Who is your least favorite character or characters?

Who do you guys dislike in this game? It could be because bad match ups, design, play style, anything. Tell me who you guys dislike.

i personally don’t like tj combo, sabrewulf, and maya. Sadira use to be here but not anymore.

I think Maya is an interesting design, but I hate fighting a good Maya more so than any other character in the roster. I don’t having to choose between either giving her pips or letting her combo me (which would happen eventually anyway due to her unblockable reset she gains from me blocking).

For me, it’s Sadira - even after months of playing this game and figuring it out, I still can’t seem to figure her out.

Honestly…Orchid. Her gameplay and design is boring IMO. Which is sad cause she was my favorite in KI1.

Also Aganos and Aria do nothing for me, maybe with some gameplay tweeks and visual upgrades I’ll change my mind.

design wise it’s okay in my opinion but gameplay is what kills it for me. I hate that she has so many ways to do high amounts of damage

I kind of figured her out and for me there are other characters who urk me a lot more then her now such as tj and maya.

Orchid is understandable. i feel like she lacks that cool factor in her. Aria is okay in my opinion. the one that shocked me was aganos. I personally think he has one of the best designs and his gameplay is very unique compared to other big characters

Glacius for me…I cant stand his new game play. I just dont enjoy using him nor do I enjoy fighting against him. There are others I dont like playing against, but if i use them i can play a decent match with them…but Glacius is just different and I just cant get into using him.

…and that is exactly why I main the golem - he is “the mountain that cannot be moved.” :mount_fuji:

I said the same thing before someone dared me to play him exclusively for an entire week (meaning no other characters). It was slow at 1st and took a couple of days, but by the end of the week, man I loved that popsicle! You should try it; by the end of the week, you’ll be at the top of an ice castle that sits on top of a snowy mountain proclaiming to the world that “the cold never bothered me anyway.” :snowflake:


-_- stop no what have you done

gameplay i understand it’s not for everyone but design wise i love his classic and new look^^

I dislike ARIA, I feel her design is wasted potential, ARIA was a blank state at the end of S1 and I don’t like that she is simply an AI with the body of a Gundam.

I dislike Omen, his design, his animations, his moveset… everything.

Hisako, I don’t have anything against her, she is well designed, well animated. It’s simpy the “the ringu girl” trope doesn’t excite me, I never watched the movies anyways.

The new Cinder redesign is not my cup of tea, I was never a fan of old Cinder anyways.

And that’s it really, you could say I dislike the second half of S2

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I enjoyed him in KI1 & 2…but the rebooted version just really disappointed me. I dont like his tactics for winning…I honestly feel his moves and tactics are cheap…people that use Glacius are hard to beat… I dont feel their skill is better…its just Glacius is easy to win with.

I cant stand his floor pounce move… very cheap and hard to break. His damage is way to high as well

Yeah man…agreed! He looks great! I wish his Arm lance looked more like KI1 though…the new arm lance looks to short and stumpy

Say wha!? That thing looks like a massive sword (on the scale o! of Cloud’s sword from FF7)!

…you mean one way? Maya’s damage is largely pretty low unless she’s spending 4 pips on a dagger ender.

I find this whole mentality exasperating.

Character variety is meant to drive you to do different things in different matchups. Against Glacius or Thunder, blocking is often terrible. Against Maya, blocking is meant to be situationally worse than usual (does she have daggers? Is she fully stocked on pips? et al), in exchange for other things (e.g. getting hit) maybe not being so bad. If a new character’s combat design doesn’t vary the risk-reward on many aspects of in-game decision-making, then that new character’s inclusion in the game is probably pointless.

To the wider audience of people who hate the pips (though maybe this applies to you), blocking is far from being universally “the right thing” and you shouldn’t be “rewarded” for it, unless the move you blocked is designed to balance out its other good properties by sucking on block. Block Jago’s laser sword and you’ve done the “wrong” thing (most likely spaced yourself badly or got knocked down) and got punished by being at -1; block Jago’s fireballs and Jago gets rewarded with a bigger chunk of meter than you do; block Orchid’s far standing FP and you get punished by a rekka mixup into instinct cats; and the last thing you want to do if Riptor shoulder-charges you is block, because you’ll get punished by frame traps for days into some sort of mixup. Getting “rewarded” for blocking would be like getting a participation prize in athletics at school, and unfortunately there isn’t a mutual wincon in fighting games.

Firstly, you enjoyed classic Glacius? :confused:

Secondly, Glacius is a zoner – that is, he uses his moveset to control space and play keepaway, knowing that if his opponent gets in, they’re probably going to maul him. Zoning out an opponent is pretty hard and requires a fair amount of guesswork, and Glacius’s toolset in particular can be difficult to wrap your mind around, not least because there’s kind-of a grappling aspect in there with his shatter (the unblockable move). I’ve been trying to train up a Glacius, and I’m struggling to get all of this stuff down.

Learning how to get in on a Glacius is also hard – but it’s also only as hard as the Glacius player makes it, and if they don’t know what they’re doing, you’ll probably walk all over them. You just need to be patient: expect a lot of lances and block accordingly, react to his shatters, and use projectiles and/or fast forward-moving attacks to get in. Use meter for projectile-invulnerable moves so you can worry about hail less. Maybe learn to DP his air lances.

You certainly need to play this matchup differently than others – there’d be no point to having Glacius in the game if this weren’t the case – but keep in mind that his tools do not offer him a guaranteed way to lock you out, and he is just as worried about messing up and losing control of the match as you are.

Maya and Orcgid.

Gameplay just doesn’t appeal to me, and they’re the ones that pops out the least to me in terms of design.

Least favorite design visually: Sadira.
Least favorite gameplay design: TJ
Least favorite to fight as: Glacius.
Least favorite to fight against: Kan-ra
Least favorite to invite to a party: Jago
Least favorite to be stuck in a small car with: Aganos

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Not the one that reaches out horizontally…Im talking about the one that is like an uppercut. In KI1 its was really cool… and resembled the one that sticks out horizontally. Try the new version that is like a command normal and you will see what i mean… its weird looking compared to KI1

Your right…he is def different and you have to play him different. But I just prefer the more tradition al style of playing…and thats ok for me…and thats ok for those that like glacius. He just isnt my cup of tea anymore