Who has the best forum avatar?

I know we change them regularly, but now I really dig @UncappedWheel82 Tusk avatar. That back is just beast and gorgeous to look at.

Anyway, who’s forum avatar do you like and why?


I don’t mean to brag but…

I made this.


My old picture Uploading…

Well I’m not here to tell which is which, but rather show and discuss briefly my avatar pics that I had since I first came in the Season 2 Forums…

I guess most of you already know who is this in the first two pics. The Villager from Minecraft is one of my favorite entities. What made them become my favorite is actually because of Minecraft animations like this!

Candyman! He is one of my favorite characters in Lethal League, in terms of apperance and play style. HAVE A JAWBREAKER!

I’m sure you folks don’t know who in the world this character is. This guy is named X-It, and he is from a PC game called Tennis Titans. His personality and appearance is what made him my instant favorite in said game.

My current avatar pic, and it’s Impmon and Beelzemon! They are my favorite Digimon of all time, it’s just that they’re cool!



Look at his profile/avatar pic and you’ll see why.


Idk I like mine

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Well to each is their own but I love mine, it’s me in American-Anime style!


GUYS i got this! lol

You try making a 6ft bearded guy look like Sindel and you can win




i love yours too Tigher! super cute! :heartbeat:

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i dig mine alot. i have a thing for girls painting themselves up as la catrina


You were my nominee as well. Very very cool. I love ir

(Also, reminds me of Sunset overdrive…)


You guys are clearly not maniacs of mandrills…


I remember you using this. It’s a pretty neat character indeed. Also, very recognizable ( unlike the two Rukaris on this forum: lucky and rukizzel)

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thank you!

Got what? Lol

I am honored that two of the wildest pics nominated themselves for best avatar,lol @Fwufikins @WandaMaximoff ahem, why not in 4k? :smile:

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On another note, I’d like to nominate @TempusChaoti
Easily recognizable and symbolic of status.


Mine is kiss my hand by Boris Vallejo I love fantasy art and this to me is the perfect mix of power, beauty and creativity.


Awesome. To be honest, I have checked your previous avatar (the guy with the helmet) a few times. That one was awesome too.

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Thanks the helmet avatar was one of the profile pics to choose from on xbox live but this one was the pic I had for a while on the old forums and changed it back recently.

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SELFLESS SELF PROMOTER’S of course we should win @bojima404 lol…are you really ready for 4K s
Sindel IT’S A MESS!

Oh well you asked hahah before and after (not quite 4K but hey we r all xboxes) )lolz

Before and after

I don’t always look like that amen