Who is the face of the Killer Instinct franchise?

If you ignore the example of the horror genre, in which there are several cases where the hero dies and is replaced repeated in later installments as the antagonist lives on and rakes in more cash, then maybe.
And I’m fairly certain Scorpion is considered the face of MK because a LOT of people like him (as evidenced by MKX online and literally every time I’d see people playing MK3 at Pizza Hutt).
Don’t get me wrong, a lot of franchises are defined by awesome heroes. Lord of the Rings, Halo, Dirty Harry, and Indiana Jones are all franchises that are remembered for their iconic main characters.
However, I’m fairly certain 90% of the reason people remember Jaws, Jurassic Park, Godzilla, Frankenstein, Dracula, Cujo, and Night of the Living Dead is because they had some cool monsters on screen.

So long story short, generally, the ideal of the hero being the face of a franchise holds out. BUT, if your lead character is overshadowed by other members of of the cast and has their popularity eclipsed and surpassed several times over, it is very difficult to justify calling them the face of their respective works.
Whether this is the case for KI is probably mostly subjective, since it generally has a strong cast of characters across a wide spectrum of archetypes. Given the evidence presented, my opinion still rests with Fulgore.

Can you further explain this disconnection?..

Your bottom line has 0 rebuttal.

sure lets say the grudge wouldn’t be a movie without her but… ki is a character driven game and to say jago isnt the face of ki is imo a little direspectul to his character

the most important feud in ki is jago vs gargos. That’s been a big deal since ki2 and probably why they dont care about eyedol

That’s kinda subjective, though. It really only became evident at the very end of KI2. It’s very well integrated in the current lore, yes, thanks to the whole fiasco with Shadow Jago and Omen.

That being said, when I talk to people about Killer Instinct, Jago isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. Sabrewulf, Hisako, Thunder, and Fulgore come up in conversation a lot more often than Jago.

But then again, that’s mostly subjective. Jago is a very important character in the franchise, but he and the other standard human characters usually aren’t the first thing that pops into my head when I sit down to play.
To each their own, though. My main beef would have to be with the statement that the hero is always the face of the franchise. Sometimes evil characters stand out a lot more prominently than good ones, and it’s not uncommon to see them outlive the protagonist by several sequels.


I think the face of KI should be Aria, because… Ultratech

Fulgore. No question about it.

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To me KI has two faces of KI: One is Orchid who in the older games was sort of that “super model” and then there’s Fulgore who was like that “bad-■■■ car” the model often poses with. Not in the exact same sense but metaphorically speaking. Both characters carry that kind of thing.

As for the new poster boy I think We’ve gained a third one with Jago considering season one’s box-art. So tiday, KI has three people representing KI, Not one.

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Its very obvious.


Tusk… ? But what about


(actually, I feel ashamed on that one for sure.)


Your wrong. Lui Kang is not the Face of MK. He may be “the good guy” but he is not the face of the game currently. Scorpion and Sub Zero are.

KI is obviously Jago and Fulgore. Whomever is on the cover of the game is the answer. I dont even see why anyone is arguing this.

Thank you… this is the answer everyone. pretty simple

If you want to get technical with S1 and S2
S1 is Jago FUlgore and S2 is TJ and Maya

The game company chooses the characters to be on the cover for a reason…because they are “the face of the franchise” that will grab people attention and sale games…period.

If your talking about the box art. It should be all the Ultra Tech and all the UT creations vs all the people against UT. Kinda like how the banner was before the forums changed, with a big UT logo in the middle. I don’t think 1 or 2 fighters should be the “face” of Killer Instinct.


Sure Scorpion is iconic, but when the ■■■■ did the ENTIRE game revolve around scorpion?

The reason why I asked my original question is because I never owned any of the older KI titles or any promotion material. 2013 KI is the first title I bought myself, the classic ones I played at my cousins house.

Definitely convinced about Fulgore being the face historically but also Orchid being “used” strategically.

As for 2015, I just wonder if it’s still Fulgore.

Yeah… I’m so READY!

Fulgore will always be the Posterboy =)

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Why would a guest character be the poster boy of the game?

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Just one fighter to represent the entire game doesn’t feel right. I makes the game to narrow, and takes away from all the other characters. We can make way better artwork now, and having a “Poster” fighter for KI would be taking a step back. Over all it’s about UT taking over the world, and UT has it’s fighters vs everyone trying to stop UT. Then we don’t even know what UT’s REAL goal is, Aria is all over the place when it comes to story, but I think its safe to assume that UT’s end goal is gonna be more evil than good.

Just because you can fit large numbers of characters on the artwork doesn’t mean there aren’t poster boys. Look at the Marvel vs Capcom series, they put anywhere from 15 to 50 characters in the artwork yet Ryu and Wolverine would still be considered the poster boys.

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I dont think there is one.

Id say its split between spinal jago orchid and fulgore. Imo

They have all seen huge amouts of coverage.