Who is best girl of killer instinct?

  • ARIA
  • B. Orchid
  • Hisako
  • Kim Wu
  • Maya
  • Mira
  • Riptor
  • Sadira

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Now that the complete season of season 3 has been revealed and we’ve all had time to try the characters out who do YOU think the best female character of KI is thus far?

Your criteria can range from aesthetics to mechanics and everything in between but you can only pick one.


imho Hisako is best girl because her parry mechanic adds a second layer of mind games to KI and I still cant break her rekkas.

Maya gameplay wise.

Kim Wu personality wise.

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Riptor is true best girl than any girls!

She’s hot…


ARIA is a robot.

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Riptor! She is so hawt, her breath is on fire!

Sadira has been there with me the longest, and she took me into Killer last season…
But Riptor is just so damn wonderful (fire breathing robot dinosaur!)…
And Hisako is a spooky Onryo Waifu…
And Mira just has such a prideful, aristocratic vibe to her…

They’re just so good… And I know they’d all kill me if I was indecisive and tried to keep a harem. :disappointed_relieved:

My vote should probably go with Sadira. She was the first KI character I ever played, and we’ve been through a lot together. Between hitting Killer, defeating Boss Shadow Jago, and being a big part in convincing me to buy the game, I’d be doing her a disservice in not giving her my vote.
I just need a figure of her to put next to my Wulf, and to have catfights with my girlfriend’s Hisako figure. (She used to be a Sadira main, but after making the permanent switch to Hisako she came to hate anyone in the cast that wasn’t her ally or was another non-Riptor girl. Sadira meets both these quotas lol).

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No contest. Nuff said. I mean have you seen the amount of fan art she has compared to the rest?

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My votes are mitigated.

*Orchid: she’s the hottest girl ever (her flik flak is god damn good looking).
But her gameplay, compared to the others is simple.

*ARIA: She’s the most stylish woman in this game.
Her speech, her moveset (slap in the face, kick in the ass) and especially her walks on intro and outro defines the Great and Proud Valkyrie in her metal body.
The meh is she’s a robot.

*Sadira: She has by default, a sexy outfit.
And her moveset is sexy.
But I just don’t like her voice.

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Its a tienbetween Hisako and Mira for me, but giving it to Mira because she didnt have any yet.

Edit: now with a list like the poster below.

  1. Mira
  2. Hisako
  3. Sadira
  4. Maya
  5. Riptor
  6. Aria
  7. Kim-Wu
  8. Orchid

I will forever be an Orchid guy. I do think ALL the female characters in KI each contribute with something cool to the game, with Kim Wu being on the bottom though as I don’t care for the kung fu girl stereotype.

Should I make my own list it would be:

    1. Orchid
    1. Mira
    1. Sadira
    1. ARIA
    1. Maya
    1. Hisako
    1. Riptor
    1. Kim Wu

We’ve been lucky to have such awesome female character designs in this game though. Alot of fighting games have some rather questionable or unnecessary female characters. But each of Killer Instinct’s females are unique from eachother, and unique from the rest of the roster as well.

Good job DH and IG! :smiley:


Maya. Her redesign is unparalleled. Then her twin, she’s awesome in herself. Then orchid who always was my favourite since 96. Followed by kim, i like her new look and sassiness. Then sadira, aria, hisako and riptor.

I like ALL of the current female KI characters/female characters in Killer Instinct including ARIA as well as Riptor :grin: :smile:

Who’s the best girl of killer instinct?
My answer: @MaruMDQ

Apologies if I misunderstood the question.


Hisako by a mile.

Kim all day as if you need to ask.



Orchid, I didn’t like her at first, she was too crazy - but her playstyle was wonderful.
It’s true I didn’t like her in KI2, it was even worst than in KI 1 (talking about the design). But in this KI she’s pretty cool!! and apart from Rocks Howard’s winning pose (the wings comming out of his jacket in Capcom Vs SNK 2) Orchid has one of the BEST (if not the best) and beautiful taunts I’ve ever seen.


Riptor is my bae, she’s just such a cutie :blush:

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riptor because