

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