Who is your least favorite character or characters?

b+HP? Hmm, looks fine to me…

Compared to the KI1 version of the move…its way shorter. the KI1 version was more like the ice lance but was an anti air…now its the same move but much much shorter and stumpy

I don’t find any of the KI cast unlikeable, my least favorite though is Sadira. I don’t hate her, she’s just not that fun to fight.

…but it’s still very effective regardless. :wink:

Rash, because he doesn’t belong in KI he is too cartoony for this fighter.

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Yea they talked about this back in S1 and they said they did that because they felt it would be way too good if it was as long as it originally was.

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gameplay - not for me
design - just ok

gameplay - not for me
design - poor

gameplay - bad
design - very nice

top 3 my least favorite

That’s understandable…it does look weird no matter how much @GalacticGeek argues over it. :wink:

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ARIA was a small disappointment for me and originally i hated omen but slowly i started liking him^^ Hisako the ringu girl is just cool in my opinion. I’ve never watched those kind of movies but I just think they are so cool
cinder it’s cinder that’s the thing for me. it’s simple it’s not too complicated it’s just right for me.

Well for me a variety of characters for a variety of reasons:

Shadow Jago: I mean don’t get me wrong I think he is badass and I play him a lot…but its more the fact that despite being cool he is a bit of a cop out for a character in the beginning (for me at least), I mean he is a cooler version of Jago but waiting this long for him to be unique (to an extent) is a bit jarring, but this is minor :wink:

Orchid: She seems rather bland personality wise and I thought she would either have a personality more like Chun-li (lighter version) or Sonya blade (darker version). She is also not very fun for me anyway but she is still someone I would play from time to time :sweat_smile:

Riptor: Loved her/it in the classic games with its high pitch screams and moves but now she is a tad lacklustre…her design seems less unique because she has the same things fulgore does ( I.E. Plasma claws) and she plays fine but kinda brain-dead at the same time :hushed:

Cinder: Simple…the new cinder is the reason I hate him…the voice, design and play-style (those last two to a lesser extent) makes me despise him :tired_face:

Maya: Terrible animations and the most boring character next to able (Street fighter 4) in my opinion :disappointed_relieved:

T.J Combo: The same reason thing with cinder where I loved the classic character but hate the new one…his design is boring, play-style is all over the place and animations are not the best…also he is the johnny cage of KI in the sense that he is OP in the story :expressionless:

ARIA: sigh…well she is my most hated…her design is just ridiculous…I thought ARIA from season 1 would be like a being who wields a immense power (like M.Bison) and who is almost unbeatable…in season 2 we get a weird robot thing who is all over the place and is not even a very threatening or good villain…I expected so much from her in season 1 but now seeing her disappoints me :rage:

Well you can’t love em all but I will say…Fulgore, Glacius, Thunder and Spinal are so great (IMO) that they make up for those I dislike to a massive extent :smile: