Who has the best forum avatar?

That dragon fears her as.s lol

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I seriously thought that was a dude. It’s ibvious when I see the full picture though…

I like a lot of people’s. @LeoFerreis is good, I like @BoJima404’s although I don’t know what it is. I like @WandaMaximoff’s in a “wtf am I looking at?” Kind of way.

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yeah the icon is too small for forum avatars but whatever lol. i used to have a misa campo avatar (dont know her look her up, you’re welcome haha)

I like my avatar… Yes it came from the Xbox Live thing, but it looks like a chibi Sabrewulf and I’m a wolf nut, so there you go.


You’re already getting GREY! That is an AWESOME Sindel!

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LOL thanks @BigBadAndy i like yours too!

i wonder what we would do if we used all our real faces?

how would things change?

hahah thanks @WebNRaGnArOk :blush:

Took long enough to do! Nut im never gonna shave again!

and yeah… me and Reed Richards (Mr Fantastinc) have allot in common at the moment as we are both a bit grey AAHHHHHhhhhh :sob:

wheres is yours from! super nice colours! :smiley:

One punch man though

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Mine is from Xbox One’s Avatar collection that you get when you set up your Xbox One profile. :slightly_smiling:

I never have to worry about going grey… I’m naturally bleach blonde… :slightly_smiling:

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maybe i should go blonde with these eyebrows! lol

Me, this isn’t up for debate.

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mine is kinda cool

Okay, I concede.

Even though he just joined us, I really like @TerraBemaniR avatar image. That Orchid!

Also, @FallofSeraphs76 avatar is also one of the coolest I have seen on this forum.

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Thundercats! Hooooooooooo!!!

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Idk how I missed that before, I love Boris! I have a large collection of his art cards!

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Changed my own to something more awesome


Why you love mandrill so much? : D

thanks man! a female artist from Germany did that for our band back in 2009. I was so excited when I seen it I was just blown away! Only cost 40$! Its on my fight stick as well.

The shirts look really cool too! I actually wore one yesterday! lol

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Me, because Spinal > Your favorite KI character.