Who is the Training Mode guy in KI Gold?


In the Nintendo 64 & Rare Replay port of Killer Instinct 2 (KI Gold), there was an old man to guide the player in the Training Mode part of the game:

Is there any background story on him?

KI Novella
KI Novella

Not that I’m aware of. He’s simply there just to show you the ropes.


I found a scan of the game’s N64 manual and his name is “The Master”.

Kind of a downer but whatever.



It’s Kim Wu ancestor who morphs into practice characters


THE NOSTALGIA IS REAL. BTW, how is KI Gold on Rare Replay? Is it worth picking? I could care less about the other games, but I do / did love me some KI Gold back in tha day.


It’s a faithful replica, although I have found a few crazy bugs - I don’t remember the exact one but I could repeatable get Tusk to fly up and off the screen. Also, if you are a fightstick player the last time I tried it Rare replay won’t recognize fightsticks.

KI 2 arcade is a better game in every way unless you love the real time backgrounds from N64 and the extra single player modes (like the training with the monk mentioned in this thread).

As an aside, Rare Replay is worth it even if you only like a couple of the games.


I am not a fightstick player, and I do own the original on N64 still (and that control, janky though it may be, somehow felt right to me). I don’t know if I’m the only one, but I have a very hard time using the default xb1 controller. It’s that d-pad - it’s clicky, but ■■■■■ the complaining. KI Gold was the best. Nothing beat beating the character dojo challenges and unlocking the gold and shadow colors (and I’m hoping those are still included?)

I do have KI2 and KI arcade classic but either I suck at those games now, or I’m rubbish with that controller. (as I said before, KI is the only reason I own an XB1), especially those originals. Love 'em both. Kind of a shame they didn’t include the old Gameboy version of the first game on the collection hahahahahahaha. :smiley:


@CalendarWolf KI Gold was my childhood too. When I was younger at my cousin’s old house, I’d play that game all the time and was my entryway to the Killer Instinct series.

But back on subject, I’ve seen a really small amount of people wanting to see “The Master” in the new KI game. I say there’s a 0% chance for two reasons:

  • The whole “old karate sensei man” thing has been beaten to death in the fighting genre (something KI is clearly wanting steer away from)
  • Chances are, Iron Galaxy are probably unaware of his existence.


kind of wish they would patch rare replay there are a few minor glitches in the n64 games as well as minor sound issues in the other games that they really should iron out


If nothing else, KI Gold is good for the training mode, and then you can go into KI2 armed with the knowledge you get from it…not that I’m telling you anything you don’t already know.

Anyway, one thing I did once I thought was kinda neat…I have a Cronusmax and a N64 usb adapter…so I played KI2 with a N64 controller.
It was pretty fun doing that…and much better than a traditional XB1 controller, what with all of KI2’s combos being of the ‘around the world’ variety.


oh snap. since the dojo is in Kim Wu’s stage, you could say he’s the human form of the dragon spirit, as detailed in Kim’s novella


I always assumed he was the one who trained Jago.


Its kim wus grandfather spirit