Who is the face of the Killer Instinct franchise?

Hi, a question,

I always thought Jago was the face of this franchise. And at times I actually believed that there were two faces representing the KI franchise: Jago and Fulgore.

However lately, with so many great new characters, I actually think this image I held has gone away and that KI doesn’t really have “a face of the franchise” anymore. Am I wrong? It seems all characters can be on the cover and make KI look cool. Not sure if KI needs to have a clear face, any thoughts?

Is Rash the new poster boy?


I believe Fulgore is the poster boy since he is on the cover of every home verison KI from Snes to Xbox one.


History would certainly say Fulgore, but the question really is whether history will repeat itself in this case. :wink:

Yea so historically it’s obviously Fulgore or Spinal. Even during season 1 i’d say Fulgore and Jago. But season 2 it’s really seems like Cinder. I mean he was on the cover for the ost, and they use it for announcements and stuff like the most recent free stuff Friday. I guess we’ll wait and see who it is for season 3 (maybe Gargos?)

Fulgore hands down. There’s nothing more epic on KI than this Kev masterpiece.


I will now say Fulgore as well

The Head Exc. of Ultra Tech


Fulgore on KI orginal (SNES cartridge)
Spinal on KI orginal cabinet (both sides)
Gargos on KI Gold (N64 cartridge)
Orchid on KI 2 cabinet (both sides)
Kim Wu on KI 2 cabinet ( where your joystick and buttons go P2 side)
Tusk on KI 2 cabinet (where your joystick and buttons go P1 side)
Fulgore and Jago on Combo Breaker (Xbox One Season 1)
No physical copy for Season 2 yet

Fulgore - 2
Jago - 1
Gargos - 1
Orchid - 1
Spinal - 1
Kim Wu - 1
Tusk - 1

  • TJ - 1

  • Even TJ Combo has a small appearance on the Combo Breaker cover in the bottom

From tallying them up, Fulgore is still the poster boy.

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May I add: Jago and Sabrewulf on the box of the official KI TE2 arcade stick.

I’d say Fulgore or Orchid.

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If you add the TE2 box, that will tie Jago with Fulgore. Interesting…

I’d say Fulgore, since he was the most anticipated S1 character, he was on the box art for multiple incarnations of the game, he’s been in every game, and he’s on my shirt. :stuck_out_tongue:

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jago obviously. hes basically the hero of ki just like liu kang owns mk but hated its similar with jago

fulgore is a villain hes not the face of ki

Several series are most well remembered by their villains, like Star Wars, or literally any horror movie ever.

jago and orchid are known as the heros in ki. fulgore is fighting for ultra tech. i dont see how this is a debate

imagine they made a ki movie. it would revolve around jago. hes bae

Jago is almost an equal, easier to grasp, he can share some light.

Being the hero of a franchise does not necessarily mean that someone is the “face” of a franchise. Scorpion is usually considered the face of Mortal Kombat, and he’s generally not portrayed as a very friendly fellow. Promotional material for Doom almost always revolves around demons and guns, very rarely on DoomGuy himself.
While being the protagonist is usually a good way to be prominently featured, the status of the character in popular culture, merchandise, promotional material, and fan base is a much better indicator of their status.
Luke may be the main character of Star Wars, but Darth Vader and Boba Fett are both much more popular, and are more commonly referenced in fan conversations than the hero.
Again, with the example of horror movies. Unless you’re Abraham VanHelsing, Signori Weaver, Bruce Campbell, or Kurt Rustle, chances are no one has ANY idea who the hero is, and even then they’re usually overshadowed by the antagonist. You’re almost guaranteed to find a Jason costume or a Scream tribute. I don’t see anyone in a hurry to cosplay Buffy.

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scorpion is face of mk because ed boon loves him and hates liu kang. but kang is still the face of mk when it came to the movies.bottom line is heros are always the face of the francise