Who is best girl of killer instinct?

Beat me to it XD

On topic:

Hard choice. Gonna choose between different categories:


Looking: Hisako(I mean well designed, not beatiful xD)
Gameplay: Aria
Personality: Kim Wu

Perhaps surprising some people, I voted Sadira :thumbsup:

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…secretly you meant eternal child…you can’t fool me sir.

Speaking gameplay wise? Hisako (currently)

As for my favorite? Kim Waifu

if Iron Galaxy ever sold a Riptor figurine wearing her cheerleader outfit they would make so much money.


This is a toughie since I play 3 of them (Hisako, Orchid and Maya)

Hisako is based on all my favorite J-horror tropes and her animations and screams are all absolutely amazing, she’s an interesting character to play and the way her catch counters work makes her pretty much my favorite counter character ever.

Maya’s redesign is flat out incredible, not only updating her visuals from man-faced-abuser-of-leopard -print to stunning, prideful and full of personality Amazonian Queen, but also she doesn’t play like any fighting game character I’ve ever played before with her unique dagger mechanics.

Orchid is a mix of being awesome because she always was, but now has been redesigned in a way that makes her awesome in a different way, less so in a “fighting love doll” way and more so in a “no, really, I will break your face” kind of way. She’s really fun to play and I really enjoy all the new tools they gave her to play with.

Overall though I think it has to be Hisako since I wanted to play her ever since her reveal trailer and I feel she was an incredible trope to introduce to the KI universe, plus is the most monstrous female character we have.

for me its riptor.
she looks stunning!

Hey, I can’t blame you. There really isn’t a bad pick in KI.

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riptor more girl than “real” girl … World stop! I want to get off!!

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She raptor legs around the pole, geddit?geddit?!

*shows self out *


me rank the Womyn: 1.Hisako 2.Maya 3.Sadira 4.Kim Wu 5.Riptor 6.Mira 7.Orchid 8.Aria

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Oh my, my, my! I wish she’s my girlfriend! XD

you ain’t right boy…


Oh man, this one feels tough to decide, I honestly love the women in KI, they all just kick so much ■■■. I would’ve wished that there were more females in the game.

But nevertheless, I’ll go with Maya, she looks and plays so exotically beautiful. I remember when I first saw her trailer doing her Leap Kick, I pretty much said, “Wow, she’s gorgeous”.

Mira is my choice with Sadria in 2nd. One day some savant will unlock her full potential. I also look forward to seeing the coven Master in the game as well.
Who is a man? (flings his wine glass aside) A miserable little pile of secrets! But enough talk! Have at you!

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Wow…apparently rotting flesh is the new thing eh? Anyways ARIA of course, with Sadira as a second.

Poor Kim Wu :frowning:

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